Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 12

Once in Love With Amy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 07, 1994 on ABC

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  • affair?

    cory and shawn think amy might be having an affair when they are told that her so called bowling league ended a while ago. so they go and see her at a restaurant, and they see a man. in the end of the episode it is revealed that amy and alan had been meeting at the same restaurant, but cory and eric only noticed amy, not alan. they wanted privacy and to be secretive, that was why they didn't tell where they had been.

    a good, funny episode that questions commitments. My overall grade for this episode is an A+
  • Once again, BMW at its best!

    Amy has been going bowling every Wednesday. Cory, Shawn, and Eric find provactive clothing in Amy's bowling bag. Cory and Eric follow her to a fancy resturant and find her with another man. Mr. Feeny gives a math problem that Minkus cannot solve, which drives him insane. It turns out that the strange mystery man with mom is dad.

    This was an awesome episode! I loved it! Minkus was hilarious when he was crazy! Minkus was so cute back then! I thought Topanga was also very funny in this episode! Her facial expressions and such were believable! This was an all-around great episode! A 10 pit pf 10!
  • Cute, funny, and a great example of a wonderful series.

    The episode, which focuses on Alan and Amy's time away from the kids, says a lot about learning to think outside the box, something kids around Cory's age learn to do for the first time. As a way of demonstrating this, Minkus gets a math problem wrong for the first time ever and goes nuts. It is arguably the best performance by Lee Norris on the show.

    The humor in the episode is family-friendly but not corny, which is an unfotunate pattern of family-friendly shows. Amy talks to her sons like they are real people and not just little kids, because they are old enough to understand what she is saying.

    The math problem in school is very funny and the segments are very well written. Aside from the emotional content of the parent/child storyline, the episode is worth watching just to see how the kids deal with a math problem with no real answer.
  • This episode is pretty silly, but indeed a good episode and it teaches a great lesson in the end.

    Cory thinks his Mom is cheating on his Dad after he finds a slinky dress, stilletos, and a note saying to meet at this high- school hangout. OH Cory! You silly goose, everyone knows old people crash those things! Anyway turns out that she and Alan are both sneaking out.....together. SNAP!

    Also, the message that I was referring to was Feeny's "Math Problem" or so he said. I can't remember exactly what the problem was. BUt it turns out the answer was "there isn't one" cause sometimes there just isn't an answer to things. I like that.

    Anyway Cory realizes his Mom is doing nothing wrong since he was once in love with Amy.
  • cory and eric think amy is having an affair when they find revealing clothes in the bowling bag

    amy says to cory and eric that she is going to her bowling league each wednesday night, but when shawn informs them that the bowling league has ended (because his mom had been in it too) and cory and eric find revealing clothes instead of a bowling ball in amys bowling bag, they are sure she is having an affair and keeping it a secret. so, they follow her to the fancy restaurant, where they find her dancing in the clothes with another man. it turns out it was alan she was dancing with
  • None of the cast got the answer right.

    In 1 min al can do 1/6 of the car and frank can do 1/8 of the car so the both can do 7/24 of a car per minute. After some caculations the answer is around 3.42 minutes. The answer caculated is rounded to the hundreds place but is the closest answer to the problem.