Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 13

New Friends and Old

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 19, 1996 on ABC

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  • Frankie the Enforcer, a real person?! Since when?

    Cory and Shawn get Joey the Rat suspended, so when Frankie threatens them because he has no friends left, they both agree to be his friend. This show is all about first impressions. Everyone has to learn to really get to know a person. Of course there are jokes along the way, like Shawn and Cory using their friendship to order around the 7th graders. The side story that brings everything together is Turner avoiding an old girlfriend. It's interesting. We find that Turner came from a rich family, and his exgirlfiend abandoned the rich life. The moral of the story is that you should get to know a person before ou judge them, and the boys make friends with The Enforcer. Good Episode.
  • Awesome!

    Frankie befriends Cory and Shawn. Jonathan sees an old friend. It turns out that he was rich and so was this friend of his. She got mad when he chose a normal life. She calls to tell him that she too has chosen to lead a normal life. Cory and Shawn take advantage of Frankie's size. They scare little kids into doing things for them. Frankie suspects. Cory and Shawn realize their mistake and the three of them become real friends!

    I really like Frankie for some reason and I felt sorry for him when Cory and Shawn were mean to him. I'm glad it all worked out. 10 out of 10!
  • Cory & Shawn have a new friend.

    The lesson in this episode is pretty much first impressions are everything, which mentioned frequently throughout the episode, everyone saw Frankie a s a bully, a tough guy, but he actually is a sweet poetry reading guy inside. Which was really sweet, I like how Frankie figured out about Cory & Shawn using him for power, but I also liked how Shawn stepped up & defended Frankie from the seventh graders. The subplot was amazing, an original plot., Turner's past follows him when n old friend comes to visit him, he thinks that she is till a rich snob but she shows how she is doing & she is doing just like him & she reveals why she ran away from her dad causing tension. A great episode, and those cheerleader outfits were hilarious!
  • Perfect

    Cory and Shawn start to be "friends" with Frankie, because they do not want him to beat them up for turning him in for a crime at the school. At first, they hate him still, but soon they discover that since everyone is scared of Frankie, they can take advantage of this. So they start using him. This hurts Frankie, but at the end, Shawn and Cory realize it is better to be friends with the actual person, and not whom they thought the person was.

    A good episode, Frankie is generally a pretty good character. Overall grade: an A+