Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 1994 on ABC

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  • Shawn and Corey meet up with Eric and the school news paper editor. When left alone, Shawn changes the word Feeny in the headline to Weeny. Then when Corey by a janitor, he has to pick either to tell Feeny that Shawn did it or go to detention.

    i think that this episode shows how much cory\'s friendship with shawn means to him. I think it is a great episode! I also think that Mr.Feeny knew all along that it was shawn but was testing Corey to see if he would rat on his best friend. Great Episode!
  • Weeny Weeny Weeny Weeny Weeny Weeny Weeny Weeny Weeny, con't on page 3 Weeny

    Shawn, wanting to make a name for himself, to be known as something other than some seventh grader, chagnes the headline for the school paper so that Mr. Feeny's name reads Weeny instead.

    What I really liked about this, as well as other episodes, is that what they are studying in class coincides with what is happening in their life. For me, that piques my interest in the stories they are talking about (Scarlet Letter this episode).

    I really like that, even when faced with punishment, Cory refuses to betray his friend. Cory has always been a stand up guy, even if he is kind of a toublemaker at time.
  • shawn wants to be somebody at john adams high

    shawn pulls a prank on the school newspaper headline because he wants to be somebody and be remembered as a legend at john adams high. shawn changes the headline from new principal is feeny to new principal is weeny and cory is suspected. then shawn changes the sign on the principals office door. cory takes the blame for shawn and it shows how great of friends they are
  • Great!

    Shawn changes the headline on the school newspaper. It says "New Principal is Weeny" instead of Feeny. Cory knows that Shawn did it and Mr. Feeny knows that Cory knows. He threatens suspension for Cory unless he tells him who did it. Shawn confesses. Eric's girlfriend dumps him because she is the editor of the newspaper and after what Shawn did, she was mad. He meets a new senior girl and they start going out. She takes advantage of him by making him do various errands for her and such.

    This was a great episode! Cory probably should've told Mr. Feeny who did it. That was the better choice. This episode gets a 9.5!