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  • Boy Meets World was an excellent show, and very well-written. During the first three seasons, it was very easy to jump in at any time and love the show. Its main flaw was that it lost this trait before it ended.

    Boy Meets World was an excellent show, and very well-written. During the first three seasons, it was very easy to jump in at any time and love the show. Its main flaw was that it lost this trait before it ended. If the first episode you watched was in the first few seasons, you probably love the show. If not, you won't understand the characters well enough to see all the humor in the later seasons, and you probably won't like it much.

    Early on, the show focused almost entirely on the humor. A person could watch the show for half an hour and feel like they had known the Matthews family for as long as they had known their own. Every character had a few basic, obvious personality traits that made them easy to identify with. Each character also had enough depth to make them memorable. With these details in mind, the later episodes make sense.

    The later episodes of Boy Meets World are more about growth and change. The humor that made the show so interesting is still present, but the show is much more tied up in the plot. If you watched when the show first came out, watching Cory and his friends grow up makes perfect sense. If you don't know much about them, you'll probably find the later episodes awkward and pointless.

    Overall, Boy Meets World was a show meant to be watched like a soap opera. In a way, it was a soap opera, but aimed at a younger audience. If you were a regular watcher, you loved it. If you skipped through it and only saw an episode every month, it wasn't worth the effort. If you're thinking about watching this series for the first time, either on reruns or on the DVDs that are coming out, make sure you start with the earlier episodes. You don't absolutely need to see every episode in order, but you'll enjoy the show more if you watch it that way.
  • Boy meets world is full of life lessons, drama and a load of comedy. I am inspired by the characters and is my personal favorite after school t.v show.

    Everyday when i came home from school, i would look forward to when i could drop my backpack and turn on "Boy meets World". After wachtching the t.v. show for a short wile, "Cory" became my idle. This t.v. show is absolutly brilliant.
    Every episode there was a new package full of comedy and lessons i could take with me to the ouside world. I would give this show a perfect 10!
  • This is my favorite show, I have all seven seasons on DVD and i watch about three each night.

    If you love comedy, romance, and drama, you will love Boy Meets World. This show is filled with episodes teaching some sort of lesson. I started watching the show in Fourth grade and never stopped, although i didn't completely understand the show then, i still loved it and watched it every day. This show is about 4 teenagers: Eric Mathews, Topanga Lawrence, Shawn Hunter, and Cory Mathews trying to make through high school and college into the real world. They have many adventures, fights, and problems that occur in there life, but when something goes wrong their life long teach and mentor Mr. Feeny seems to always guide them out of trouble with wise sayings and wonderful advise. The relationship between Cory and Topanga is amazingly wonderful, although there are many ups and downs, Cory will always believe that they are ment to be together. Shawn and Cory are the "best friends" of the show and are wonderful. They also have many ups and downs, but they both believe they will be true friends forever. Eric is Cory's brother and always seems to come in with some sort of comic relief. Eric has a lot of academic potential, but will not put it to work. Mr. Feeny is the only one who believes in Eric's full potential. So if you love a funny, yet serious show you will love Boy Meets World.
  • The best show ever.

    To me this is the best show ever. I have watched this show basically for as long as i can remeber. I still love to watch the reruns today. I rarely get to but when i do i enjoy the show just as much now as i did back then. I loved the college years. THey were the best and funniest, will friedle as ERic would just crack me up i love his crazy character. I have so many favorite quotes and episodes that it is basically every episode i cant even begin to pick a favorite. THis show is overall fantastic and good for all ages.
  • A decent comedy!

    Boy Meets World is a show that reminds me a lot of NBC's 'Friends,' except for teens and younger children. Ben Savage leads the show as the character Cory Matthews. BMW shows the hardships of life from a young kid, a teen, a young adult, and finally, an adult. The show does a great job of adding humor in a lot of aspects of the show. As Cory goes on, you can see that he is maturing with time. I grew up with Cory, and he shows how hard it can be. The show does a good job of developing Cory, giving him the girl of his dreams, a loyal friend, a caring family, and a teacher/principal who has always been at his side. The show has everything that makes a good sitcom, comedy, drama, romance, and the occasional deep trouble that every teen gets in. BMW ended 5 years ago, but it is still one of the most watched shows on TV on the Disney Channel and ABC Family.

    It's just so much fun to watch this show, and watch the characters develop so well. It's just a shame that none of the actors from the show besides Rider Strong and Will Friedle have gone on to bigger and better things. Look for Ben Savage to star in a movie next year, that's looking very good.
  • Boy meets world a wonderful series!

    I love boy meets world i believe i have seen every single episode and its not just the fact that it is a good show its what is behind the meaning of the show. this show has taught me so much about what to do when youre put in certain difficult situations and it is amazing. I love cory and topanga wow they are so great together! my favorite season are when they are in college they are definetely the best! when they are kids the show is okay but i can deff. relate better to the show when they are in college. one question why arent all the seasons out on dvd? i mean the show has been over for like 3 or 4 years now why are only season 1-3 out sounds kinda bad. it makes me really angry but i guess i will be patient and keep watching episodes on disney channel lol
  • This is most deff. one of my favorite Shows EVER . its so well writen, & well acted out.

    This is most deff. one of my favorite shows EVER. It is so well written, & so well acted out. Its hands down, one of the shows i'll be re-watching forever. The characters are all helerious, & they all have great chemestery with one another.
    I totally love this show. its one of the few shows that i can quote every episode from. I did not really like how it ended, but it still worked out all right. I LOVE the Cory/Tapanga/Shawn Friendship, & the cory/tapanga romance.
    Boy Meets World is a great show, it has comedy, romance, action, & some not so ugly actors.
  • I liked boy meets world

    This was a good family show before 7th heaven and after full house. It's a story of a boy in junior high "meeting" the world because he's growing up. It shows all the good things and the bad things about puberty and the rough roads he encounters all through college. I recommend this along with Growing Pains and Saved by the Bell.
  • TGIF, this was a show that had everything. Love, humor, emotion, and anything you can imagine.

    This was a great show, i personally thought it was good. It is also one of my favorite things to watch when nothing is on TV so we put on the family chanel and watch this. Cory, Shawn and Tapanga made this show so funny. They all had issues and had to overcome these issues together or individually. Eric was the comedy to the show. He had much of the humor and made the rest of the show worth watching. I think this would be a great show for those young kids growing up. Watch the re-runs and learn and understand this show.
  • Will always be up there as a classic show

    I remembered when the show started and i kinda was into but as the show went on it got better and better. I know it wasn't the greatest show or had some great story lines and followed most of the basic plots that wholesome family shows follow, but somehow they did it better then most...i mean a show that started with the kinds being in jr. high and to watch them grow through must have done something right. each character was pretty easy to relate to. This show delt with many differnt topics from vandalising and gang stuff to drugs and drinking...but it never made you think about it. Topaga got hot as well! i know plenty of people will not agree but i couldn't help having a crush on the girl. So anyways this show will always live on in my memories!
  • Very influential.

    This is such a wonderful show about growing up and getting through teen life and starting adult life. Cory Matthews starts out as an eleven-year-old boy who just wants to have fun. As he gets older, he learns a whole lot more about life. It's not just about having fun. It's about learning new things, meeting people, and finding your true self.

    This is a great show about finding out who you are and accepting others for who they are. It's just such an amazing show and very realistic. You can also get some good laughs from watching this. I just love Boy Meets World.
  • There is not a lesson I have learned that Boy Meets World dosen't have an episode to correspond with.

    Boy Meets World has easily taught me more life lessons than any "role model" ever could. This show is so influential to me that I often find myself thinking I'm standing at Mr. Feeny's fence instead of sitting on my couch. I've been enjoying this show since I was six years old, but as I get older, and understand it more, I realize how great this show truly is. I might even make the stretch to call it LIFE CHANGING. The characters are so relateable that I often find myself crying or feeling extremely stressed out in the middle of episodes, because I can put myself in Cory or Shaun's shoes. I was sad for days after the episode where Chet died.
    I almost couldn't recover after the final episode, there was so much raw emotion, that any human could relate to it.
    I have even used some of Mr. Feeny's words as a moto for my life:
    MR. FEENY-Do good.
    TOPANGA-Don't you mean do well?
    MR. FEENY-No, do good.
  • This is a story line about different teenagers that face the world in different points of views.

    This show is remarkable.It a show I grown up watching.All ages can relate to it really.Teenagers love this show because they can relate to it.Cory is witty funny,a sorta dorky guy that does not real fit in.His friend on the other hand is known as the cool guy yet become a rebel because of the apperance that he has grown up with.His friend Cory has always been there for him though up and downs.Shawn is also known as now being able to keep a girlfriend.In the other hand his friend Cory is the total oppisite.He has a girlfriend from a young age named Topanga.To get more into it check out on Disney at night or just by the DVDS.You will Enjoy it!
  • where did this show go?

    i remember as a kid, watching boy meets world with my friends. it used to be my very favorite show. boy meets world was an interesting mix of comedy and drama that blended together to make something magical.
    the story follows a boy named cory matthews on his life through middle school, high school and beyond. cory's best friend was a ladys-man named shawn hunter. shawn and cory were always at eachothers sides, all through the entire show. As a typical teenage boy, cory had girls on his mind. his main female focus was a girl by the name of Topanga Lawrence. Topanga was not only pretty, but she was also smart. as the years went by, Cory and Topanga eventually got married.
    Overall, Boy Meets World was a fantastic show that will be known for generations.
  • This show is about some kids who start off young and grow through time. Classis life show. They start in grade school around 5th grade and go to where they graduate college. If you enjoy comedy mixed with drama then you definately love this show.

    This show is one of the greatest out there. Michael Jacobs has done a fine job, and of course we can't forget about the writers. When I saw the season finale's ending moments my eyes stung with sadness and tears developed. All the characters and events will grow in you and will last forever. This show certainly has a special place in my heart and I'll never forget the life lessons I've learned from it. Thank you...all of you for reading my review and thank you to all those involved in Boy Meets World.
  • Where are the DVDs?!? Give me my 4th season!!!

    Acknowledged by nearly every 18-25 year old in America as an influential show growing up, "Boy Meets World" is quoted at colleges across America more often than nearly every other TV show, with the possible exception of "Saved By the Bell." Yet, Disney and ABC refuse to put the 4th season out on DVD--it has been delayed from January 10, 2006 and has not been resheduled.

    ABC and Disney: We Want Our "Boy Meets World"!!!!

    The show was so influential on so many people growing up, and yet they won't release it, even though the work for the 4th season has already been done.

    The petition is here:

    The show was so funny and gave us great moments, like Shawn telling us that "E.R. is real" and Mr. Feeny's gardening life lessons. Future generations should get to enjoy the humor and wisdom of such an incredible show.
  • This is a great show! :)

    "Boy Meets World" is about a boy named, Cory Mathews; his best friend, Shawn Hunter; and Cory's girlfriend, Topenga Lawrence and their lessons learned in life.
    This is a wonderfully delightful show and one of my personal favorites. Each character is very likeable and all the actors do a very good job. While some episodes are a little silly, they all are interesting enough and always keep you wondering what will happen next. Definetly one of the best comedies of the 1990's.
  • A boy and his friends growing up facing the issues of school, parents, teachers, boys & girls, love, and friendship. An edge-of-the-seat comedy series guaranteed to keep you interested, involved and moved.

    I absolutely love this show!!! No lie. This one of those shows where you could see a repeat, enjoy it and it'll be as though you saw it for the first time. Emotionally moving, thought-provoking, and funny! This is a show where you don't know what the outcome will be (some shows today are so predictable). I'm glad that they got this show on DVD because in the near future I plan to get it. It's an afterschool special with the love interest between Cory and Topanga, the parents' issues with Shawn, the best friend, and dealing with life altogether.
  • A story revolving around a boy who becomes a man, his family, and his friends--a story filled with tears and laughter. This show is truly a cultural achievement that will be remembered by those lucky enough to have enjoyed and experienced it.

    Americans are always criticized for not having culture but they haven't seen Boy Meets World. This show is a great cultural achievement. Many television viewers have learned many morals and lessons from the show while sharing laughter and tears. Many television shows have given us laughter and tears, but rarely do they challenge viewers to ask ourselves questions and then facilitate answers for us through comedy and drama. This is not an easy task, but Boy Meets World did that. This show is truly a cultural achievement that will be remembered by those lucky enough to have enjoyed and experienced it.
  • A classic show, that I watched all the time.

    I remember watching this show on TGIF, and I would normally not miss an episode.

    The show was about Cory Matthews, and it dealt with everyday situations, like relationships, teachers, friends, and family.

    As the show evolved you saw the characters grow and mature right before your eyes, you went from Cory thinking Topanga was a little weird, to him recognizing her becoming a beautiful young woman, and there relationship move from friends to couple, and like may couples there relationship was rocky causing them to break up various times, only to end up getting married in the long run.

    The show also focused on Cory's family, and a certain teacher that he seemed to have no matter what school or grade he was in, and Cory's best friend Shawn dealing with a broken family.

    The fact that the show hit on so many things that people everyday face, is one reason I liked the show so much, other reasons include a well written story, amazing cast, and the added comedy, that make boy meets world a show that will always be remembered as one of the best comedies of all time.
  • This show is about cute, funny Cory Matthews and his elementary sweetheart, Topanga Lawrence, and all their friends growing up with them. They take you through their hardships, their good times, and their funny times. Which keep you laughing!!!!!!!

    I love this show! It is hilarious! Eric is soooooo cute and funny, cory is hilarious, and Topanga is going out of her way to make Cory stay sane!!! I think it is sweet how Topanga and Cory go back..... Way Back!! And this show makes
    you feel like you are living this!!!! Amazing!!! Like it just breaks your heart when Cory and Topanga break up. And
    you feel like you have known Cory and Topanga ever since
    they met each other, and you cry tears of joy when Cory and Topanga get engaged, and especially when they get married!
    I Give This Show a 100 If I Could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  • A classic coming of age sitcom

    This show is an excellent show that is geared towards teenagers and all of the problems they encounter throughout high school and college. I personally fell in love with Corey and Tapanga, I think they are the perfect high school sweethearts. I was growing up with the actors on this show and was often in similar situation as them and about the same age. I think the timing for our similar ages were perfect. This show showed me that the problems I encountered throughout high school and college were totally normal. Life would have been very different without this show.
  • The Provider- a 7th season BMW ep focusing on how our young hero couple Cory and Topanga , now married try to add work place experiences to their already wedded and college incumbered young lives. Very well done, great editing and direction too.

    While actually the Provider is not my single personal favorite ep of the entire series, this finale season entry is one of my many favorites. The episode while having some of that increased ultra silliness of the final season ( ie, Eric losing a lucky penny and being struck by lightning ), also hits the proverbial nail right on the head! The episode incapsulates all of Cory's insecurities in relation to his charming young wife in one neat little package. Cory gets a job hawking magaziines via the telephone. Topanga gets a better job with a fashion editor. For Cory , that Topanga's constantly outdoing him , is the norm in his life, and this sudden sequence of events is only further affirmation of that. What follows is a series of mostly serious laden vignetes with Cory alternately yelling at Topanga at home,and at the campus hangout both belittling her accomplishments and self berating his own failure, including selling the earlier mentined magazines. The fighhting scenes are great, the dialog seeming so realistic for a young couple in love but adjusting to the reality of young marriage. The scenes later in the episode as Cory and Topanga fight at home are priceless because of the way they are edited and directed. The scenes seem to flawlesy time lapse into one another as diffent contuing later and later intervals of Cory and Topanga's " fight". The payoff of great direction of fighting, interweaved with nice physical affection comes at the conclusion when Cory and Topanga realize they are not competing. Rather our champion pair are Team Matthews and thus all marital harmony and bliss are restored- for this week anyway! The tag ending with Lightning bolt burnt " Eric, smoldering while asking for his lucky penny back are of course silly, but I guess thrown in by the last season as good measure, for the I suppose rapidly declining younger target audience watching the show. Great overall episode, very overlooked.
  • This show was a classic it had everything a child or teenager would love to watch or see. I loved every bit of it. All the charecters were perfectly played by the actors or actresses. I hope they do a reunion season. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!

    What else could I say this was the best show on t.v. ever. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! All of you fans out there we should get together and try to make a reunion season happen. I think it will be a hit if one did. So lets boycott. This sho was brilliant and definetly a show the whole family can enjoy. It went through things like love and loss. But it was always a very funny and enjoyable show. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Really, I used to watch this show all the time.

    I think Boy Meets World is an awesome show and better than some of the other kids shows we get now a days. I always enjoyed the relationship between Cory and Topanga. They were so cute together. I think it is awesome they ended up getting married. Childhood friends and then becoming boyfriend and girlfriend as they get older and then marrying is a rarity. Finney was a great with the way he taught them. Most of the time he did so without them even really realizing it or more of them expecting. He wasn't just a teacher of education but of life too and that made this show neat.
  • Oh, how I miss it...

    I really love this show, and I miss it quite a lot. It had the ability to be funny, sad, and romantic all in the same episode (you don't see much of that in sitcoms these days). It dealt with problems that everyone had to deal with at one point or another. And who could forget the 'Feeny Call'? And because the actors aged along with their characters, the acting was much more realistic. And even though they were grown adults, I loved how during Corey and Shawn's adulthood, they grew even more immature (if that's even possible!). A wonderful show!
  • this show is superb!

    from mr feeney, to erik, shaun, corey and topanga, this show had so many interestign characters that you can really learn valuable life lessons from. i literally grew up with this show, and i still watch the re-runs. we watched those actors, as well as their characters, grow up so much during the seven years it was on air. i really miss it, and totally think they should have a reunion show. i just hope george feeney's actor is alive and well. i can really get sentimental when i think about this show. so many good lessons learned, so many fun hours sitting and wathching i think every episode ever made.
  • One of the best children to teen to adult shows ever

    Boy Meets World was an US television sitcom that chronicles the events and everyday life lessons of Cory Matthews, who grows up from a pre-pubescent boy to a married man. The show aired for seven seasons from 1993 to 2000 on ABC, where it was one of the headliners of ABC's TGIF lineup.

    The series is currently syndicated weekday mornings on ABC Family Channel and late nights/early mornings on the Disney Channel.
    Cory Matthews is the main character of the series; the other characters often serve to help him cope with his difficulties in achievement in school, his moral conflicts with Shawn Hunter, and his trouble understanding his girlfriend Topanga Lawrence.[1] Cory's best friend, Shawn Patrick Hunter, is dissimilar to Cory; he is a social rebel, he has an unsupportive family, and he has success with women, something which Cory envies at times. Cory's mother and father (Amy and Alan Matthews) are hard-working people trying to make a decent living in order to raise their three children (by the end of the series, a fourth child, Joshua Matthews, is born). Their other two children are Eric Matthews, the funny, handsome, sometimes borderline-psychotic older brother who tries to distance himself from Cory at all possible times; and Morgan Matthews, the younger sister, who sometimes uses her position as means of getting what she wants. Cory, with his stubbornness and laziness, struggles with his friend to get through school. To help them, there is Mr. George Feeny, Cory's teacher and neighbor. He tries as hard as possible to get them through school and he eventually does. Finally, there is Topanga Lawrence-Matthews, his first love, and in the later seasons, his fiancée, then wife. Topanga and Cory's relationship is the main focus of the later part of the series, and at the end of the series, Topanga, Cory, Shawn, and Eric leave suburban Philadelphia for New York City.

    Boy Meets World contained a mix of dramedy and smart humor, deadpan humor, and non-stop straight-out farce, with the latter beginning to increasingly dominate the show as time went on.

    In addition to the show's occasional jokes about the gay subtext of Cory and Shawn's friendship (and, at times, Eric's and Jack's as well), it should perhaps be noted that the series also featured the male characters in drag several times (with various main characters appearing in drag in the episodes "Fraternity Row", '"It’s a Wonderful Night", "Chick Like Me" and "What a Drag".) The show's cross-dressing was generally depicted in a fun and sympathetic light, and the boys are quite preoccupied with their prettiness (or lack thereof) and getting their feminine personas just right. In "What a Drag" Eric enjoyed cross-dressing so much that he considered living as a woman full-time.
  • I love this show.

    I love this show. I watch the reruns all the time even though it ended. It is really funny and original. It was so sad to see it go all those years ago. My Feeny will always be remembered. The show was about the Matthews' family, a typical family at that. They had 2 sons, and later on, a daughter. Cory Matthews and his best friend, Shawn, always got into trouble and caused mischief. It was always hilarious. Later on in the series, his older brother became the comedy guy. It was always a fun time for this show and I wish somehow, they could bring it back. Great show.
  • this is kinda of a funnier more mature version of Even stevens

    this is kinda of a funnier more mature version of Even stevens, the Later episodes when they're in college are kinda boring and almost Soap Opera like but the ones when thyre in 7th thru 9th grade I like. its a pretty funny show with these to main characters that do bad in the academic part of school but get thoguh life in all of its other aspect like sports, relatonships bullies and other teen related troubles puttin them in a humorous light.
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