Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 22

Prom-ises, Prom-ises

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 01, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's prom night, and Cory and Shawn, dressed in tuxes, are in Cory's kitchen talking about what might happen. It's a big night, and they wonder if that means it will be "THE night". Shawn figures things may happen with Angela, but it's not like they sat down and discussed it. Cory and Topanga, on the other hand, have discussed it, and she said "maybe". Cory needs to makes sure that everything goes "exactly, perfectly right".
Being a young prom-goer himself once, Alan imparts a warning: "Things could happen in a minute that could change your life forever." When the boys leave, Amy tells Alan he did a good job. She then surprises him with, "I'm pregnant".
Angela and Topanga are also discussing what the evening might entail. Angela says that she and Shawn aren't ready for sex until he can at least talk about it. Topanga says that she and Cory now know how much they love each other, and if the moment is "exactly, perfectly right"...maybe.
Cory and Shawn arrive to pick up their dates. Shawn and Angela head out to their awaiting transportation, but before Topanga and Cory leave, they reiterate their desire for things to go "exactly, perfectly right". As they are about to leave, the doorbell rings.
Opening the door reveals Howie, an awkward nerd-type in a powder-blue tux. Apparently, Topanga had agreed to go to prom with Howie, out of pity, before she got back together with Cory. Feeling bad, Topanga allows Howie to accompany her and Cory. Cory doesn't like this, but he wants Topanga to feel "exactly, perfectly right", so he submits. Howie eventually goes off on his own, so it's OK.
Jack and Eric have volunteered to chaperone the prom. They talk about their own experiences, and remember how they were so preoccupied with what might happen after prom, that they didn't enjoy the night. In the end, nothing happened. Not wanting the kids to make the same mistake, Jack stands at the door turning away kids who want to leave before the end.
Topanga suggests that Cory get them a hotel room, and he swoons.
Once recovered, Cory borrows Eric's credit card, goes to the front desk of the hotel, and gets a room. As he gets into the elevator, Alan and Amy enter. They're dressed for a romantic evening, because they "may not get a chance to do something like this again for a long time." Amy leaves for the lounge so they can pretend to meet each other for the first time.
Alan, checking in alone, tells a bystanding woman, that his wife is having a baby. She hugs him in excitement just as Eric walks by--in time to assume his father is having an affair.
Mr. Feeny annouces the obvious prom king and queen: Cory and Topanga. Cory returns just in time to grab his crown, and Topanga, and rush to the room.
In the room, they kiss excitedly, but they waffle about whether they really want to go through with it. Topanga thinks that they should be more spontaneous, but Cory's not enthused. Topanga starts to kiss him again, but accidently pokes him in the eye. She has him leave to get ice and sodas.
Cory leaves his key card on top of the ice machine when he goes to get sodas and Alan emerges from his room, which happens to be right next to Cory and Topanga's. He puts his key card next to Cory's card, gets ice and then picks the wrong card without noticing. When the card doesn't work in his door, he tries the next one. The room is empty, he goes in and calls to Amy. Topanga emerges from the bathroom and they both scream.
The same thing happens with Cory, and he screams when Amy comes out of the bathroom.
Alan backs out of the room and bumps in to Eric. There's a lot of misunderstanding going on, but when everyone meets out in the hall, the parents reveal that Amy is pregnant. They surprise Cory and Topanga by telling them to have a nice night. "They trust us," says Topanga. "Yeah," says Cory. "Biggest night of our lives, huh?" They go back into the room, grab their clothes and crowns, and go back downstairs.
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