Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 1

My Best Friend's Girl

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 22, 1995 on ABC

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  • Decent Opener

    In this opener for season 3, Cory wants to ask Topanga to be his girlfriend. But he keeps chickening out. He is going to ask her to a date for a movie. But she reveals she has a date: Shawn. So Cory asks out Trini, Topanga's best friend. In the end it is revealed Shawn set the whole thing up: he planned on asking out Topanga and Cory asking out Trini because Cory would realize he likes Topanga. So they start dating.

    A really funny episode with a good plot. This is one of their funniest seasons. A perfect score
  • Shawn dates Topanga!

    This was a very unexpected episode, I mean out of all the guys, Topanga picks Cory's best friend, the most cringe-worthy part is when Shawn tells Cory that he has a date with Topanga, I like how Cory took Trini, and then she was bugging him the whole way through, like when Shawn & Topanga kiss, Cory tries to kiss Trini & the bubble gum explodes in his face, the end seemed to be all a set up which is a good thing, cause if it wasn't, Shawn would be the worst friend ever! The B plot was okay, Eric trying to change the movie for the school presentation to get big bucks, I like when his about to reveal everyone's worst nightmare & it was Feeny! A great season opener.
  • Season Opener!

    Cory really wants to ask Topanga to be his girlfriend, but gets nervous around her. Shawn asks her out instead, even though he knows that Cory is in love with her. Cory is angry so he goes to Trini, Topanga's best friend. He asks her out and they go to the film festival. Eric is in charge of it, but things get out of hand when they show a horror movie instead of the designated film. Shawn and Trini had tricked Cory so he would get the courage to ask Topanga. She says yes!

    This was a great episode! I thought that Shawn was a total jerk when he said that he asked Topanga out. I'm glad it was just a plan to get Cory to ask her. This was a great episode and a good season opener! I give it a 10!
  • shawn ignores cory's crush on topanga and asks her out

    when shawn asks topanga out before cory mustered the courage, cory gets very mad and ends up going out with trini the same night. trini, by the way, is totally hilarious!! brittany murphy is SO funny in this episode. and trini is just a strange and funny character, but its so hard to believe that she is best friends with topanga, who is SOOO different. anyway, of course, cory and topanga become boyfriend/girlfriend officially in this episode, and they realize it was a setup by shawn
  • Shawn asks Topanga out.

    Eric tries to get a horror movie to play at the school film festival, and Shawn asks Topanga to go to the movie with him. Jealous, Cory invites Topanga's best friend, Trini (Brittany Murphy), whom he hates, to the same movie. The result is a bizarre double date where Shawn kisses Topanga, and in the end, it turns out it was all a plot to get Cory and Topanga together.
  • In this episode we see how cory os trying so hard to ask Topanga to the movie fetival at the school on friday night, but it seems that every time he tries to talk to her, he gets tounge tied. By the middle of the episode Shawn is taking her.

    This is a great episode! Finally we get to see the true feeling that Cory and Topanga have for each other romantically. It is so funny how Cory keeps trying to ask her out but then cant because for some reason he "cant" talk to her right. So before lunch, we find out that Shawn asked Topanga out which ofcourse enrages Cory and starts a whole big fight. So Cory is a bit confused so he decides the best way to find out Topangas true feelings about him is to talk to her annoying best friend, which gets him into having a date with her to the film festival. After the film festivle gets busted by Mr. Feeney we find out that Shawn and Trini set the whole thing up just to get the two love birds together. From this moment on I knew that Topanga and Cory would one day get married. This episode was one of the cutes and funniest ones of the season!