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  • this show has a lot of lessons to learn from

    boy meets world is a terrific show that keeps you on the edge. with a few different couples going on and many different scenarios you never know whats coming next. The show also has a lesson to learn towards the end of every show. Its useful and makes you think. You can lear a lot about relationships and friendships and life from this show as well. People break up then makeup and fight and die and cry and be happy and yet in the end everything all turns out good for them as long as they believe it will turn out. Its useful watch it.
  • My Other Favorite Show!

    Besides One Tree Hill, this is my other favorite show. It\'s is so funny and I could never get tired of it. All the episodes are fun to watch. The whole entire cast is great, they are such talented actors and actresses. You really don\'t have to be a certain age to watch it, they have stuff for everyone. If you haven\'t seen this show then you should watch it. The first time I saw this show I laughed my head off! And what\'s great about it is that you don\'t need to see the first episode to know whats going on, every episode is different.
  • Don\'t get me wrong I used to watch this show. But as I\'ve gotten older the show seems less interesting.

    Like Step By Step, it had it's ups and downs. It was a good show for the time, but I don't think it'll survive today if it were to come out today. My favorite character was Mr. Feeny he was so full of wisdom and advice, he was perfect for the part. I's funny cause isn't the guy that does Mr. Feeny the one that did the voice for KIT in Knight Rider? Anyway, it was a decent show for it's time, wouldn't watch the reruns though. It was good while it lasted. Although it seems to have gained popularity in reruns on the Disney Channel.
  • Loved it!

    This show was great. I enjoyed watching these children grow up. Cory and Shawn friendship was great. Cory did not let the fact of Shawn staying in trailer park stop him from being his friend. When Shawn felt bad about living in a trailer park, Cory was there for him and did care what anyone thought of him. Likewise, Shawn was there for cory. When Topanga broke up with Cory, Shawn saw him through his hurt. These two were really true friends.

    I like Cory's and Topanga's relationship too. They grew from friends to husband and wife. Topanga was the beautiful who any guy was like, but she choose Cory who was not so hot.

    As for the adult in the series, Cory's parents were great. I liked their marriage. I also like Mr. Feeny. He was just like a father to them all.

    I would love to see a reunion.
  • A show that I watched when I was younger, but still enjoy watching to this day.

    Boy Meets World follows Cory, his friends Shawn and (girlfriend) Topanga, and his brother as they grow up. The show starts out with Cory, Shawn and Topanga in the sixth grade and ends with them in college. They go through the normal troubles of growing up (relationship problems, school problems, major life decisions, etc...) and how they deal with them. I started watching Boy Meets World when it was originally on TGIF on ABC and it had to be one of my favorite shows. When I was younger I enjoyed it mainly because it was funny, but as I have seen the show know that I'm 20 I appreciate the show on more levels then just the humor. It does have some deep lessons that happen in almost every episode and after growing up it's interesting to look back on the show and relate things that have actually happened in my life that happened in the show.

    Boy Meets World is something that can be appreciated on more then one level. For kids it will be funny, for teens it will be insightful (although a little out of date), and for young adults that grew up through the time of the show it will be fun to look back on your own life. If you haven't seen the show I highly recommend watching the reruns.
  • My Fav. show on TV

    This is without a doubt my favorite show on TV. i have been watching it from the begining. I love the characters. Each one is special in unique in there own special way. Watching the re-runs on ABC family brings back such a nostalgic feeling. I have grown to love the shows characters. When they are happy i am happy for them, and when they are sad, i also feel thier pain. I was upset when i heard they were canceling the show, but i think overall through the years they did a great job. I wish that all shows on TV were as good as this one.
  • This show follows Cory Matthews from middle school to college. He is accompanied by his older brother Eric, his best friend Shawn, and his girlfriend Topanga. It is a comedy, but has its fair share of meaningful moments.

    This is my favorite show of all time, hands down. Watching it, I've laughed and cried, but mostly laughed. My only problem with it is the inconsistancy throughout the whole series. Topanga changes from a wierd-o to a hottie. Eric changes from a cool guy to a loser. That's really not too big of a deal though, when you take in the overall amazing-ness of the show. In it's run, it probably used every plotline and dealt with every issue. I love this show because of that. I grew up on this show. I love the variety of relationships that all the characters share. From Eric and Cory's typical brother-ship to Shawn and Jack's strained one, this show portrays many different relationships. Every person can relate to at least one.
  • This is one of my personal favorite shows but it had a rough start in the begining but at the end it became good absolutly fabulous.

    This is one of my personal favorite shows but it had a rough start in the begining but at the end it became good absolutly fabulous.i love this show i bought the 1st season but didnt like it that much 2nd and 3rd and the rest are better hope all the seasons come out soon!This is one of my personal favorite shows but it had a rough start in the begining but at the end it became good absolutly fabulous.i love this show i bought the 1st season but didnt like it that much 2nd and 3rd and the rest are better hope all the seasons come out soon!This is one of my personal favorite shows but it had a rough start in the begining but at the end it became good absolutly fabulous.i love this show i bought the 1st season but didnt like it that much 2nd and 3rd and the rest are better hope all the seasons come out soon!
  • Ah. I miss it.

    Wow. This show is phenomenal. It has taught me so much. It never failed to keep me interested. Corey and Topanga were so cute together, and i always wanted to see them together in the end. Eric was also one of my favorite characters. Especially in the later years, alot of the stuff he did/said was hilarious and had me laughing outloud. I'm very upset that it's not on anymore. However, it is on at 2:00 a.m on the disney channel. I watch it everyday in the summer, and weekends, but unfourtunately because of school, those are the only times i can watch it. There are so many memorable moments from that show, that i have carried with me since i first saw them. It is a great show that is greatly missed.
  • I kind of related to this one.

    From middle school through college and beyond, this is story of Corey Matthews. His life, his love, and oh yeah, all the stupid stuff he does. The people and places that he thinks of as home are slowly pulled away from him one by one, leaving him to consider just what his life is about when things are always changing and nothing's what you expected.
  • Excellent show!

    Boy Meets World has everything. Some of it is very funny, but it also has serious moments. It touches on plots that deal with everything from drinking to child abuse. It teaches the importance of love, frienship, and family. The acting is great, and most of the characters are hilarious. Eric is my favorite character because he always makes me laugh. I believe that any person of any age could relate to this show, and that they would enjoy it. It has been on for several years but I never get tired of the re-runs. Purchasing the seasons on DVD would most certianly not be a waste of your money!
  • Some great hilariouse stuff. 8)

    This show, i obviously love. It has it's ups, downs, and ofcourse, msot important of all.

    The funnies.

    Especially Eric. The stupid yet funny one of the show.


    And to not have Eric in the show, well, then it wont be a very good show.

    :D Oh! and sean too. :D He is also funny.

    AND Cory! hes also funny! AND Mr.Feeny! hes also funny! OH an- Yea, you know what?
    every character is funny.

    Eric the most. >w<
  • Cory grows up with best friend Shawn, girlfriend/wife Topanga, living next to teacher and principle Mr. Feeny. Cory goes through highschool and college with the help of friends and family.

    I grew up on this show. I watched it every night on Disney Channel and loved it beyond belief. I'm not sure when I officially started to watch it or what episode but I do remember my friend watching it on ABC. Once I loved it I watched it in the afternoon too. Every afternoon. My favorite was Eric. Cory's older brother, funniest one and dumbest one too. He made it worth watching same with Topanga but not until mid high school did she get really funny. Don't get me wrong was was EXTREMELY funny early on but I especially loved her midway through. This show got me through EVERYTHING from when I was 6 to ? I still watch it sometimes but I can't because its on during school.
  • Boy Meets World. A boy meeting the world.

    As you can see from the title, it is about a boy who is about to face reality, making friends, facing problems, and getting lecture.

    The boys name is Cory, he is a average kid, who gets into so much trouble with the help of his best Shawn Hunter. This show is basically about Cory growing up, facing problems, getting married, and ends up leaving to New York, with his friend, and is about to face even more challenges, in his life.

    This show starts, when Cory was about 11-12 years old, and ends up being about 18, a matured person.
  • I

    Boy Meets World is something that so many of us grew up with. its truly a classic and awesome and just shows the affects of growing up with different types of societies and relationships, it has extremely funny humor and is always something that makes me laugh even if it is just once. The characters in it are awesome and having the teacher since they we're in like 5th grade is awesome too, it is so.. simple.. and so good that i just can't believe that arent as many good things like it. I was completely sad when i found out it was the shows finale and that it wouldnt be coming back on. They of course could have gone on forever with more funny stories. I love this show alot, and i'm also glad it went off, because they ended with good ratings which is how any show would want to end.
  • It's got humor, friendships, and romance. I think it's terrific.

    I grew up with Boy Meets World. I love almost every single episode. It's great. I love the parts with Eric and Mr. Feeny and everyone else. I'm so glad they are still airing this show cause if it was over forever I'd be sad. I wish they would make a reunion or something.

    THe weird part about this show though is how the characters all change from when the show first started. But other than that I love this show.

    It's got humor, friendships, and romance. I think it's terrific. BRING IT BACK!
  • The show revolves around Cory Matthews and his family and friends who live through life experiencing tons of plots and storylines that always keep the viewer intent.

    This Show is AWESOME!!! I love how the characters develop and the show's plot never dies down, the same intensity runs through the series. I reccomend it to all. I just wish they brought the show back... Its a million billion trillion time long shot, but a guy can hope cant he.. the 10 out of 10 is well worth this show.
  • Please bring this back to Friday night!!! TGIF!

    I love this show. I used to sit down and watch it every Friday night when I was in Middle School and High school. I rarely missed an episode (yeah I didn’t get out much)I remember when I was taken off the air, I was so sad. Now I’m trying to gather all the box sets so I can watch it whenever I can. The storyline like others of that time was clean but funny. There were problems you could relate to and that really did present themselves in your everyday life. You fell in love with the characters and cried when Corey and Topanga broke up and was there when they got married. I have no complaints about this show whatsoever It is the best sitcom to date that I have watched by far.
  • Ahh boy meets world. this show never gets old. i watch it a lot, n ive seen lke al the episodes a bunch of times..theyre so good. i luv this show! i luvd a lot of things about it.

    This show is lke super good. lke i dont knoe whi anyone wouldnt lke it. its reli good. its funi..its a great show. ive been watching it fore lke a long time now..i dont knoe exactlee how long, but ive seen al the episodes. i watch the re-runs a lot, n stufs. this show is lke reli good so if you somehow havent seen it, you should watch the re-runs or buy the boxsets!
  • A great show about Corey and his family growing up. a great family show for all ages.

    Boy meets worls is a very cute show, that when it starts we see a youngings Corey and Tapanga and as time goes we see them blossom into teens and relationship grow with they're friends and family. Wheter for the good times and the bad. This show at times can be quite touching and its one of a kind. I really enjoyed it. Oh and when I was younger I kinda crushed on Topanga a lil'. It is a very good show if you never seen it I'd recomend you do, cause its one of a kind that's for sure.
  • A Great family show told through the eyes of your average 11-year old boy. The show focuses on his family and school life, and shows the internal struggles of managing, a best friend, girlfriend, parents, and everything that comes along with growing up.

    This to me was a show that deserved more praise and attention than it received. It was very well written, had great humor, great storylines, and really captured the heart and innoscence of being a kid. This show was the best I've seen at showing the world and teenage life through the eyes of a child, rather than the adults.

    I highly recommend anyone watching this show. It crosses generations and can easily be accessible by teens, parents, young kids, etc. It did go through a number of changes throughout the years, and each season seems to have it's own focus, but overall has at it's roots, heart, laughs, and a wonderful set of characters.
  • So awesome i loved the show. Probably the best show of its time. One of my all time favorites. I loved that show.

    That show is so cool i loved it. Boy meets world was the best show ever. I couldn't stop watching it at one time. Because it was so good. I can't believe season 4 didn't come out on dvd. I would of bought that dvd. That was the best season of all (except season 7). Had everlasting comedy it stayed funny in all of its seasons it never got bad. My favorite charactor was shawn he was so funny. I can't believe it only did 7 seasons i thought it could of stayed on for at 2 more years but im happy they ended good.
  • Remember, TGIF?

    Am I the only person who is head over heels for everything about this show. There's never been an episode thats disappointed me. Its always great. Those Matthews, they never let me down. This show is so funny, and warm. Its not hilarious, but its cute, and that makes up for it. Being hilarious, isn't in its nature anyway. Its a fuzzy, warm show thats like a big plate of comfort. It makes me feel good inside, and I've never met a person who it didn't do the same to. Amazing show. Amazing cast. Amazing Feeny. Boy Meets World is love.
  • Boy meets world should come back!

    I like boy meets world alot. It always ahd a good story line and very funny. I remember watching tgif just for this show. Now they just have crappy shows coming on now. i can't seem to find very many new shows that seem to have an originality anymore. This show helped bring out some of the things we have wrong in our society. If you need a new trend setter there should be a show like boy meets world. The only thing they need now is a movie showing everyone's life now like they did ofr growing pains. Then we would finally have the best ending to a great show.
  • Why did they cancel this? ABC you fools!!!!

    This was the greatest show on earth for anyone between the ages of 11 and 17 at one point. There was never any drama with actors and you always got something out of it. What Happened to shows like this? With the shows they have now, Media is basically saying that we're stupid and we have no morals! I still to this day watch Boy Meets World reruns on the Disney Channel because there is nothing else on TV worth frying my brain cells over. They need to do a reunion show on ABC or something. After was the most popular show on tv! It makes everything else look like something a 5 year old slapped together.
  • I don't get it; how come it lasted so long??

    I used to watch the show. But i dropped it. Theres like, eight seasons, and each episode shows about twice a year. Its too long. I mean, grade six to college?
    Character changes are expected. An example is Eric. Eric, in the first few seasons, wasn't as dumb as he was in the last few seasons. I mean, you can't go from smart to dumb just like that. I found there was a lot of repeated ideas with Shawn and his life; there was at least one of him and Cory fighting in all seasons. Sure, this show was fine when i watched it, but i don't find the acting spectacular either. So basically, this show has way too many seasons!
  • One of the greatest tv shows of all time.A big 3 phumbs way up!!!

    Amazing,outstanding,unimaginabley brilliant,need i say more?10/10 every time. Believe it.s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s h hh h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h.
  • Come on it's boy meets world, need I say more?

    Boy meets world was so great! I remember during all of elementary school (well from like grade 1-7) I'd be home on fridays watching TGIF. It was so fun to watch this show I mean going through life following Cory, Topanga, Shawn and others get into whacky trouble and have fights, break ups and make ups were so worth it. I loved how original all the stories in this series were and even the spoofs like the halloween special. I always loved how happy the cast looked doing this show and it'll definitely be remembered as on of the great generation redefining moments on tv. if only we had more tween sitcoms like this, families would definitely be closer.
  • I love Boy Meets World.

    Boy Meets World is one of my favorite shows. I love shows that are on air for a really long time. Especially when they get married. I love how Cory and Topanga went out in school when they were really little and got married when they went to college. I wish we knew what happened to Shawn and if he gets married. I love Eric he is so funny. I loved him in all of his episodes. I liked how Mr. Feeny followed everyone through school and kept moving up to the next school just to keep him on the show. I wish it were still on air.
  • This Show is about the whole gang dealing whith life.

    This is my most i mean most favorite show ever in my whole eentire life i mean u have cory who's cute and and sensitive u have topanga who's hot as always except in the first season u have shawn whith some very cool hair and u have eric that is my favorite character and the most funny u have the dad that catches cory and eric on there actions u have the adorable cory's little sister u have rachel wich is also funny u have cory's mom that's really bautiful u also have how can u miss it mr. feeny who always will solve your answers.
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