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  • One of if not my favorite shows.

    Cory was always a little slow when it came to the real world. Hence the name Boy Meets World. His best bud Shawn was always there for him though. Later on he started dating Topanga and Shawn seemed to get ahead with the world while Cory was with Topanga and falling behind. The later season's are funny as Eric is dumbfounded alot. Cory is really funny as he is looked as the married one or the engaged one. Angela, Rachel, and Jack were all brought in later and were in some funny storylines themselves. Season 4 was pretty good so was so was 6 and 7. All the others were great too but I liked 4, 6, and 7 the best.
  • A really good show for both teens and adults

    Boy Meets World, in my opinion, is a good show for kids and adults. Unlike many sitcoms today, it portrays teenagers and adults in realistic ways and situations. Things don/t always go perfectly or happily, and the families undergo serious issues and change like divorce, alcohol, sexual abuse, and much more. There's also comedy, which is why I like to watch it. I don/t know why they put it on Disney Channel, though. I heard they blocked out three episodes for having alcohol related issues, but it shows episodes with some bad language and vandalism. Why did Disney buy the show? It doesn/t seem like an appropriate show for smaller children to be viewing.
  • Cory Mathews and his best friend Shawn.

    Boy Meets World is about some friends just making their way. In the first season teacher mr.Feeneygets through to Cory. Topanga develops a crrush on Cory then Eric. With their dad a manager of a grocery store and stay at home mom Amy help Cory also. This show had many laughs when they went to High School. With Principal Feeney and brother Eric in the school it makes it hard on Cory. Students spread rumors about Cory and Topanga doing things that don't happen so cory goes along with them and Topanga feels sad. Cory then straitens them out. Cory also runs for president and so does Shawn, then they both drop out and Topanga runs for president. Then later in College Cory and Topanga get married and Shawn ges a new girlfriend and Eric Goes to College also and College teacher George feeney(As you may notice Mr.Feeney is in all 3 stages of their school.). Mr.Feeney is also The Mathews next door neighbor.
  • Boy meets world show

    i really loved this show, it was really enjoyable and it was always really good. i always loved watching everyone grow up and all the drama and hard times they had to go through. this show was the first drama i ever really got into. even when i was really young this show was easy to understand and it was always funny. i loved how shawn always had so many problems and he always worked so hard to fix everything, sometimes his story lines are kind of annoying. i also really like cory and tapanga, especially when they get older and start dating.
    but my favorite character of all times has to be menkis. he is so funny and easy to laugh at :)
  • A show about a bunch of kids....

    Even though it is an old fashioned, it is an all around great show. I never get tired of the never ending ideas and adventures. It teaches valuable life lessons that can be used now or even later in your life. It has an endless string of comedy. The character deveoplment is outstanding. It is defiently a show you cannot get tired of. The plot lines are always new. It is an awesome, well thought out story about Cory Matthews and some of his friends, families and even teachers. It also makes you feel good about what you have, because on of his friends Sean, is caught between a divorce. So overall it is defiently a show that will never get boring.
  • this shows was a great show because it always made it exciting to watch since there is always something new with the show to make it better and better and how they add moerr friends but kept there friends from young to even while they were all grown up.

    this was the best show in the world with all the character in it and with each person. they should make a movie or a reuinon from the friends and see how they turn out from when they left college to go to new york the as the call it the real world since they left college and when on to see where life takes them. plus they should of had a sequal for the show for the family and see how the parents and the neighbor are since the parents have the new baby see how he is doing in school if he has the same kinds of friends and promblem and excitemnt as the reguar characters. so that is what i thougth of the show and wishes it was still on.
  • Cory Matthews is your average teenage boy having to deal with life with his friends Shaun and Topanga and his older brother, Eric.

    This is one of those classic comedy shows that even in the 21st century continues to entertain many people.

    And I proudly am one of those people.

    Sometimes shows just don't have any message at all. It's just for entertainment. Not that I mind that, but a message or two isn't so bad, and Boy Meets World accomplishes that by giving us a great episode and then shooting us a message and we may listen to it.

    The acting is pretty darn good too. I love all the actors and actresses in the show for their talent and humor. Sometimes the acting seems slightly scratchy, but you get over it.

    Overall, this is a great show that any teenager should watch.
  • A show about Cory Matthews, his family, and his best friends Shaun and Topanga.

    This show is about Corry Matthews, his family and his best friends Shaun and Topanga. It talks about real life stuff and it really relates to real life and the things that they talk about you can apply to real life. They actors did a fabulous of using real life problems and setting a good example for kids everywhere. They also added alot of humor and funny moments to make the show even more addicting.
    This show is really great and the actors are really great to. This is definatly a show that can get addicting.
  • I LOVE this show :D:D:D.

    The show revolves around Cory Matthews; the other characters often serve to help him cope with his difficulties in achievement in school, his moral conflicts with his best friend, Shawn Patrick Hunter, and his trouble understanding his girlfriend Topanga Lawrence. Shawn is dissimilar to Cory; he is a social rebel, he has an unsupportive family, and he has success with women, something which Cory envies at times. Cory's mother and father (Amy and Alan Matthews) are hard-working people trying to make a decent living in order to raise their three children (by the end of the series, a fourth child, Joshua Matthews, is born). Their other two children are Eric Matthews, the funny, handsome, sometimes borderline-psychotic older brother who tries to distance himself from Cory at all possible times; and Morgan Matthews, the younger sister, who sometimes uses her position as means of getting what she wants. Cory, with his stubbornness and laziness, struggles with his friends to get through school. To help them, there is Mr. George Feeny, Cory's teacher and neighbor. He tries as hard as possible to get them through school and he eventually does. Finally, there is Topanga Lawrence, Cory's first love, and in the later seasons, his fiancée, then wife. Topanga and Cory's relationship is the main focus of the later part of the series, and at the end of the series, Topanga, Cory, Shawn, and Eric leave suburban Philadelphia for New York City while later new-comers to the cast, Jack and Rachel join the Peace Corps and Angela goes to Europe with her father.
  • Great show.

    I loved this show. After school everyday i used to go straight to the tv so i wouldn't miss Boy Meets World. Cory is the main character. We follow him around through is daily schedule. He falls in love with this girl named Topanga. He has this cool best friend named Shawn. As each season passes by we see Cory older and in a different grade in middle/high school. And eventually college. Topanga and Cory eventually get married. Cory's parents are hilarious. The series was awesome. Had a good series finale. I'm glad i tuned in every day to watch this show.
  • Boy meets world is about the matthews family and there children growing up in Philly

    Cory Matthews grows up in Philly goes to school and has a normal life, but his best friend shawn has a different life, al life totally inlike cory's. When Cory and shawn meet in school they get involved with different people and get themselves into a bunch of different situtions that dont always turn out good. As The seires prgrosses different Characters get involved such as shawns brother jack and shawns guardian mr turner dies, leading to alot of sadness. The emotion that this show leaves in the audience is why it stayed on so long. The show was able to teach life lessons while somewhat keeping a lighter side with the comedy of corys sort of dumb older brother eric. In the End all seems to turn out good, when the matthews children are leaving for new york and corys parents are about there forth child. The series never really cincludes leaving a possiblilty for a great future for these characters and possibly a reunion in ten years. Boy meets world may go down as one of my favorite tv shows of all time, with the sadness it captures, but also the love the characters keep for one another. The love keeps them strong and keeps them fighting, which is what love is said to do
  • corey matthews is an everyday kid going through the motions...

    BMW was and is an amazing show.. i grew up watching this show and like every kid hoped that high school would be like that and maybe would have Mr. Feeny for a teacher.... this was a show ahead of its time...u fall in love with all the characters and go through what they go through..the show was real..they did not always solve their problems in a 1/2 time they grew we grew the story lines were great funny, heartbreaking and all around wonderful....the most heartbreaking moment was of course the final episode...the very end when they all said goodbye to Mr. Feeny and left the room and he simply said i love u, i love u all.. class dismissed.....truly great.
  • This show is hilarous!

    I love this show. I had been watching it ever since it first started. I don't think it should have ended. Ben Savage, Rider Strong, Will Fridel, and Danielle Fishel are amazingly talented and funny actors. I don't really think there is any other show like this. There is never a dull moment while watching this show. If it would have kept going instead of ending, it would be probably one of the biggest shows on Disney and ABC. This is one of those really addicting shows. I couldn't stop watching it. It's incredibly awesome and very funny. I wish there were more shows like it on Disney and ABC.
  • boy meets world is a story about cory matthews as he comedic struggles through middle school and high school.

    i love this show so much! the comedy is priceless, and the acting is great. i love all the characters, from cory, eric, topanga, sean i love them all! oh how did i forget mr. feeny! i grew up with this show and i still love it today. i think i would have to say that my favorite episode is the one where cory tries to change his hair and ends up messing up his hair horribly. the originality of this show is inspiring and i cna easily see how they were able to make so many seasons off of this very successful idea.
  • this show rocks!!

    Boy meets World is a funny show!! I love it!! My favorite charecter is Eric, he is laugh out loud funny!! I love him!! This show is so good, too bad it got cancelled it was one of the best shows of the 90's! It had romance,comedy and sometimes even a little bit of drama, the whole package!! This show is just plain awesome!!
  • Hilarious, timeless, a show that many grew up to.

    Boy Meets World was a really funny entertaining show. One of the things I liked best about it as a whole was that over the years you could see the growth, physical, emotional, social.. of the characters. We followed the characters from middle school through college and every year their issues changed age appropriately. Each character had his own distinct personality and occupied a unique position in the show. Cory was the funny dorky main character, Sean was the cool cute best friend who had some family issues, topanga was the smart independent girlfriend of Cory, Mr. Feeny was the wise principal/neighbor to cory who always was there to dish out advice...etc. Really funny show in every year no matter what age they were. I still love to watch reruns and I'm college age.
  • A perfect mix of drama, comedy, and life lessons put in a way that everyone can enjoy.

    Boy Meets World is a rare mix of drama, comedy, and life lessons all in one, and that mix is near perfect. The show stretches from when Cory and friends are young in elementary school, all the way through high school and college. For those that watched the show from the beginning they may have grown up with it and actually learned a lot of life lessons from it. It really does teach a lot, and on top of that it can do it in comedic ways. The show never seemed to have a dry spot when they ran out of ideas, which is also a plus. I believe Boy Meets World will always be a classic show for many people.
  • I loved watching this classic back in my early days of life. I would rarely miss Thank God Its Friday on ABC, mainly because of this show and this show alone.

    I loved watching this classic back in my early days of life. I would rarely miss Thank God Its Friday on ABC, mainly because of this show and this show alone. All the characters are on top of there game, and they keep the comedy and little bit of drama rolling.
  • boy meets world is the best and i love it!!!!!!

    i love this show, show it more often!!!!! its only on like once a week or at 2 in the morning, its a really good show and people accualty look like it happening to them not some fake planned thing, i lve this show!! its also really funny!! mr fenny and eric are halarious together and cory and dapanga are soo cute together and shawn, what can you say about him lol i
  • I like this show!

    Boy Meets World is an awesome show! Well, maybe not my favorite, but it's till great. It also hilarious. Eric in my opinion is the funniest character on the show. Him and Morgan are my favorite characters. Ha ha they're so funny!! My all time favorite episode so far (I haven't seen every episode yet) is And Then There Was Shawn. It was scary and funny at the same time! I also loved the episode in the 1st season called Santa's Little Helper. That episode was so funny!! All in all, a hilarious and great show and it's highly reccomended!
  • One of the best shows of all time.

    Boy Meets World was about a kid name Cory, his best friend Shawn, Cory's older brother Eric, Topanga, hiis girlfriend in the future, his teacher Mr. Fenny and how they go through life.

    I love this show! Why did they have to cancel it?! This show showed the things that you go through life and the acting was great. The whole cast was amazing and they should do at least a reunion episode. Cory is so much like me, cause I'm going through life, trying to fit in, and dealing with problems like friends, love, and school. And I have my friends with me. Every character was funny in his or her own way and I love it. They need to bring this show back!
  • A great show that taught valuable life lessons.

    I love this show! I remember this past year, when it was on Disney Channel at 2 AM(central time), I was up all night, and I would wake my mom up and we'd watch it and have a cup of coffee and a bagel. It's the best memory I have with my mom. Not only did we enjoy the humor of it, we also enjoyed the fact it had a lesson to teach and there's not many shows with any similar storylines in any way, or at least none I know of. The storyline for Boy Meets World is great, my favorite episode would probably have to be well, one with Eric doing something stupid, like that modeling career he had, or when he was using the typewritter and his mom thought he put a waffle in the computer again. That was rich. Boy Meets World has been an inspiration to me and probably many others.
  • Boy Meets world is a show about Cory Matthews. The show started with Cory being 12 and ends with him being 19. Cory has Topanga Lawrence as his girlfriend since he was 13 and in the last season they get married. His best friend is Shawn Hunter.

    Boy Meets world is the best show ever!!! It is my personal favorite! My favorite part of the show is the last 2 or 3 seasons. My favorite quote is "Topanga: (about Ricky) You know what I felt when I kissed him?
    Angela: Yeah, I probably do.
    Topanga: Nothing!
    Angela: What?
    Topanga: I called him today to let him know I can never see him again.
    Angela: You did?
    Topanga: Because I'm in love, Angela! I don't mean high school 'I love you, I love you, too' I mean, I am in love with Cory Matthews. And I wanna be! There's no one else in the world for me and there never will be. I'm taken!"
  • this wAS A GREAT SHOW!

    Boy Meets World was a great show it should not have been canceled and it should come back.This show was funny good interesting and sooooo much more. I'm not sure were it plays now but i used to watch it all the time on the Disney channel. This show is all about teenage issues. It mostly talks about dating. Cory is the main characther. He really likes a girl named Tapanga and the eventually go out. His best friend is Shawn. Cory's brother is Eric. Shawn and cory's principal is George Feeny. He always manages to get them into trouble. WATCH THIS SHOW!!! :-)
  • Bust-a-gut funny! Love it!!

    Boy Meets World is an absolutely fantastic show and it is one of my favorites of all time. The actors and actresses in it were so good. And as the season progressed, the show only got better. It was as if the actors and actresses morphed into their character and became more like them. I love all the lessons and jokes in this show. Mr. Finney is probably my favorite character in Boy Meets World. He's just like a sweet, wise old teddy bear. He may seem hard on the kids, but he really cares about them and just wants the best for them. That, and he's hilarious and crazy. Boy Meets World was a classic show and I wish that they hadn't cancelled it when they did.
  • Cory has a best friend from the other side of the tracks ateacher that constantly keeps him on his toes and a friend named Topanga who he has trouble understanding With the support of his parents Cory learns to cope with a roller coaster called growing up

    Cory is your average guy. He has a best friend from the other side of the tracks, a teacher that constantly keeps him on his toes, and a friend named Topanga who he has trouble understanding. With the support of his parents and his brother Eric, Cory learns to cope with the roller coaster called growing up.
  • I miss this show :(

    I miss Boy Meets World. I was kind of young when it first started and really didn't appriciate it, but now I love it. I thik that the later seasons were much better than the earlier ones. I liked seeing grown-up Cory and Topanga. Very few shows that star child actors make it past the actors childhood. In my opinion, these actors grew up nicely. You could believe most of their situations and it wasn't like you thought of them being kids anymore. You knew that they grew up. This show was very well written and I doubt that any other show could ever show the character developement as good as this one did.
  • A show that demonstrates a different generation, the TGIF generation. Boy Meets World ran for at least 7 seasons, and was in the line up of TGIF with other family shows like: Family Matters, Step-by-Step,Sabrina the Teenage witch, and more...

    Boy Meets World is a personal favourite of mine because it is a show I grew up with and the humour in it is still funny to me now. It revolves mostly around Corey Matthews and basically it is all the hilarious, absurd, silly, serious and sad moments that happen in Corey's life and the lives of those near and dear to him. What makes the show something that anyone, any age, can enjoy is that the problems that main characters face range from those of an 11 year old, to those of a middle aged parent, or an elderly male (not to say that feeny is all that elderly, but you get it). Also, as previously mentioned, the humour in this show is outragous, especially the humour of Corey's brother Eric in that last few seasons, that alone is reason enough to watch the show. But above all, the show demonstrates the importance of the relationships they form with their friends, their family and their partners, seriously, i love this show :) "Mr. Matthews!"-(feeny)
    "Mr. Squirrels"-(eric corrects feeny)
    "Plays with"-(eric corrects him again)
    feeeeeneeeeeeyyyyyyyyy fe he he he he heeeee ney :)
  • Boy Meets World is a sitcom about Corey, Eric, Shawn, Topanga, Mrs. Matthews, Mr. Matthews, Morgan, Mr. Feeny, and all the other characters of the show living on the same block creating a whole whacky and entertaining vibe to watch.

    Boy meets World: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! My favorite sitcom, personal favorite, all the somplimants in the world to this show! it's so freakin' funny and i love it so much! it's not on disney channel until 1:00am, but i can still watch it on ABC and always buy the seasons of it at best buy or something. i'm actually watching an episode of it right now! i think the episodes are really good when cory and topanga get married, and one of my favorite episodes is a younger one, when cory follows topanga all the way to disneyland. it was pretty funny, do you agree with me on this review? :D :) :D :) :D :)
    will friedle is also the voice of ron on kim possible and his character on boy meets world is similar to ron (besides all the kissing of girls) on kim possible at least to me.
  • A show that managed to be great while upholding morals.

    Granted most 20 or 25 year olds would not enjoy this show if they were to watch it for the fist time. However, anyone who grew up with Cory Matthews cannot deny this shows excellence. Kids get to grow up with cory, Shawn and Topanga. We get to experience their highs and lows. The show was a major hit and was not forced into filling the whole time up with sex or anything else that pushed the envelope. Don't get me wrong, this is not a goody-goody show either ... In fact the Disney channel would not replay a couple of episodes due to there nature. The show was real. It dealt with sexual tension/frustraion at times because that is what real people deal with. It dealt with fights with parents, problems with the other sex, school work, peer pressure etc... It was honest and great. And I do not think there are many people who grew up with this show that do not long for a Cory and Topanga kind of relationship.
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