Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 2

Pairing Off

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 30, 1994 on ABC

Episode Recap

Everyone in school seems to be paired up but Cory's still flying solo. To make matters worse, his best friend seems to be a natural.
When Cory walks in on his brother and a girl, making out in his parents' bedroom, he quickly makes a deal. In exchange for Cory not ratting him out to their parents, Eric agrees to coach Cory on how to get a girl to notice him. All Cory has to do is stare at a girl, pretending to be interested in her. Actually being interested is not mandatory. The plan works and he gets a date with a cute girl named Wendy.
Alan and Amy find out about Eric's tryst, when they discover an earing in their bed. They go to Eric and Cory's room to lecture Eric about sex. Cory tells them about Eric's staring technique, which they find distasteful.
Cory realizes that trying to pair up, just because everybody else is, is dishonest and unfair. He tells Wendy that he wants to start over as friends; a sentiment she readily returns
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