Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 19, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The full name of the Matthews' baby is Joshua Gabriel Matthews.

    • Near the end, Topanga puts lipstick on Cory's face.  If you look closely, right after Shawn states, "Use a mirror babe", there is already lipstick on the upper right side of Cory's head before she actually applies it.

    • Series creator and producer, Michael Jacobs, makes an uncredited cameo appearance as the Rabbi father, who prays for all the babies.

    • Cory, Topanga and Shawn reenact the "use a mirror babe" scene from the first season.

    • When Topanga comes into the waiting room to talk to Cory, she sets her coffee cup down on the table. However, in the next shot she is shown holding the cup.

  • Quotes

    • Cory: Do I not cherish Topanga?

      Mr. Feeny: Oh here we go into Coryland!
      Cory: Did I not raise her and bring her into my home?

      Mr. Feeny: Who talks like you?
      Cory: You know I go to you I know exactly what I'm getting 'hello Mr. Matthew's here's you're sensible advice.' I'm on my way you are my sensible go-to-guy. Okay but she's not who she just to be!

      Mr. Feeny: What did she used to be Mr. Matthews?
      Cory: Not sensible she was Topanga, now she Phyllis Munson from Piscataway New Jersey!

      Mr. Feeny: Topanga Lawrence is one of the best people I know!

      Cory: I know so what's happening to her, you've known her as long as I have.
      Mr. Feeny: She's growing up Cory, so are you.

      Cory: But why does she have to go now?, at-at time like this?
      Mr. Feeny: Do you want to go see how you're little brother is doing?

      Cory: Yeah.
      Mr. Feeny: Want me to go with you?
      Cory: Yeah.
      Cory: My homework is gonna be unbelievably late this week.

      Mr. Feeny: Yeah what else is new.

    • Cory: I don't like the new strange Topanga. I mean it's important for us to grow but I don't want to lose what's so special about you.
      Topanga: You never will. (Puts lipstick around her face in the shape of a heart) Because I'm in your memories, and you'll always be here to remind me.
      Shawn: (Smiling) Use a mirror, babe.

    • Shawn: Look, everything is gonna be alright.
      Cory: You think?
      Shawn: I know.

    • Topanga: Cory we were kids, nothing bad happens when you're a kid. The worst thing that happened was your Pop Tart fell on the ground.
      Cory: Yeah, and you held it up and you said "God made dirt, dirt won't hurt".
      Topanga: It was still dirty.
      Cory: Yeah, but I ate it anyway. I didn't have to, but I did.

    • Angela: You're being very mature about this whole thing.
      Topanga: Thank you.
      Angela: It's not a compliment.

    • Cory: Mr. Feeny, I think you're gonna have another Matthews to teach
      Shawn: Yeah, maybe he'll have a kid like me to sit next to
      Cory: He won't have to
      Shawn: Why not?
      Cory: You'll still be there!

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