Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 10

Picket Fences

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 21, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

Just when it seems like Cory and Topanga will be stuck with their run-down apartment, Cory finds a beautiful two-bedroom house for $80,000. The only problem is that neither Cory nor Topanga have jobs to pay for it. Cory goes to his parents once again and ask them to sign for the loan. Alan and Amy say no, which is the answer they have been hearing a lot recently.

Topanga and Cory have Shawn and Angela visit their place, expecting that their reactions will reinforce the idea that they need to move out. However, Shawn and Angela suggest that they take the time to fix the place up themselves, instead of trying to spend money they don't have on a new house. At first, Cory and Topanga dismiss the idea, but when Cory finally fixes the sink and they have clean water, it gives them new hope. Cory tells his father that he fixed the sink himself, and that he and Topanga are going to revamp the apartment, by themselves. Alan and Amy tell them that they finally are beginning to understand their message: When they got married they were in the same situation, and nobody would help them either. But how they overcame the obstacles by helping themselves only made their marriage stronger.

Meanwhile, Jack and Eric have a new boss at the student union, an attractive young lady named Bridget. Although the two guys try to give the impression that they don't like being bossed around, they actually enjoy the company of Bridget. Shawn, Jack, and Eric decide to move back to the original apartment again while Angela moves in with Rachel.