Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 22

Prom-ises, Prom-ises

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 01, 1998 on ABC

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  • Its prom night for Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Angela. The main issue on everyone's mind is whether or not they're going to "do it."

    A great great episode.

    Everything from Cory booking a room to him and Topanga in the hotel room with the whole bible thing. It was just hilarious.

    But the award for funniest scene goes to the scene outside of the rooms when Cory and Alan mix up room keys.

    The award for funniest quote is either Alan explaining to Eric about the "situation" or when Eric hears his parents are having a baby and says:

    "They're havin a baby! I'm gonna be an uncle!"

    What I wonder is, were there tv's in the hotel rooms?

    And how bad could Cory's memory be that he forgot what room he was in. I mean the man told him it was 702. And wouldn't the number be on the room key as well as the door?
  • An episode not picked up by Disney channel yet has great moral message. This episode is filled with akward humor

    It is prom night for John Adams High School and sex seems to be on everybodies mind. Angela does not think she and Shawn are ready because he does not talk about it. However Cory and Topanga seem like they are going to go through with their decesion to have a "grown up" relationship. Of course it would not be Boy Meets World without something unexpected happening! Amy tells Alan she is pregeant in a very funny sequence, and to celebrate they decide to rent a hotel room for the night. This of course is the same hotel where the prom is, and they are right next door to Cory and Topanga. Take the akwardness that is sex for the first time, add parents in the next room and a slash of Eric thinking his dad is having an affair and you have an episode that will having you laughing at what can and does happen!
  • senior prom.

    It's senior prom night, and Cory and Topanga's relationship is stronger than ever after recently getting back together. And you know what happens on prom night... don't ya? That's right, everyone has sex on prom night. This show managed to make this episode family friendly by not being so direct on talking about sex, instead they made the conversation funny. And if the whole family is watching, only the older ones will get the subtle humor. And when asked by a six year old, "What did that mean?" His father or mother can say "Nothing." That's one of the things I like about this show, it's family friendly, and you can always learn a lesson from it, without it being totally cheesy like Full House. This episode did just that, with the perfect plot element, and the cliche idea of having sex on prom night, this turned out to be a fun filled episode.

    We also get some unexpected new from Cory's parents, when they reveal they they are expecting a baby, so this episode also manged to be eventful as well as hysterical. They decide to spice things up by getting a motel room, and pretending as if they don't know each other. Coincidentally the hotel they check in too is where the prom is being held. Eric and Jack are chaperoning, Jack tries to make everyone enjoy prom, and not let people worry about what will happen after, and Eric sees his dad, and thinks he is cheating on his mom. It's definitely quite a predicament when their room is right next to Cory and Topanga's, you switch up the cards, and throw Eric in to the mix, it turns out to be a hysterically complex situation, which I found myself laughing through.

    Bottom line, this episode proved that this sitcom is capable of dealing with sensual topics like this, and still remain family-friendly, not to mention, funny. A great episode overall, which was a stand out in this season, and it also showed how mature these characters really are. (Spoiler: Cory & Topanga don't end up having sex, don't worry it's for the better).
  • senior prom

    cory and shawn plan on having sex with angela and topanga on the night of senior prom. will they?

    amy has news: she is pregnant.

    good episode, it's kinda a "jump the shark" moment that Amy is pregnant, but it does not matter a lot, as the baby isn't even in many episodes after it is born. but it was overall an OK Episode, it does not amaze me like other episodes, some of it actually bores me a little, but it is still worthy in my opinion to get a B- or so as a grade. Good but not great
  • Good lessons!

    It's prom night! Shawn and Cory want to become men that night. Alan and Amy are pregnant! Topanga and Cory want to have sex that night. They make the right decision of not doing it. Jack and Eric chaperone the prom. Eric thinks that his father is cheating on Amy. This was a good episode! I was glad to see that Cory and Topanga made the right decision of not having sex. This episode was a bit mature for the younger ones though. I don't believe in sex before marriage. I'm so glad of their decision to wait! This episode get a 9.0!