Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 4

No Such Thing as a Sure Thing

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 15, 1999 on ABC

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Eric being the one who changed feeny's mind about letting that football player play, the end credits with Eric and Jack having run away and the woman Eric likes supposedly having thrown a pitchfork at him, Cory as the penguin, Cory mentioning he was the penguin several times during dinner in one scene, Topanga hugging the penguin thinking it was Cory, and then hitting the penguin, Cory/Topanga and Shawn and Angela kissing at the end of the episode, amongst other things.

    Pretty good. Cory and Eric were really funny. Shawn usually makes me laugh but in this episode pretty much all he did was make out with Angela, which got kind of old (Though his line about not having water for 3 days was funny). A+ episode
  • 704

    A really great and eventful installment of Boy Meets World this week. Season 7 continues to really impress me, of course this wasn't as good as the last episode but it was still very good. From Angela & Shawn making out through the whole thing to Eric & Jack gambling, this was a hilarious episode.

    I was astonished that anyone would rate this episode as mediocre, so much things happen. Topanga finds out that her father left her mother because of a mistress, and it pushes her to get back with Cory, it was definitely emotional and it was a nice conclusion to the "divorce" arc. The funniest part would definitely have to be Topanga hugging someone in the penguin suit thinking it was Cory, it was hilarious. So looks like everything is resolved for both couples. Can't wait to see how the wedding turns out. Great episode.
  • Yeah, so Cory and Topanga get back together, but thats it. A pretty pointless, boring episode in my opinion.

    Cory is still on his quest to win Topanga back, for the third time in the entire series. But Topanga is in reluctant betch mode and wont listen to what Cory is saying, so he volunteers to be the university's mascot, who does a lot of dangerous stunts. Soon after he even wins attention from more girls, so Topanga finally realizes that even though things didn't work out with Topanga and her parents doesn't mean that the same will happen to her and Cory. Yeah, no dip sherlock. Plus her mom consolidates her about this. yeah, boring, pointless, not funny.

    And Shawn and Angela won't stop making out the entire episode. Yeah, we get the point, they missed each other. Maybe it's just cause I hate Shawn and Angela together.
  • I'm sure that this was great!

    Cory and Topanga get back together. Topanga's parents came and told her that Jedidiah left Rhiannon for someone else. Shawn and Angela make out. Eric and Jack place bets on the Amish for the football game because their star player has to pass an exam and he's the dumbest person there. Eric tries to use reverse psychology on Mr. Feeny, but it backfires. Mr. Feeny tutors him so he passes and can play.

    This was a great episode! I'm really happy that Cory and Topanga are back together! I liked Eric a lot in this episode! He was funny! I give this episode a 10!
  • No Such Thing As sure thing, the pivotal Cory and Topanga Get back together for good ep!

    This ep, No Such Thing As A Sure Thing is most pivotal. The episode which begins with Cory trying out as his school football teams' mascot, ends with Topanga ( following a gut wrenching scene with her mom in which her mom explains you should not fear marrying Cory just coz of what your dad and I are going through but rather prepare for the possible rewards of marriage) proclaiming her love and need for Cory. The scene the writers write is brillant with Topanga stating: You mean the world to me, I love you, I wanna be your wife and an on deaf ears Cory almost accepting defeat as his fate and thinking he's parting for good with Topanga. Momentarily though Cory understands and the couple kisses and reunites for good! Yay! A silly subplot with Eric and Jack losing a bet and taking an Amish guise to avoid angered bookmakers who want their money, is apparently thrown in as the obligatory plot line for the younger set. Still well done! Bravo!