Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 20

Pop Quiz

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 10, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Shawn and Cory are hanging out in Cory's room, Cory throws a ball out the window. When the camera comes back to them, you can see the same ball on Eric's bed. Seconds later it's gone.

    • At the end of this episode, you see Griff standing with Joey and Frankie. He's wearing a jacket over a pink button down shirt that has a red collar and red accents. He sees a girl, and the camera moves to Joey, who yells after her. Then, when the camera goes back to Griff, he's wearing a jacket over a plain, faded red shirt.

  • Quotes

    • Joey: We're lackeys! We're hangers-on with nothing to hang on to!

    • (playing football in the hallway)
      Cory: Okay, we're back live. Second half. Steve Young back to pass!
      Shawn: Jerry Rice is open!
      Cory: He throws! (Mr. Feeny catches it) Intercepted.
      Shawn: By Feeny!
      Mr. Feeny: The wily veteran.
      Cory: I stink.
      Mr. Feeny: I agree, have you seen your latest test score? And if Mr. Matthews stinks, you Mr. Hunter are as odoriferous as dead man in July.

    • Eric: Yo, Jasmine. Did you know that our bodies are 98 percent water? Well, if you can squeeze that other two percent into a bikini, I've got two tickets to our natural habitat. (waves water park tickets)

    • Cory: Wait, you mean you want us to know what to study?
      Shawn: Well, I'm lost!
      Mr. Turner: It's the whole idea! I stand in front of the class and talk, you learn. It's called education.
      Shawn: So that's why this building exists! Some of us are students, and… some of us are teachers, and if the students listen to the teachers, then…Oh, I almost got it!
      Cory: Then they get good grades.
      Shawn: Yeah, but why?!
      Mr. Turner: Why do you think, Shawn?
      Shawn: Because… if you get good grades… it means you've actually learned something. Am I close?

    • Shawn: A twelve? How do you get a twelve?
      Mr. Feeny: I don't know. You ever open a book?
      Shawn: What?
      Mr. Feeny: A book! Do you ever open a book?
      Shawn: What?!
      Cory: Don't ask me, I got a sixteen.
      Mr. Feeny: Gentlemen, do you ever go home and open a book?
      Shawn: What?
      Feeny: I want you to go home this afternoon and open a book! I don't care what you had otherwise planned, I order you, nay, I command you. Go home and open a book!

    • Cory: Look, Mr. Turner, just give us till Wednesday. I swear we'll have them in. Tuesday?
      Mr. Turner: I'm grading them Sunday.
      Shawn: So Tuesday?
      Cory: Please, Mr. Turner, help me bring up my grades. I just got a sixteen.
      Shawn: And I got a twelve. Between us that makes twenty-four.
      Mr. Turner: Twenty-eight.
      Shawn: Thanks!
      Mr. Turner: Okay, I'll throw you one. Have your papers in my hand, at my place, Sunday, five 'o'clock, not a minute later.
      Shawn: All right, Mr. Turner, I should tell you… my dog ate it.
      Cory (leans towards Shawn, whispering): Not yet!

    • (to Mr. Turner regarding Cory and Shawn)
      Mr. Feeny: I'd give up on them, but I don't think they'd notice.

    • Cory (playing football in the hall): He throws a perfect 60 yard pass and hits [Frankie] a blue 1995 Buick Regal!

  • Notes

    • This episode was supposed to be the very last in the series. However, the show did get picked up again, and season two had three more episodes, beginning seven weeks after this one aired. On the night that "The Thrilla in Phila" was shown, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel hosted t.g.i.f. from the "Chubbie's" set and assured the viewers that it wasn't over yet.

  • Allusions

    • Cory refers to himself as "Steve Young" and Shawn as "Jerry Rice" when throwing the football. Steve Young was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and Jerry Rice was a Hall of Fame wide reciever who spent most of his career with the 49ers.

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