Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 12

Raging Cory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eric and Alan are playing basketball, when Cory comes along wanting to play next. He's disappointed, however, when his dad is too tired to play with him. They have a little quarrel, which culminates in Cory ripping the ball from Alan's hands and shoving him down.
Feeling bad, Cory goes and talks to Shawn about his problems. "All we do is talk," he explains. Cory doesn't want to be remembered as the son his father talked to, he just wants lasting, fun memories.
Alan, also feeling bad about the situation, grabs Cory and takes him parachuting with him and Eric. On the plane, Alan promises to do more sporty/action activities with Cory, but he doesn't want to lose the meaningful conversation they've had in the past.
Eric witnesses this exchange and starts to feel bad that he doesn't have deeper relationship with Alan. The next day, Eric tries to talk to Alan, but he gets upset and ends up knocking Alan down the same way Cory did.
Later, Alan talks to Amy, wondering what he's doing wrong. Amy points out that he has two complete sons, and both want a complete relationship with their father.
Realizing his need to reach out to both sons, he brings Eric and Cory to an art museum; a place he's been with Cory a few times. At the museum the three try to interpret abstract art. Eric interprets a sculpture as being about their situation. He then tells Alan about his favorite kinds of art. Not realizing that Eric was interested in these kinds of things, he asks Eric to tell him about another piece.
Meanwhile, Jack's room is flooded when the apartment above his lets their bathtub overflow. He stays in Shawn's room but isn't comfortable. Shawn likes to sleep with the lights on and he plays his "Sounds of the Trailer Park" tape. They scuffle, but it's OK, because they finally have something "brotherly" to fight about.
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