Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 19, 1999 on ABC

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    One of the saddest episodes of Boy Meets World, if not the saddest, and that is saying a lot since Boy Meets World has definitely had it's share of sad episode. Cory's brother is born but is struggling to stay alive. Cory wants Topanga to tell him everything is okay, but Topanga does not believe that, causing friction in their relationship.

    From beginning to end, this episode was very sad. From Cory & Topanga's conversation in the beginning to Allan praying for his dying son. Shawn returns and makes things better with Cory which gets Topanga back to her senses, and decides to stay the same "weird" self. It was definitely intriguing, I almost cried when the doctor pulled off Joshua's name from the empty bed, that implied that he died, with Allan looking at the empty bed. I was so relieved when they were holding Joshua in their arms, I cheered just like the live audience did.

    Just a very touching episode that managed to have some funny moments like when Topanga says, "Cory, you seem distant" and Cory is on the other side of the room. A really hilarious moment in a very sad episode. Which is hard to pull off in a sitcom. A great episode, don't miss this installment.
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