Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 19, 1999 on ABC

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    One of the saddest episodes of Boy Meets World, if not the saddest, and that is saying a lot since Boy Meets World has definitely had it's share of sad episode. Cory's brother is born but is struggling to stay alive. Cory wants Topanga to tell him everything is okay, but Topanga does not believe that, causing friction in their relationship.

    From beginning to end, this episode was very sad. From Cory & Topanga's conversation in the beginning to Allan praying for his dying son. Shawn returns and makes things better with Cory which gets Topanga back to her senses, and decides to stay the same "weird" self. It was definitely intriguing, I almost cried when the doctor pulled off Joshua's name from the empty bed, that implied that he died, with Allan looking at the empty bed. I was so relieved when they were holding Joshua in their arms, I cheered just like the live audience did.

    Just a very touching episode that managed to have some funny moments like when Topanga says, "Cory, you seem distant" and Cory is on the other side of the room. A really hilarious moment in a very sad episode. Which is hard to pull off in a sitcom. A great episode, don't miss this installment.
  • Cory=self absorbed

    Cory was extremely selfish in this episode. His new born little brother, Joshua, was very sick and Cory seemed to care more about him and Topanga than he cared about his little brother. It was annoying and Topanga wasn't being very helpful. She kept on bringing up the baby instead of trying to make Cory feel better about everything. Cory should have been focusing on his little brother but Topanga wasn't making it any easier. Overall it was a decent episode. Everything turned out ok between Cory and Topanga and with the baby. The best part was when Topanga drew a heart around her and Corys face with lip stick, something similar to that happened when they were elevan.
  • emotional

    i watched this episode on youtube (no, not for the first time ever), because i wanted to watch a sad episode, and this did me well. it was really emotional to see what would happen with baby Joshua. However, because this is still a sitcom, Eric and Tommy are in some scenes and provide some humor for this episode (such as Eric covering Tommy's eyes so he could not hear). Overall, a great, emotional episode. The only thing I don't like is how Amy and Alan had another kid... he's never really used for anything and there are big age differences, but overall, this episode still gets an A+
  • A slow, yet sad episode.

    Cory and Topanga's little feud made the episode sort of annoying to watch because it just dragged on, but it also strengthened their relationship. I guess those parts of the episode weren't useless. It was so sweet how Eric had such a great bond with Tommy. It was also sweet of Tommy to care for Josh and call him his little brother. I was glad that Josh became well enough to be taken home. (When I first saw the scene at the end, I was worried for a second, but I knew something sad like Josh not making it wasn't going to happen.) Allen saying a prayer before they left the hospital for anyone who had to go through what they did was a perfect way to end the episode.
  • The matthews deal with a hard time waiting for Joshua...

    The matthews new baby brother joshua gabriel isn't doing too well and it seems as if he won't recover. Cory wants Topanga to be her old hopeful self but she won't because she's too full of doubt. As Shawn returns and offers words of comfort to Cory and as the 3 of them talk to Josh, he recovers.

    This episode was great although it was really sad. I liked how Mr. Matthews was talking to all the other parents. I'm really happy that Josh recovered and i thougt it was sweet how Mrs. Matthews picked the middle name Gabriel.
  • This was a sad episode.

    Joshua is in the hospital fighting for his life. Cory wants Topanga to be "Topanga" again. Eric takes care of Tommy. Jack and Rachel feel bad for Eric. Eric moves out. Joshua turns out okay and they get to take him home. Shawn comes back!

    This was a great episode! It was extremely sad though. I liked it when Eric covered Tommy's eyes so he wouldn't hear. That was hilarious! I think that Amy was a little too old to have a baby and the age difference between Joshua and Eric is like 20 years! Then again, the age difference for the twins and Matt on 7th Heaven is 20 years also. This was a great episode that gets a 10!