Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 22

Learning to Fly

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 25, 1997 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Eric stands up while talking to the Pennbrook dean and the camera pans up with him, the boom mic can be seen for half a second before it is pulled back up and out of frame.

  • Quotes

    • Mary Beth: Am I making you nervous?
      Cory: Nervous? No, no! Not if there's gonna be a clown.

    • Julie: Good afternoon, Mrs. Blutemann.
      Mrs. Blutemann: Yah? It is always good afternoon when there are no boys.

    • Cory: Did you know Topanga lied to me?
      Eric: Then she had this coming. And Mary Beth is beautiful, and she's here, and no one's ever gonna know about it. Except for Mary Beth. And you.
      Cory: You know, Eric, we had this whole weekend planned out, okay? Why didn't Topanga want to come with me?
      Eric: And tomorrow Mary Beth will be gone. And so will sixteen years of a good relationship with somebody you really care about. Somebody you love. Somebody who's worth waiting for.

    • Topanga: Sure, you know you're a very sexy boy, Cory.
      Cory: Really, I'm a sexy boy. Thanks. Can't wait to tell Shawn.

    • (Mary Beth Pushes Cory onto the bed)
      Cory: I can counter that move. See, I'm on the wrestling team.
      (shoves Cory back down)
      Mary Beth: So am I.

    • Cory: I am very flattered but uh I do have a girlfriend, you know. Her name is Topanga.
      Mary Beth: Topanga? Sounds like a freeway exit.

    • Mary Beth: You're a sensitive guy.
      Cory: Yeah well, I wear a lot of light colors, so.

    • Eric: Who was that?
      Julie: The house Mom. She catches you, she'll boot me out of the sorority. See, boys aren't allowed upstairs...
      Shawn and Julie: Especially not in the bedrooms.
      Cory: How did you know she was gonna say that?
      Shawn: My Dream, It's exactly my dream.
      Shawn and Eric: I don't want be in your dreams!

    • Amy: We're okay with you going overnight with Topanga. We just want to make sure we're clear on the sleeping arrangements.
      Cory: Ah, Interesting. A little concern on the part of parents. You're worried Cory may get a little freaky this weekend.
      Alan: Anythin happens to Topanga, I'll kill you.
      Cory: You like her better than me
      (Alan nods yes)

    • Alan: This is like a real college, right? Because we're looking over this letter from the admissions office, and there are an awful lot of typos in it
      Eric: Show me one! (reads from letter) "Yours Truly, the Bean of Admissions" Yeah? So? It's a very difficult school to get into. They don't just let anybody in.
      (Shawn enters)
      Shawn: Oh! I am so psyched about this road trip. Beach State's been recruiting me since Kindergarten. My Dad's good friends with the Bean.

  • Notes

    • First appearance of Bonnie Bartlett as Dean Bolander. She will go on to guest star in season 6 and get married to Mr. Feeny (Bonnie's real-life husband William Daniels)

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