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  • this is a great show

    this show is a great show and it can teach kids on how there life might be like when they grow up thats why this show should be put back on the air. also children and adults can relate to this show and its humor people will learn to get a job instead of laying on a couch all day at your parents house and that you need a education if you want to get anywhere in life and after that live great life's and complete your goals that you set when you were a child and eventually get married to someone you love.
  • Absolutely fabolous!

    "Boy Meets World" is a little comedy show about one family and a best friend. As each season passes by, the show becomes more important, bigger and more famous.
    At first, we saw Cory a little kid.
    At the finale season, he was on the verge of getting married.

    It really is a great show to watch!
  • Boy Meets World is hands down one of the best show created in the 90's, which speaks highly because the 90's produced a lot of great shows.

    This show is in my opinion one of the best shows ever assembled. Though it can get a bit campy at times i felt it tackled a lot of real issues and also made me laugh. The first seasons problems ( staying up late to watch baseball, wanting a squirt gun, etc...)are all easily identifiable problems of an average 6th grade boy. The problems matured as the show went on, girls, bullies, love, heart break. This show encompassed it all. I felt it painted a good picture, though at sometimes not very realistic, of a somewhat normal teenager growing up. The characters are unforgetable. Cory and Shawn are as sonomous in my mind as batman and robin, Laurel and hardy, chris tucker and jackie chan. The way both characters blossomed into totally different people form the shows start. cory a mature, sensitive, loving person married to the love of his life. Shawn a well-adjusted, poetry loving, philosophical young man trying to hold onto a lost love. Topanga the beacon of cory's life, and tester of his love. Eric, the slapstic, hilarious, dum-dum older brother bring hilarity throughout the show's run. Mr. feeny, the buddha to all the characters. The fountain of knowledge quenching their thirst for lifes mysteries. This show is great and anyone who dislikes it, should try to watch it again, and pay attention tot the message not just the show.
  • This show was the best in the world.

    This show is without a doubt the best show to ever be on tv. This show related and had something for every person who watched it. This show related to every child that ever watched it, to parents, and to teens that needed advice. This show had humor, life lessons, and heart. When you watch this show, you get that warm feeling inside. Especially the last episode, it was a tear jerker. Everyone loved this show. It lasted roughly seven years. Everyone would have loved for this show to continue, but the actors were getting old. The show had a great script and storyline. They went to places like Disney World, and talked about things that related to the people inside us. This show was truly thought out and special. This show had heart, and that is the rarest of all tv shows. Hope you enjoyed my insight.
  • The show Boy Meets World, is a coming of age show. It takes a boy named Cory, thru his teenage years into adulthood. The shows centers around Cory, how he deals with a best friend, a girl friend, a brother, and all the conflicts they encounter.

    This is one of those rare shows that makes you laugh, cry and yes, even scream. Boy Meets World teaches, not just teens, but adults too, important lessons. Love is one of the strongest lessons that is taught, the love of a man and women, best friends, brothers, people in general. Kindess, responsibilty, the value of life, and knowledge are some of the other lessons taught.
    Boy Meets World is amazing, and moving. It keeps you glued to the tv, wondering what is going to happen next, because at one time of another we have all faced problems just like the character face. The Cast is great, you really believe that they are facing the problems for the first time.
    Watch Boy Meets World, even if you don't learn something, you will probably recall time when you dealing with a simular problem.
  • Boy Meets World is a great family show!

    Boy Meets World is so funny and shows tennagers at their prime if you get me. The high school sweethearts who get married after so much problems in high school. Then the whole storyline of Boy Meets World is such a classic! It shows teenagers struggling in high school for the perect girl or boy and school grades and colleges. The transition from high school to actually college. It shows how hard and complicated a teeager's life can be and of course how true love can change your whole life and the positives and negatives to getting married at such an early age.
  • A show everyone can relate to.

    Not set in a specific time period Boy Meets World is perfect. Anyone can relate to Cory's little delimeas, or else can be put in his shoes. This in a world where T.V. is made for different ages this show the whole family can watch. At least one episode everyone could have a delima simaliar to Cory's. Whether it was a family issue, or a best friend issue, or even significant other would be a uknown problem once in this show so to speak. This show was perfect in keeping up with the times and the two with public annoucements were superb. Now all that's left is the reunion.

    Boy Meets World is the best show ever!!!!!!! I love it tooo death i just wish it was on more and not while im at school!!!! to me the best seasons were when they are in college and end of high school... with rachel and jack and angela. i love this show sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So VERy vERY VeRY VErY MUcH!!!! sorry lots of very's!!! lol!!

    before i go i just want to say...

    when a crime breaks out all the cute girls shout its the good looking guy!!!!! thats the best episode ever!!!!

  • cory shawn topanga

    a show about best friends who go to school together and have to deal with their teacher MR. feeny and whene they get to high school MR. Feeny becomes their principal also MR. Fenny lives next door to cory and at the end of the series cory and topanga get married
  • Cory,Shawn,and Topanga have been hanging out since they were little kids. Cory and Topanga have been in love since they were like 6 and they have all been going through this all together. This a show about life, love and the lessons Mr.Feeny teaches them.

    I used to watch this showon DIsney channel everyday and every time Topanga and Cory would break up, I would cry and hope for the next episode to bring them back together. This show is so good because its so true, it shows the problems kids got through during there adolescent years and teenage years. I think thats why so many people could make the connection to this show, like I did. I think especially the friendship between Cory and Shawn which lasted all throughout the show was the most enduring part of the show.
  • The story of every teenage life, school, trouble, girls, boys, and just about anything that we went through. A boy who has friends and family to get him through life, the show that will make you laugh and cry for one lesson it teaches, Boy Meets World.

    All right we have finally reached my favorite show, Boy meets World is the down right greatest shoe ever invented for any age group. This show reminds me so much of my life thats wy I get along with it so much, I cant explain how good it is to watch a show that will make you cry and laugh in the same episode. Shawn Hunter basically is me in person, Rider Strong is the greatest actor of all time and I love the man. Watch the show and I promise you that if you have a heart you will not regret it. Topanga I love you.
  • It's hilarious!

    I personaly think this show is the awesomenest show ever! Well I think alot of shows are awesome, but not the point. This show is hilarious! I can't help but watch this show. I think I've watched every episode.

    My favorite character in this show is Eric Matthews! He's so stupid it's hilarious. He and Jack are so funny. But he's not all stupid. He thought of "Lose one friend, Lose all friends, Lose yourself." I love that.

    I love the episode where Topanga, Shawn, and Cory team up against Rachel, Jack, and the other girl(sorry I forgot). They played pranks on each other. It was hilarious!
  • A very good show. Personally, I think the earlier episodes were better, but the older ones were good too.

    Boy Meets World is great because the characters are all very likeable and it was very funny.
    As I stated above, I did indeed, like the earlier episodes more, when Cory was younger. Not that I don't like the later ones, but they seemed to get a little weirder (for want of a better word) as Cory got older. But i guess it's supposed to be this way, because the idea is to show how he grows up...
    My favorite of all the characters is Eric. I think Will Friedle is funny himself, but Eric's character is just histarical. I love the future "flash-forward" episode, when everyone gets into a fight, but then it shows what the future will be like if they don't make up. That's the one where Eric is "Plays with Squirrels." I watched that one with my friend, and we were still laughing about that for days. (Actually... we still laugh about that).
    Anyhow, Boy Meets World was a great show, but I wouldn't say to bring it back, because I think it stopped right when it needed to.
    Overall show grade: B+
  • I think this show is great!

    I loe this show. I love Topanga shes like the best charracter (and I think shes pretty in my opnion). I also like Cory (more of older Cory then youger Cory). I loved it when they got together (and the falling out of love episode almost made me cried).

  • about a boy growing up

    this show is one of my favorites, it combines funnyness with seriousness very well. it has a good cast of charaters that work real well togeter. its also good because with some shows the charaters never seem to grow and its just the same thing over and over again, but not this one they actually have very serious problems in this show that dont just go away.the only thing i would say that is bad about this show is that the young sister had an actress change and i liked the original on better. so watch the show!!
    the end
  • The show shifts from a boy's outlook on life, to a group of friends who are absolutely impossible to not like!

    During the first days of the show, it focused on Cory Matthews and his average middle-school life. It was seen through his eyes and it was great. He and his best friend Shawn, his brother Eric, and strange classmate Minkus. Every aspect of the show made you like it even more!

    Cory couldn't just go through his middle school life smoothly. He has to do drastic things to get noticed or to impress Mr. Feeny, or other reasons. He complicated his own life, and then tried to fix it. The show was hilarious in the earlier seasons.

    Then the show started to broaden out as it became more of his trials of love, and his becoming a man. He and Shawn made it through high school, and he kept his love for his girlfriend Topanga.

    Finally, the show started to be more about a group of friends. As along came Shawn's brother, Jack, and the girls Angela and Rachel. It became about Cory and Topanga as boyfriend and girlfriend, Shawn and Angela as boyfriend and girlfriend, Eric and Jack fighting over Angela, and about their struggles through college.

    Overall, the show gets better and better as you like it more and more! You've gotta see it!
  • This Show rocks its too bad a didn't appreciate it when it was just making its debut. I was too young.

    This show did not mean alot to me when i was about 10 but my sister always wached it. Its too bad a didn't appreciate it when it was just making its debut. I was too young.

    Now I love the show but it was only when the show got cancled from new episodes. I am very sad that it ended I still stay up to 1 o'clock in the morning to wach it.
    Once it was a school night and I was 5 min. away from waching the final episode I was so tired and I fell asleep. I got relly mad but i still have plenty I have not wached.

    Also I think Cory and Tapanga (the girl) from the show have actualy goten a realtionship together. .
  • An awesome show that follows the lives of Cory Matthews as well as his family and friends. Hilarious and easy to relate to.

    Boy meets World[BMW] is one show i have watched religously since i was about 7 years old--i might not have understood all of it at that age but something made me want to keep watching it. When i got a bit older it got funnier to me and the drama kept me glued to the tv. ( i was so mad when they ended an episode with 'to be continued'). Everyone can relate to one of the characters in this show. Cory, the main character, is very REAL and you believe what he is saying. All the characters have great chemistry--they could be a real family. Some episodes have you rolling on the floor from laughter while others pull on your heartstrings and maybe even get teary-eyed. Either way this show will remain my favorite. I hope they keep showing reruns long enough for my kids to see this soon-to-be-classic show!
  • i saw this show during its reruns and loved it!

    I love this show I just noticed it a couple of years ago during its reruns and I loved it. It was so funny and it got better every season there is a character for everyone to relate to witch I think is superb. It is a phenomenal show and I miss it terribly. The dynamic friendship between all of them was wonderful. And I think it is won of those shows that you know people are going to miss. I miss it. I am not sure if you can buy the season’s on DVD but if you can I am so going to!!!
  • Boy Meets World was an American television sitcom that chronicled the events and everyday life lessons of Cory Matthews, who grows up from a pre-pubescent boy to a married man.

    Cory Matthews is the main character of the series, the other characters serve to help Cory with his difficulties in achievement in school, his moral conflicts with Shawn Hunter, and his trouble understanding his girlfriend.[1] Cory's best friend, Shawn Hunter is dissimilar to Cory; he is a social rebel, he has an unsupportive family, he also has success with women. Cory's mother and father (Amy and Alan Matthews) are hard working people who try to make a decent living to raise their three children (by the end of the series, there will be a fourth child, Joshua Matthews, born). Their other two children are Eric Matthews, the handsome, sometimes idiotic older brother who tries to distance himself from Cory at all possible times; and Morgan Matthews, the younger sister who uses her looks and innocence to get what she wants, and has an amazing talent to sing. Cory, with his stubbornness and laziness, struggles with his friend to get through school. To help them, there is Mr. George Feeny, Cory's mentor and neighbor. He tries as hard as possible to get them through school and he eventually does. Finally, there is Topanga Lawrence, his first love, and in the later seasons, his fiancé/wife. Topanga and Cory's relationship is the main focus of the later part of the series and at the end of the series, Topanga, Cory, Shawn, and Eric leave Philadelphia for New York City.

  • Boy Meets World is a great example of friendship and family life wound up in 30 minutes of fun.

    What can I say about Boy Meets World? Well, off the top of my head, I have to say that it is definitely one of my favorite comedies that dealt with a group of friends going through their teenage years, being advised by their loveable teacher, Mr. Feeny.

    To start off, one thing that really enjoyed about the show was the interaction and enduring friendships that Cory had with Shawn, Topanga, Mr. Feeny, their other friends and also with Eric. It was that friendship they shared that made their occasional misadventures pretty funny. It also helped them deal with the outcomes if it turned out bad.

    Another thing that I enjoyed about the show was Feeny's interaction with the Matthews' boys, Shawn, and their friends when they arrived at college. How he was always willing to help the young adults out of a bind, even when he was in the middle of something important, showed how much he cared for them. Mr. Feeny seemed like the kind of teacher that everybody wish they could have at their school, to help guide them through tough decisions.

    In addition to enjoying the teaching methods of Mr. Feeny, I also enjoyed the earlier seasons when Mr. Turner was Shawn and Cory's teacher, because not only did he occasionally give good advice to his students, he always talked to them like he would want to be talked to.

    However, there were a few things about the show that I didn't like that much, but still got a kick out of: the way that Eric was constantly idiotic, and how Cory would always over react to various events surrounding him. At least Eric would always try to enlighten himself, but there were times where you couldn't help but think how someone could be like him, and with Cory, at least in the later seasons Topanga was his voice of reason, proving they were perfect for each other.

    In all, I absolutely love watching Boy Meets World, even now that the show has been off the air for several years; it is still great in repeats.
  • Awsome show! can't put into only 255 letters.

    Throughout it was an awsome show although i did find a few kinks, i mean i've wached this show since i was 7 or 8 and i've noteced a couple things. For one, the show got alot, well got alot maturer(sp) content as the show whent along and by the end i didn't know if it was really appropriate for younger kids(the later episodes). Another thing that kinda annoyed me was that they kept making eric dumber after he graduated from high school, it was still great entertainment but you would imagin that a character would be smarter in the end.

    But over all the show is great. It really shows you values of friendship, family and good relationships. It's great family entertainment and i would recommend it for almost anyone.
  • Who really watched Boy Meets World, was it so funny that you forgot about what was really going on?

    I will never forget this show, it is one of my favorites, I still manage to catch a few rerun episodes when I'm up late and there is nothing else on.

    Did you really watch Boy Meets World. The show was a great, it evolved as so did the characters, but the show was so funny that by it's end it left you completely clueless.

    The first thing I noticed was in "Cory's Alternative Friends", Shawn calls a girl on the phone and gets instructions on how to use the hair solution. This girl is suppose to be his sister, Stacey, who after this episode is never seen from or heard of again. And in "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not", Topanga had a sister, Nebula Save-the-something Lawrence, at least we actually see her, but only this once. As the show progress so would some of the characters, but one in particular would be Eric Matthews, who in my opinion made the most drastic change, Eric at one point had common sense, he had a sense of direction, he was always a little slow, but by the time he was a senior in college, he was a complete goof ball. He was no where near intellegent. Shawn became more distant to everyone he came across.

    The show had a lot of continuality errors but like I said earlier, the comedy was able to cover it up.
  • This was the first show I watched the episodes of when I could. Great show.

    Boy Meets World was the first show that I watched on a regular basis (as regular as could be for me, I never did watch a whole lot of tv when I was younger).

    My favorite was the middle seasons. The earliest seasons were ok, though not my favorite, a lot still was not developed and the show was growing. Then the show got great. I thought they did an excellent job with it. Towards the end when they went to college and after Cory had gotten married I thought it went downhill. The show got very weird and everyone's personallity was dramatized beyond belief. It just got too off for me. But those middle seasons while they were in high school and all were great.
  • Funny and Classic

    BOy Meets World is one of the first shows I watched when I was younger. I personally favor the episodes with Angela, Jack, and Rachel in them, but I like watching the show regardless. I really dont like the very early episodes with Corey in 6th grade, just because only him and Shaun are friends and Eric and Topanga arent really part of the gang. One thing that bugs me, but doesnt stop be from loving the show, is how all the characters just changed. Eric went from a below average student, who just wasnt too bright, to a complete moron, who didnt really have any common sense AT ALL!!!! Corey was a nice kid who turned crazy and always yells and talks loud. Topanga went from a smart girl to an obsessivley smart girl who needed everything to be perfect (i.e. Topanga twitched when things go wrong... its weird). Jack turned really vein and only cares about his looks and body. Shaun went from a horndog who always got any girl he wanted and blew off school to a mature college student who cared about school and obsessed over only Angela, no other girl. I love this show though and wish it was still on!!!!
  • Boy Meets World only shows in my area at the 2:00 hour, so I don't get to see it much anymore, but when it was in the 3:00 hour, I watched and enjoyed.

    The show is about a boy named Corey Matthews. Corey starts out on the show as a 6th grade boy going through 6th grade stuff, and finding Tapanga gross, weird, and all of that stuff. He ends off being married to Tapanga, in a whole new personality, moving to New York in the final episode. Corey also has his best friend Sean, and his goofy brother Eric, who is my favorite character. Corey also has a guy who was his 6th grade teacher, later principal, and then became one of his college professors. How odd is that? But it basically covers all the things that a regular boy goes through going into life, a great show!
  • This show was amazing and i still enjoy the re-runs.

    Boy Meets World is a very classic show. It seemed like you grew up with the cast. I mean they had a long run. From being little boys with crazy ideas to growing up into decent young men and women. Cory, Sean, Topanga and Eric were the cutest in the early episodes. Then they all grow up and they join more great characters into the cast. It made the college years that much more interesting. I absolutly love Alan and Amy also they couldnt have picked better parents for the boys and morgan and in the later episodes little josh. They mad this classic that much better. This show was amazing and i love every second.
  • Okey This show is the best.I

    I Laugh every time I see It and I have seen every one like a 100 times I am not kidding.I love to watch them because they are so funny. Did yall know it comes on abc Family? It comes on 2:00 PM EST. I would give this show a 20 out of ten. this is one of my favorite TV shows. I Absolutely Love it. And if they tack it off of ABC Family I will be mad won't Yall? it is one of the best shows on TV.
  • Sad to see it go.

    This show was a favorite of mine for a very long time and it was sad to see it go. A great story about two lovers who grew up together and eventually get married. Cushined by their friends and family. Shawn the wayward youth fighting his urge to become a bad boy. Cory, Shawn's best friend and the main character, is a boy trying to find his way in life and becoming an adult. This show follows Cory from middle school through him graduating college and starting his new life with his wife. Tapanga, the life long love and Friend of Cory who eventually becomes his wife. This is a great kids show that still is entertaining in sindication.
  • This is a show focusing on 3 friends and their families. You watch them grow up from children to young adults.

    This is a really good show focusing on the main characters, Corey, Topanga, and Sean. Corey and Topanga are childhood sweethearts, from the really early eps where they meet for the first time at a tender age to the last eps where they are still solid. Their best friend is Sean. Corey lives with his mum, dad, little sister and big brother Sean. Sean is the sweet but niave character. Most of the eps are either set in school or in Corey's home. Another main character is the school principle who also lives next door to Corey and who is always to give support and advice on the porch.
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