Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 17

On the Air

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 10, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Patriot Radio has been resurrected at John Adams High. Mr. Feeny and Alvin Meese broadcast the first show, which plays the music of Perry Como and Minudo. The kids hate it. "You don't like what you hear, get on the air and do better," Mr. Turner tells Cory and Shawn.
The boys are excited for the opportunity but are restricted by Mr. Feeny's program notes which has them interviewing Sarah, a student council member, about a bake sale. Their first shot at radio fame is starting to nose dive, until a male student calls up to profess his crush on Sarah. Shawn, knowing a good thing when he hears it, runs with the turn of events, narrating "She's blushing, Spence!" and "We have a date!".
Soon a group of girls arrive at the studio, hoping to meet dates as well. Enthusiastic about the newly generated interest, Cory and Shawn dub their show "Lunchtime Lust".
Mr. Feeny, finding "Lunchtime Lust" in bad taste, fires the boys. The boys try to argue, citing the first amendment, but Mr. Feeny informs them that the Bill of Rights is intended for people with a sense of responsibility. Dejected, they turn to Mr. Turner, who agrees to talk to Mr. Feeny about giving them another chance. Cory and Shawn are skeptical, so they consult with Alvin on the workings of the station and hijack the equipment for a pirated broadcast.
It turns out to be bad timing for the boys, because Mr. Turner had convinced Feeny to give them another shot. Now the boys are in trouble.
Mr. Turner, in charge of doling out punishment, flips the switch so that the boys inadvertently broadcast themselves to the school, giving a heartfelt speech about how they feel like they don't fit in and how they wanted to be on the radio to make a name for themselves. When the call lights begin to flash, the boys realize their not alone.
Meanwhile, Eric signs up for 26 magazines in an attempt to win the Publishers Clearinghouse.