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  • I effing love this show and always still watch it all the time and i really need to buy the season dvds...all of them!!!!! :D

    I effing love this show and always still watch it all the time and i really need to buy the season dvds...all of them!!!!! :D and its really good for people in their teen years but even my mom watches it and my grandma too! its just a really good show for anyone of all ages really and i would love to see them making new episodes but im still fine with them stopping just as long as they NEVER take it off the air!!!!!!!!!!!lol and also i think the actors/acresses are fabulous and that they definetly do a tremendous job!
  • On of the best shows on ABC's TGIF. This was one of the few shows that you could watch with the entire family and not only enjoy it but not have any uncomfortable moments.

    Boy meets world is the story of Cory Matthews a middle child who grows up with his best friend Shawn Hunter, the kid from the "wrong side of the tracks" and Topanga Lawrence the girl next door. The show begins with Cory and his friends entering JR high and navigating the trials that we all went through during those times. Cory has an older brother Eric who was the "Mike Seaver" of the show who later for comedic reasons became an idiot-savant. The younger sister Morgan was there for cuteness and one-liners. Cory's parents were the average upper middle class white collar workers. Rounding out the main cast was George Feeny, neighbor to the Matthews and teacher to Cory and his friends. The show had a very sureal feel and broke the fourth wall many times and parodied films that were popular during its run.
  • Another great show!This show is funny but somehow I learn something everytime I see and episode.This show is great.

    This show is about a boy named Cory Mathews or something like that who learns more things everyday.He has this girl in his class who he thought was wierd until he understanded he true feelings.Anyway they got married in the later episodes.

    He has this friend named Shawn Hunter.Shawn is always with the girls.He is a chick magnet.But he has to live with his English teacher Mr.Turner.That happened because his mother ran away and his Dad had to go get her.

    Cory also has parents of course.They teach him how to be good and stuff.Oh and his brother Eric.He is funny.Well he is funny mainly because he is stupid.Sometimes he can be serious though.He is always bothering thier next door neighbor Mr.Feeny another Main Character.Anyway he is funny and Mr.Feeny is always teahing them things about life aswell.He is very wise.
    Anyway this show is great!
  • Its good, until the later episodes.

    Boy Meets World use to be a great show for the family. It was both serious and funny, and it taught us valueable lessons at the end. The first few seasons were well written, good acting, and had a nice plot. But in the later seasons the writers for the characters went downhill, and the writing got worse. I wonder what happened. This show is good, but the newer ones aren't that great. I miss the old episodes!
  • I watched it from the third season on and I was in love.

    When most TV shows were heading down the drama path and most comedy shows were getting definite responses from their audiences this show was no exception. NOt only did it deal with real teenage issues, but it kept it light and kept it funny at the same time. The show was like a fluffy blanket to come home to, sweet and comfortable. THough Cory's schemes got more harebrained as the seasons went by and Eric just kept getting stupider and stupider the show held it's own for an impressive eight seasons. And not only that but they kept the main four characters for the WHOLE run of the show. I loved it while it lasted and I can't wait to see it out on DVD.
  • Good fun show

    This show is about a young boy that is going through life. Cory (the main character) goes throught everything like girls, dating, grades, and friends. From the beginning of the show he is about 10 years old and in 6th grade, but at the end of the show the same main character is about 21 or 22 and is out of college. This show has about everything that a normal soap opera has and is dieing out because no one watches it anymore, this show is just funny and has the quality and the goodness that you would be looking for in a show!
  • Helps you realize reality in comedy

    This show was great and hilarious from beginning to end. It helps you realize what everybody goes through or might go through. It's sooo funny. The parts that made me think was when Eric was soo cool in high school and seemed a little smarter, but around senior year and in college he got dumber; but he's still my favorite. The episode that made me cry a little was 'Seven the Hard Way(2)' I would probably say that that's my favorite episode and that my favorite quote is "Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself"
  • Oldie but goodie. This show is such a classic and i watch it when ever i see it on. Its just one of thoes shows you cant flip past. The Matthews are just the great American family that takes a kid in and the parents are really funny.

    Awesome show! Its one of the most classic shows I have ever seen. Its one of those shows that you just can't pass when you see it on. You at least have to check what episode it is and see if its one you love or one you can miss. The older ones are my favorite, I love the Matthews family and love how much they take in the friends and accept Corey's friends. He ends up marrying his high school sweet heart which was so perfect. Also Mr. Feeney is the best principle of a school i have ever heard of hes there to be a friend and also has to put them in line. Hes always there if anyone needs help, what a great guy he is! Deffinetly a great show that you should give a chance.
  • This show is great. Im like everyone else. I grew up with this show and i always liked eric soo funny especially when he was with Jack in the later seasons.

    This show is great. Im like everyone else. I grew up with this show and i always liked eric soo funny especially when he was with Jack in the later seasons.This show was a great classic. It also deals with problems that were back then that are still here today. Of course the re-runs of Disney Channel are alittle too adult since disney makes a big deal of anyhting nad parnets would say i dont want my kids watching this today. Glad its on late. This is a classic thats still good today. I odnt care who might say its bad this was a great show.
  • This show rocks!

    Boy meets World is about a boy, Cory Matthews, and his life, family, and friends. He has a best friend who could never be replaced, Shawn Hunter. He has the girl of his dreams, Topanga Lawrence. He has a wacky, yet wildly funny brother, Eric Matthews. He has a dad, Alan, a mom, Amy, a sister, Morgan, and another brother, Joshua. His other friends are Jack, Angela and Rachel. Mr. Feeny is his lifelong teacher. Cory goes through everything you can think of. This is a funny, yet life teaching show. I gave it a 10 out of 10. It truly shows how this "boy met the world."
  • My favorite show of all time i love this show

    Well,this story iss about a boy who collects baseball has a good life good girl friend and a great best friend not to mention his great family..
    but not everything is good in his life he runs in trouble with bullies break ups and down right mistakes
    And in all he conquers all his trouble by doing what is right if its telling his parents all the way to the do it youre self he will do it i give this a 10 out of 10 becuse it is a good show sutible for kids and down right a very good show I wish they would of made a sequal to the series but i guess not
  • love it

    this was one of the best shows in my life time, the friendship between shawn and cory is fabulous, and the relasionship between cory and topanga, is even better, and unlike most shows that fade over the years it just kept getting better!!! and erik is the best exspecially in the episode he was trying to attact topanga.
  • This show is about a boy named Cory,his best friend Shawn, his best friend Topanga who later becomes his girl friend.Eric his brother is not the smartest person but he is the funniest.Cory father is always there for him so his his mom.They figure life.

    This show is awesome its about kids growing up with real life problems every day and it really can get deep on you. Thats why i think its so popular.Cory is kind of a geek but cleans his act to impress Shawn.Shawn tries to impress Cory by trying not to be so daring.Shawn who gets all the girls but inside hes the one that hurts the most.He has to deal with the fact that his mother left home at an early age.Althought he loves his dad hes always been indentpente and with that through out the show he looks for his mother.Trying to find the words he needs to heard so much that he wasn't the reason that she left.Topanga is a pretty girl who love Cory since they were little.She too has to deal with family promblems that her father cheated on her mother close to the end of the series.Eric is cuter than Cory but also dumber than him i guess when you have looks you don't get everything.
  • This show is a bout a couple of teenagers, who go through the normal trials of life.

    I love this show, it is one of my favorites. i was turning the channels when i came across this tv show, and i decided to watch it. i loved it i went on the internet and started searching for all information possible on this show. i am getting all seven seasons of this show on dvd. I love the complications and other good timsy feelings of the show. This is a show for all to see, all i dont like is how much they screwed up shawn and angela\'s relashionship. Other than that this show is perfect. i recomen this show to evryone of every age, except this show might be a little inapropriate for young children.
  • The typical suburban family with a special kid.

    Another show that i tried watching but couldnt keep up thanks to my crappy nationl television which butchered series that were not having a good rating. This means that i only watched season 1, 2 and 3. I remember that this show was very good because you felt chemistry between the characters, they actuall felt and looked like a real family and its group of friends. I also liked very much the fact that the kids in this show were actually good kids and dealth with regular life issues instead of the intrincated plots sometimes other series have.

    Good clean fun for the whole family!
  • Three Words: Greatest Show Ever

    Boy Meets World is inspiring. Although i didn't care too much for the earlier seasons, I was still glued to the TV when it premiered every friday night on ABC's Thank God It's Friday! The older seasons when the kids were in their senior year of high school and their first year of college were the most interesting because they dealt with more real world challenges. The problems they faced were more of the kind that people could relate too. Those were the days when it was cool to stay home on a friday night to watch your favorite tv show.
  • Great show. Wonderful for the family.

    This is a great show. It is appropriate and wonderful for the entire family. This movie made my childhood. The humor and family issues are that of the American family, and the romance between Cory and Topanga timeless. This show grows from being a cute and moral show about middle school kids and their hilarious problem, to the problems facing college kids and newlyweds as they try to balance their variety of relationships. This is definately a show worth owning and showing to your own kids. It is one of the rare treats in the family sitcom genre. Watch it!
  • Comedy at its finest.

    Ahhhhhh, Boy Meets World... I get all giddy even talking about it. For seven seasons Ben Savage/Corey Matthews, Rider Strong/Shawn Hunter,Danielle Fishel/Topanga Lawerence-Matthews, and Will Friedle/Eric Matthews entertained families all accross the world. This comedic and sometimes dramatic show, had Corey and his best friend Shawn in the suburbs of Philly coping with everyday life. They dealed with many outlandish and hilarious situations by themselves and of course, a lot of wise advice from Corey\'s Neighbour and Teacher for all of high school George Feeny... Feeny was a bright light in the show and without him the show wouldn\'t be the same. Never, never, never will any one show be as wonderfully delightful as Boy Meets World was. I strongly recommend Boy Meets World, and I give it a 9.6.

  • Very funny.

    Boy Meets World was one of the few shows that stayed funny thoughtout the years. I wish this show would of never ended. It was always crazy and funny at the same time. I still watch re-runs on ABC Family to this day because I love this show. It started out with the kids in middle school, then high school, and even college. We saw Cory Matthews grow up and learn things, good or bad. Overall, I saw this show was worth watching and sometimes taught you a lesson as corny as it sounds. In the end, I still love this show. GREAT!
  • Boy Meets World is funny, drama, and also shows what you might expect in your own life

    Wheather its what to do when your friends are in trouble or relationships. But its basicly about teenager Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) continue to test his theories about life and relationships. Topanga (Danielle Fishel) is one person who continues to test Cory's outlook and emotions in the ways of young love. Though they are back together again after a bumpy start, anything could happen when it comes to their relationship. His best friend, Shawn (Rider Strong), no longer lives with English teacher Jonathan Turner ( Anthony Tyler Quinn), but with his truck-driver dad, who has moved back to town. Cory, who was instrumental in bringing the father and son together, hopes that Shawn's mother will also rejoin the family. Cory's older brother, Eric (Will Friedle), failed to get accepted to a four-year college, even after all of his amusing yet sincere efforts to do so. He must now figure out if he's either going to make a fresh start living out of town or stay within the comforts of home. But Eric isn't the only one trying to decide what's best for his life. Their dad (William Russ) is also at a point where he must decide his future. He's worked at the grocery store since his teenage years and wonders if it isn't time to explore a different career. Fortunately, there's always Cory's mom, Amy (Betsy Randle), to give everyone guidance and all sorts of helpful advice; and his little sister, Morgan (Lindsay Ridgeway), to add her ten-year-old point of view. At high school, the ever-present and wise Principal George Feeny (William Daniels) continues to make Cory's and Shawn's lives more challenging. The principal even gets involved with former student Eric as he makes some educational decisions. Feeny, who still lives next door to the Matthews, has a unique way of always seeming to know what unpredictable antics the young men are up to. Boy Meets World had aimed at pre-teens and early teens, but is also good for teens and adults also sense it covers all of the things to do in a relationship or how to fix it at a certain time.
  • One of the shows I would make a point to watch when I was a kid.

    This show originally started it the TGIF line up I believe. I always made a point of watching this show. I loved the characters and situations. Corey was a cute kid and a great main character. Good family with good morals. Topanga was strange and fun. Love the name and she developed into a great main character. Shawn was the bad boy with a good heart. A ladies man and from the wrong side of the tracks type. I had a crush on him. :) I loved Mr Feeny even though he was supposed to be the annoying adult. He was a good guy and really helped the gang on several dilemas. I recently re-watched the first season and couldnt belive how funny it still was. I watched it alone and found myself laughing out load. A great show when it came out and still great now.
  • cory matthews and shawn and the parents and the girlfriends

    i really enjoy watching this show and i think it\\\\\\\'s so funny and silly too. i love the older brother Eric! He is always making me laugh. in one of the episodes cory and tapanga go to the prom i think it is and they rent a hotel room and his parents are in the room that is right next to them. they some how switch cards accidentially and the guys go into the wrong room. so the dad walks in and sees tapanga (im sorry about my spelling i know its really horrible) and cory walks in the other room and see\\\\\\\'s his mom. then they all run out and i\\\\\\\'m not exactly sure how eric got there. I think that he thought that his father was seeing another women. Then when both parents came out they told everyone they were going to have a baby. and eric was like oh!! i\\\\\\\'m going to be an uncle lol
  • Not only a fundamental piece of my childhood TV schedule, but an excellent show in its own right. A combination of excellent writing, heart warming stories, great humor, and quality acting make this show stand out against its contemporaries.

    I still watch this show now. My TiVo has over 30 episodes saved on it. I can\'t say enough how surprising it seems that this show is as excellent as it is. It may seem like a pretty average sitcom, but after one showing, it is clear what makes it so special. Not only are Ben Savage, Will Friedle, Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel and the rest excellent at delivering their lines, they make the perfectly-written jokes seem that much better. Even so, the story is great enough on it\'s own to carry to own. The Cory-Topanga relationship is my favorite on TV, and the most believable at that. The scenes where the usually-dopey Eric is portrayed as serious and full of potential are totally believable. Great show.
  • my favorite show ever

    i did not know about this show at all. i went to my friends house and they were watch this show when it was airing new espisode like in 96 or 97 something like that and when they were watching it. i saw cory and Topanga kissing and then i said to them u guys are watching something bad that when i saw little kid because kissing was bad to see because i am muslim. when this show got cancel it came to disneychannel for the first time and i did not have cable at the time cause it cost for much or something happen then i call my friend and told him to put disneychannel on and put the phone to the speaker and i listen to eric telling jokes and i laugh and my friends hey noor my mom need the phone so we got the cable and i saw the show and guess i start to love the show alot. i saw it from first to last on disneychannel in year 2002 and the last one the final i start to cry because they show everything what happen before this show i give it 10 out of 10 100% favorite and that saw my first time i saw comedy show and then i cry on last season final.
  • This show is about a boy names Cory Matthews who goes through trouble happiness in sorrow through seven seasons but with the help of those around him he will thrive in life

    This series is perhaps the best show that has ever graced this planet. It has everything imaginable if you can name it then it's in this show. But the most important thing is that this is an influential show because it teaches you what's important in life, when to stick up forfriends and when to let them soar on their own. When to listen to your parents and when to make your own decisions even if you have to leave your parents behind, if it's best for you, you have to do it. For example when Cory and Topanga moved into the married couples appartment Cory asked his dad for help but his dad said no and that Cory had to do it on his own. So Cory made a decision where his parents warned him it would be difficult but he did it anyway because it was what he had to do. And since you can learn from this show i find it to be influential.
  • One day during the summer of 2003, I was bored and flipping through channels on my television. While doing so, I discovered Boy Meets World and decided to give it a chance. I thought it was quite good, so I started watching it regularly.

    The show is about the Matthews family; a family of six. The oldest child in this family would be Eric, who is also the goofiest (by the final season, he had turned into a total nut!). The second-born is Cory, who was sort of a normal kid in Seasons 1 and 2. He was going around dating several girls during Season 2, until he officially fell in love with Topanga Lawrence during Season 3. They broke up several times, but eventually got back together. The third-born child would be Morgan, who was 10 years old by the end of the series. The youngest child would be Joshua, who was born during Season 6, but only appeared in a few episodes.

    Since this show ended in 2000, I never got to see any of the episodes during their original run, but to this day, I have seen almost every episode through re-runs.
  • Great show set for teens

    This show is a cult classic. During its original run it was part of the ABC TGIF lineup. It's not as popular as other TGIF shows like Full House, but it was a popular show allowing it to be on the air for 7 seasons.

    This series is great because it focuses on teenagers growing up and does not focus most of its attention on sex and drugs. It's something that families can watch together, but kids will find it more entertaining.

    Later on in the series, the show became a parody of itself and that is OK. The show had major plot holes, but you don't find them causing disturbances, but rather creating comedy.
  • great show

    This show and even stevens are porbally hte best shows that have ever been on the disney channel.

    ben savage does great playing cory mattews.

    will freidle does really good as corys older brother eric.

    rider strong also is good as shawn.

    this show has a great snese of humor.

    i highly recommend people of watching it.

    its basically about several adolencent teens reaching there way to manhood in a comic ssnese.

    oh sorry i forgot to mention danielle fishel, shes really good as topanga

    its cool cory and topanga get married near the end of the seires

    actucally i bleieve the was the seires finally episode

    i ena it its really really good!!!
  • Starring a young Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, The show gives us an insight into the world of Cory & his friends, as they face the everyday trials of teenage life. Follow Cory, through the tears, the laughs and the lessons, as he meets the world.

    Without a doubt, one of the best teen shows of the 90s. Hilarious, but still dealt with real issues in a mature way. Relatable, and lovable, characters. Great storylines, always.

    I think it was a very highly underrated show - it should have been WAY bigger than it was. The one thing that the show missed though, was a character that the fans could hate - a bad guy of the show. An enemy of the main characters! But even without it, it was still a great show, one that can never be imitated! And will be sadly missed! Bring back Boy Meets World!
  • Childhood favorite

    This was a child hood favorite for me and takes me back to that time. More then anything though it reminds that though there were a lot of family shows on television at that time, and shows that defenitely had a similar vibe, not all of them had to be corny. Which, to be frank, was the feel I got from most other shows of that time. But not Boy Meets World, though it did have it's moments, it blended a lot of aspects into a half hour show but didn't lay on the heavy heart break.
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