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  • Enjoyable early, then lost it.

    I do like this show, but really, soon if got so darn sappy i couldn't handle it. i enjoy sappy shows, more drama filled show, but this was suppose to be a 30 minute comedy, and it soon turned into a 30 mediocre drama...

    I have seen every episode, and the early years, the first 4 that is, are by far the best.

    Especially after Cory and Topanga got married, it was dang near unwatchable, it just got to me way too much...i nearly drowned with all the sap around me.

    Loved the show in the early years, loathed in the in later ones.
  • Wow. No matter how old you are. Boy Meets World is a hit.

    I love this show. They have the ideal love couple "Cory and Topanga". I have even told people that their relationships were like Cory and Topanga. That is crazy. It is a total comedy, It never gets old to me. I wish they would have a reunion sometimes! Ahh I love it! Somewhat a drama but I say overall comedy. Cory and his friends are all very likeable characters. I could watch this show forever and it still won't get old. If you haven't seen this I highly recomend it! I am sure you will fall in love with it.
  • This show is the best ever!

    Awesome! This is the best show to ever come on tv. They should bring it back for one more episode and see how everyone is now. This was a show that no matter what you could relate to it. It didnt matter who you you thought you were more like, you ended up having the same problems and troubles everyone else in the show had. It showed you the ups and downs of life, and that there will always be something good in the end.
  • One of the great, funny yet simple shows to grace television.

    This show was a staple of the TGIF lineup on ABC for years and did television proud. The heart of the show followed Corey and his best friend and his the love of his life. Personally I think the Corey and Topanga were story lines were the best part of the show and allows brought out the best in all of the actors and their characters. I miss the simplicity of the jokes and the good heart of the show.
  • This is family entertainment. Though admittedly it has its times where the scenes are a little too "racy" for the younger viewers, this is definitely a recommendation for laughs. I cry when they cry, I laugh when they laugh. All in all, it's an amazing sh

    This is family entertainment. Though admittedly it has its times where the scenes are a little too "racy" for the younger viewers, this is definitely a recommendation for laughs. I cry when they cry, I laugh when they laugh. All in all, it's an amazing show- Go watch it, LOL.
  • great show. Extraordinarily funny.

    This will always be one of my favourite shows- it's great. Barely any flaws (a few mild flaws in places), extraordinarily funny, very few shows can capture the greatness of boy meets world. Even though it ended a while ago, it will always be a classic show since it is something that many people grew up watching.
  • the classic's....

    corey and topanga love at 1st sight. shawn and eric are all about their women of the week until they go 2 collage and meet 2 special women... shawns dad dies while in collage. corey and topanga get married. and mr.feeney gets MARRIED! Mr. Feeney has always been the mattews neighbor and (corey n erics) teacher/ princable. the go threw there ups and downs threw the years. they have new ppl and old and special ppl that just blow the main cast away...
  • One of the best shows on the earth to bad it stopped i couldnt getting enough of it. Corey and the gang it was great.

    One of my favorite shows on television. If you didnt watch this i dont know what u were watching. It involved everything from comedy to romance to tears. It was a great last episode to end the series and i thought it was the best show ever. They should just bring back the gang for one more show hey id watch it.
  • Best show all around!

    This show is one of the best shows all around. Its makes you laugh it makes you cry. It touches the heart in a way that most shows no longer can. It appealed to all audiences. It touched every aspect it could, made us think a little more about our family, and taught us how to joke around even is serious times. We grew up with Corey, Topanga, Shawn,and Eric. They all were different. Corey the curley head guy who really didn't fit in. Shawn the cool, hot guy everyone wanted to date. Topange the smart, gorgeous girl everyone wanted to be. Eric the dumb, crazy guy we know and love. Last but not least, Mr. Feeny, what is there to be said about Feeny. Feeny F F F Feeny.
  • How did this show make the top 100's

    In my life there are many things i will look back upon and regret. Such as ever tasting liqour, insulting my teachers and watching Boy meets world and Even Stevens. Okay there was the occasional laugh you got from it and i'll give it a break cause it was a 90's show. But BTVS was also from the 90's and its one of the hit shows we will always look upon so why the hell does it suck so much. It was slightly enjoyable (note slightly) but it wasn't exactly a show I'd tune in to watch unless there was nothing nice on the box, so for my honest opinion this show has, and i doubt will, reached the standard of good television. But hey that's my opinion.
  • This show was so cool. A show about a normal boy who goes through life. He has many different things that he has to face like school, his family and friends, and the love of his life.

    Boy Meets World needs to come back on tv. This show was amazing! All of the storylines were hilarious. It was funny because a lot of the episodes had to do with Shawn more than Cory. I thought Shawn was cool but a little bit over dramatic.So Cory and Topanga have some rough times and even some break- ups but are able to get through those. I liked season 6 and 7 because it had all the 7 good people. I also like season 5. I thought it was kind of cool how they all went to New York. But Shawn still hasn't married Angela.
  • Great show

    this show is great and funny with all the charecters and they are always so funny nbnb nbnb nbnb nbnb nb nb nb nb nb nb n b n b n b n b n b p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p
  • Boy Meets World; how could you not love this show? Outstandingly funny, a show you can relate to. This is a classic show that can't be beaten.

    Boy Meets World; how could you not love this show? Outstandingly funny, a show you can relate to. This is a classic show that can't be beaten. The characters and episodes were great. Everytime I see that Boy Meets World is on, I tune in. In the later years the show got worse, getting rid of Mr. Turner was when the show started going downhill. I still watched it, but it wasn't the same thing. I never liked Angela or Rachel, although I did like Jack, also the young Morgan was better, I don't know why they ever replaced her.
  • Boy Meets World was a more comedic version of The Wonder Years. Its early season's were great but it aged badly. The show took a more dramatic approach during its last seasons and forgot about many of the Character's origins with u-turns in some cases.

    Boy Meets World was a more comedic version of The Wonder Years. Its early season's were great but it aged badly. The show took a more dramatic approach during its last seasons and forgot about many of the Character's origins with u-turns in some cases.

    The show had a good cast but too many cast changes later made for a shaky show.

    Season's 1-3 were pure sitcom gold. They were funny and interesting and very realistic to the average teen. The character of Shawn had a dramatic storyline but the writers still managed to make the show funny.

    Replacing the young Lily Nicksay wasn't a great move - another case of the show not quite knowing what it was.

    Season 4 was a goofy season which while being funny is where the show went downhill. Eric became more stupid (but not at his dumbest) and Cory and Shawn became - well, a Gay Couple.

    Season's 5-7 were dramatic, featured too many cast additions (rather than changes) and Eric became the world's biggest moron. It was goofy and dramatic and unbelievable. Mr. Feeny seemed shoe-horned in - we knew he would be there all the way but he was simply turned to for some Comedic Support and Guidance - given barely any storyline. Amy and Alan were hardly shown and rarely had their own storyline - making them seem like 2D characters.

    The Show began great and while always having some good writing, the show seemed lost in it later years not quite knowing what direction to go in.
  • This show was a great teenage comedy in the 90's. I watched it when it was a part of ABC’s TGIF. Cory, Shawn and Tapanga were great together and Eric was funny because he played dumb. These shows were usually clean with less serious topics than now.

    I loved this show when I was in my pre-teen years because I wanted to grow up and be like the characters. I love how funny it was. It was nice to grow up along with the characters and see them have experiences that we all have to face.
  • boy meets world is the best show ever ive watched it since i was very young i grew up with it wish they did more episodes

    boy meets world is the best show ever ive watched it since i was very young i grew up with it wish they did more episodes. This show helped me succeed in life and it also made me a better person in life Cory had a good personality always helping shawn out with problems.
  • 8.4
    Boy Meets World is a standout among the TGIF sitcom group. Aimed at the tween & yound teen crowd, the show is enjoyable enough for the whole family. Starring Ben Savage, little brother of the Wonder Year's Fred Savage, the show sometimes poked fun at itself and other shows with a "life lesson built in".

    The show begins as a pre-pubescent Cory and best friend Shawn start 6th grade. While Shawn is beginning to take an interest in girls, Cory is still hung up on video games and baseball, which causes some conflict. As the show progresses, Cory and kindergarten girlfriend Topanga begin dating, hit a few bumps in the road, but eventually end up getting married and going to college together.

    The excellent cast includes Will Friedle as Eric and William Daniels as Mr. Feeny.
  • I grew up watching this show...

    This was 'the show' with the neighborhood kids when i grew up. everyone gathered around SOMEONES television. It is one of the best shows of its time. boy meets world is a show that is really 'real life'....there aren't really any situations that couldn't really happen to anyone. i know that living next door to your teacher for all your life...and he just happens to be teaching in the same grade you are in....or becomes the principal of your school....but worked!!! really well, too!!!
  • This show is hilarious its onr of the best!

    This show is hilarious its onr of the best! I adore this show altough its not on when i get home. If its on during the weekends i watch it though. I adore the whole plot of the story. Its like the life of a real boy. I love all the chracters!
  • I love this show!

    This was a good show and i enjoyed watching it. Eric is so funny and cory is so crazy and topanga keeps them all together... sometimes..... ok mr feeny keeps them together. now how is it that they always had mr feeny throughout their acandemic career. Interesting i'm glad that hasn't happened to me. Or will it? AHHHHHH! hmm only 62 words so far. this show is funny. I love some of the stuff they do and i copy some of it to survive school, even though it almost gets me in trouble but i slide my way right through it.
  • Fun show about growing up, learning lifes lessons, and having fun with friends.

    Boy Meets World was to the mid-late 1990s what The Wonder Years was to the late 1980s/early 1990s (which is fitting since BMW's Ben Savage is WY's Fred Savage's brother). The show follows Corey Matthews, Shawn Hunter and Topenga Lawrence from middle school to college. Along the way they deal with family issues, relationship issues, and many other challenges associated with growing up. In the end it seems like the whole series gets strongly centered and focused around the at times tumultuous, but ultimately comical, relationship that exists between Corey and Topenga.

    One of the few things that I didn't like about this series were some of the changing characterizations. As the series started off, Corey was a typical (albeit funny and at points insecure) teen, Shawn was a girl-magnet rebel, and Eric was just a girl crazy guy. Throughout the show, Eric goes from being girl crazy to being a moron. Shawn goes from girl-magnet rebel to emotional drama-queen (though I guess that would fit his transformation through adolescence). And Corey goes from typical guy to being rather fruity and eccentric. One of the changes I did like is that they took Topenga from being an earthen, eccentric little girl into someone I think was a bit more, for lack of a better word, normal that most girls could relate too. Never-the-less, the show stands to set the example that children and teens can simply be themselves and lead happy lives. There are many situations where the characters are challenged to change who they are to fit in or be popular, but they end up learning that they shouldn't need to change themselves to be liked.

    Reruns of BMW are still found on Disney Channel and ABC Family. I don't know how ABC Family handles it, but I know that Disney tends to skip over a few episodes that deal with certain issues (like when Corey turns to drinking after he and Topenga break up, or when they are debating on whether or not they should have sex). I understand why Disney feels they need to skip these episodes, given their primary demographic, but I am still disappointed they ignore these facts and challenges of life instead of facing them and using the episodes as oppurtunities to use something like a Public Service Announcement to create an educational context to the episode content.

    If you like youthful sitcoms, you should like BMW.
  • Although i think I'm the only one of my friends that has heard of it...

    I absolutely love BMW - it's sweet and absolutely hilarious and touching.

    This is possibly one of my favourite show - most definitely one of my favourite kids shows. It always leaves me with a warm, squishy sort of feeling after I watch each episode - they're so funny and sweet. There are also some truly priceless moments (many concerning Eric, who is just so funny).

    I just love this show so much -I can just sit back and have a good time watching it, beause it never fails to make me laugh, no matter how I'm feeling at that point.
  • Always Great!

    I watch this episode and get tears in my eyes everytime. I grew up with this show. The characters only being 1 year older than me. It helped me with the transition of adolesence. I love this show, and don't think I will ever stop. Kudos to the creators and to the writers. You really did touch an audience.
  • Greatest Show Ever!

    This is my all-time favourite show. I watch it all the time and haven't missed one episode. I just wish there were more seasons in the works. If you've never seen this show, you don't know what you're missing! But, don't you think it would be freaky living right next to your principal!?
  • Incredible!

    I\'m not a huge fan of the earlier episodes, but once the SATs destroyed Eric\'s mind, nothing was ever the same again. The show was funny, but became hilarious! There has never been a cast as talented as the \"Boy Meets World\" crew. They rock. But like all shows, after the main characters get married/have children, it\'s only a matter of time before they\'re canceled...
  • hello

    i luv this show so much. this has got to be one of the greatest shows ever. although all the seasons are great my fav season is 6 when they are in college. i love the episodes when they are all fighting and playing pranks on eachother. I love eric's manafesto and how they park a car in angela and rachaels room. i also love the last episode, I cryed!!! LOLZ
  • I learned so much from this show and it was just so funny, who names their kid Topanga.. lol

    Boy Meets World has always been my personal favorite. TGIF itself was the best way for a 13 year old to spend their Friday night and Boy Meets world was a show I really enjoyed. I guess we could all relate to the characters, their relationships, their school problems, etc. It was just a genuine show, and I truly miss it and would love to see it again. Plus most of the male cast was so attractive. I just love this show...
  • Boy meets world is about a kid (Cory) and his best friend (Shawn) and his brother (Eric) and his girl (Topanga). it's like a update version of Fred Savage's show from the 70s The Wonder Years.

    I first saw this show in syndication and just fell in love with Shawn and Cory's friendship. It's a real treat to see them grow up. I'm about the same age as them so it's like they're my TV friends. Topanga was awesomely odd and I only wished I could be that way. Shawn was the bad boy and as he grew up I along with several girls got a crush on him. He was leather jacket and flip hair, full lips hot. Eric was the older brother hot and When Topanga had a crush on him I loved that they never mentioned it again through the rest of the show. I loved her relationship with Cory, he really did love her and every girl can only hope for that kind of love. Shawn was the bad boy breaking hearts and dating around until, Angela. She was the perfect match for him. I didn't think they would let her be his first love but wow it was awesome to see an interracial relationship and at that completely beautiful. I loved how laid back she was and how much he seemed to love her as well. With that addition of Jake and Rachel and the subtraction of Shawn and Jake's father and Shawn's up and down moments, along with when Cory cheated on Topanga and kissed that girl and they broke up. To the Halloween Episode with them trapped in the school with Eric's real life then girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt. To the wedding and perfect honeymoon. To the apartment that was scary and nasty and the treatment that Cory received from his father to them making a home. The fights and goofy moments. Boy meets world was a wonderful show and I only hope that everyone gets to watch it once.
  • This show is so funny. The early seasons are the best ones. This show has been one of my favorites for a long time. I wish they would have made more seasons.

    SOOO FUNNY! This show is one of my favorites and I never miss it when it is on! I love this show. It is one of the funniest tv shows I have seen. I wish it would have gone longer. My favorite episodes are the wedding ones for Cory and Topanga. One of the all-time greats. This show is a must-see!
  • Great Show!!!

    Boy Meets World was a great show for teens. It's a show almost all teenagers can relate too. It was an absoulute great show and desreves to be brought back! It is an absolute classic teen comedy. It shows the changes through life absoulutly great. It also makes you laugh along the way. Also maybe make you cry every so often.
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