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  • Love this show!!!!!!!

    I'm 13 and i love this show from the 90s its on every week day 5:00 to 7:00 on abc family.
  • Love this show

    I just Love this show! I love how there are life lessons you can learn form this show!
  • One of the greatest family sitcoms in television history

    The series was outstanding. This universe will never end (there is "Girl Meets World").
  • If real life were a show...

    I've only recently gotten hooked on this show after finding it on ABC Family while browsing the channels, and let me just say that I'm extremely happy that I've found this show. In addition to absolutely hilarious, this show is REAL, something that today's kids shows seem to lack. The acting isn't overdone and there are lessons that cover powerful, emotional and mature things in life (drinking, child abuse, sex, that you'd never find on a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon show. The 1990s raised a better generation of kids with shows like this. They're making a sequel to this show, Girl Meets World, that's set to air next year, and although I'm excited, I have a feeling that it won't be a fraction as good as this show was, considering that it's going to be on Disney Channel.
  • Ended on a Good Note

    I always thought the first season seemed like a completely different show than the rest. Continuity errors and whatnot. I loved each season for its own special reasons. The first and second were simply hilarious. Cory and Shawn's antics, the little sister, and a somewhat intelligent Eric. The third season featured Eric's slowly diminishing intelligence and several great Shawn and Mr. Turner subplots. I found the fourth and fifth seasons entertaining and understandable. I saw myself in several of the characters and realized how much like high school it actually was. In the fifth season, however, the Cory and Topanga break up . I enjoyed the college seasons, but I feel like by the end of the show, they were jumping the shark and had used up most of the best ideas for the group of people. All in all, it was an amazing show, probably my all time favorite show, and it was phenomenal while it lasted.
  • Shawn and Angela

    I loved this show, but I hated the ending for Shawn and Angela. I would love to believe Angela returned to Shawn and met up in New York.
  • Cory and Shawn!

    I love them together! I never even considered them gay at all throughout the series! I thought they were just about the cutest bromance on tv! I wish guys now were allowed to be that close to guy friends without automatically being teased about being gay!
  • Bring Back Boy Meets World

    I bought all 7 seasons of Boy Meets World and just got done with them. Last 3 episodes were so sad and cant get em out of my head i love this show it is my all time favorite show. I wish they never cancelled the show i wish they could make more episodes or possibly reunion movie id do anything to see that!
  • an awesome show.


    wow this show is truly awesome. I loved this show ever since i was a kid. You have got to atleast watch one episode of it it's awesome. this show is perfect for the 90's but i mainly watched this show on Disney Channel when it came on a brief time. Boy Meets World Rocks 10/10

  • I love BMW!

    Bring this show back!! please!! I loved this show so much as a kid and want to buy the DVDs for all the seasons. This show is tied with the O.C. (seasons 1 and 2) as my favorite show of all time. I could just sit back, relax and step into this show everyday after school. I have seen a lot of people say that the best kids shows were in the 90s and shows these day are going to crap. Well I agree! But, maybe thats because I am biased as a kid growing up from that generation. Anyway bring BMW to DVD!!!!! I miss cory, and cory, and cory, oh and the other actors too!!!
  • Love it

    Honestly this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It has a lot of good classic humor in the early years and has some good drama moments in the later years, as well as comedy. I'm sad I only have the third season, honestly if I had all of them {assuming seasons 4-7 are released}, I would watch them a lot. My favorite character is Eric, second is Shawn because they seemed to be the most funny. Every character was funny in their own way. I wish this was still on TV, in reruns, because it was such a good show. I can only hope seasons 4-7 are released. I also need to buy seasons 1 and 2.
  • The definitive sitcom


    For the category, this was the best show there was, is, and will ever be. They need to have a reunion mini-season(at least 4 episodes) or a movie as to where they are now and finish it off with happiness in life as they get older....please

  • From childhood to manhood.

    Boy meets World is by far the best series I have ever seen. If something happens in life, there has been atleast a single episode regarding that event. From being poor to upper middle class Boy Meets World has it all. Starting from the beggining with a young Cory Matthews in the sixth grade, it continues until after young Cory and his wonderful wife Topanga graduate college and move away to New York with thier best friend Shawn. Shawn always was the friend that had nothing, but would give anything in the world to have the kind of love that Cory and Topanga have. Over all I give this show a 10 out of 10.
  • This Is the best show for teens ever created.

    I love every chracter In this show and It Is the best show of all time. A lot of the chracters ratings went up. The best seasons were 2 thru 5. This show suits any person from 12 to 18.This Is a show I look forward to watching everyday.This Is a classic.
  • Out of any sitcom that involves teenagers growing into adults this one has got to take the cake.

    This is undoubtedly for me my most favorite show that was on anywhere. This show showed a young adolescent growing into teenager and then eventually to an adult. I remember back in the day when I used to stay up to 2 in the morning just to watch this show because of its awesomeness. I know it was on other channels but for some reason I just loved to stay up late just to watch it. It gave me an excuse and an incentive to stay up late. I just love this show and wish I could watch the whole series. I watched a good 85% or so because every time it got to a part that I didn't see school started so I had to readjust my sleep time. But now it's not on any channel and that makes me sad. But, if I hadn't said this enough yet, I just love this show and wished the could have made this when I was mature enough to understand this. It seems that all the good shows and sitcoms started some time in the 90s.
  • they sure dont make them like this anymore

    Wow, it seems like forever since we last saw our favorite boy trying to survive the hardships of school and every day life. This was one of those shows that made us wish it was friday. What makes this show so great wasn't it's origonality, after all saved by the bell came out quite a few years before this, but rather how the story was told. The producers of this show made sure that their characters would be true and sincere, they gave us characters that were beleivable and who had flaws. Another great aspect was that it really related to what alot of us groing up at that time were going through, dealing with middle/high school and dealing with our first love. Despite being an older show by now, it continues to be great and has the same impact today as it did when it first aired.I strongly suggest watching this if you haven't already.
  • School, a tough thing for everyone.

    Boy meets world. A show focusing on a young boy as he grows up and moves on through the world. Personally I think people can relate to this. For instance the friend whose family has low income, a topic many people can relate to(unfortunately), a boy who likes a girl but is afraid to tell(at first). Now many people can relate to this. And last is growing up and finishing high school and having to leave. This relates more to people who have finished school and are looking to their aspiring futures. The show took us from the conflict between brother and brother, friend and friend, father and son, boy and girl, mother and son, and finally teacher and students.
    The show brought laughs and focused on the main thing that kids in school have to worry about, bullies, and the things we despise, nerds. Later in high school it takes are biggest worry, growing up. Because at this point you have to leave home and go on your own.
    ---Think of your parents smiles---
  • This is one of the GREATEST shows to EVER grace a television!

    Shows like this, Family Matters, Step By Step, The Cosby Show.....etc......., were all great family oriented shows. Shows that had great plot, great characters, great theme songs, and they just had every element that it took to make a great show! Elements that our missing from majority of the shows on TV today! The fact that ABC Family took Boy Meets World and removed from the daytime line-up are ridiculous, but not near as ridiculous as Buena Vista not bringing the remaining seasons to DVD. All these shows deserve to be relived to their maximum extent, and should be influences to shows today! I'm from a near poverty stricken neighborhood. My community is not one of the places to be proud of. This show was set in a suburb community and I could still relate to majority of this show! Shows like this taught you things, they had strong messages and while fiction, you could apply it to everyday life! Big-Ups to Good TV!!!!!!!
  • This was a good show! I grew up watching this.

    This is a great show. I was a teen while his was on and in middle school/high school. Brings back alot of memories. Overall, this is my favorite show aside Full House and other shows of the 90s. This show taught about life, love, growing up, death(Shawn's Dad), how it feels when your folks take off on you(well Shawn's Dad did so because of his mom taking off so Shawn's teacher Jonathan Turner takes him in which I thought was cool because normally teachers don't do that in real life), Cults, drinking, and alot more. I think everyone did a good job playing their roles and hope there will be some sort of reunion someday.
  • A comedy about teens.

    I love this show so much! It's so funny. I love Cory and Topanga's relationship, they are SO cute. I also love that it was a drama, but funny at the same time. I think Eric was the best thing on this show. Whoever cancelled this show was dumb! It's amazing. I watch it when it plays on ABC family and it makes me remember the good times I had watching this when I was little. It's so good and I wish it still aired, or maybe a spinoff! It was such a cute and hilarious show! The creater is a genious!
  • Teen love. Its everthing teens would want.

    Romance, comedy and life as it is. Unexpected. Difficult. Fun. and sometimes horrible. But thats what life is and you just have to move on and deal. Something better will always come along...

    Thats what i told myself when this great show finally came to an end. Yes the actors were getting older and the show was dying. But thats why we have reruns. Everytime i think of good shows usually this one comes up somewhere along the line, and i just remember that it made room for those now popular, favorites of mine.

    All i ask is a few reruns. Just cant get enough! Im sure many will agree!
  • This Show is the best show i have ever seen. I like it because everyone could relate to it. Boy Meets World is by far the personal favorite.

    This remarkable show is the best i have ever seen. It is about how Cory Mathews deals with life. He is trying to overcome the fear that he is growing up with his best friend Shawn Hunter and his Girlfriend Topanga. These three friends are with each other threw thick and thin. The cool guy a.k.a Shawn gets into so much trouble that once cory had to step in to save the life of his beloved best friend. In one episode they go into the exciting world of College they can not be excited but when they get there it not what they had hoped it was. Cory got used to it,and Shawn got so used to it he gets himself a girlfriend. Cory and Topanga get married with no hope of tommorow. This show is the best, I think there should be more viewers.
  • This is My Personal Favorite. Nothing Beats it.

    I Grew up watching this show and have loved it my whole life. I wanted to just say to everybody that this will make you laugh, make you cry, and also make you appreciate life just a little bit more than you had before. My Favorite thing about this show is the fact that I have learned o much from the morals of the stories, the character developments, and the just the pure love that everybody has for each other, its jut an amazing feature to the show that most other sitcoms have ever had. I Love you Boy Meets World. BMW Fan 4 Life.
  • Had to get to this summary one of these days and I grew up on this show and I love this show. I even try to catch the re-runs on the disney channel.LOL

    Yup this is a classic teenage show about everything you can think of if you went through it Cory and Topenga went through it and there was never a time where I didn't like a show or got tired of seeing this show. I made sure I watched every episode and I was happy to see them grow with the show and stay together as a cast because not many cast last very long. I didn't like that it ended because Cory and Topenga was pregant I think that was the last episode I saw and I like the cast add-ons from highschool to college that the show added so in all I will miss this show and it will always be a personal favorite of mines. If I can find the dvds I will get them all.
  • I miss the show!

    This show was awesome and it still is my all time favorite. I wish they never cancelled it. It was a lot more real then the shows Disney and ABC put on now. It showed real life lessons... you rarely find that on TV shows lately. I think the show could of gone a lot longer then it did. When me and my friends watched the last episode we were pretty much crying. We thought it would of been a cool idea to make a new series where they show Corey and Topanga's life in NYC... that would of been so cool!
  • Show covers important life lessons and situations in a comedic manner.

    Fantastic show. I remeber watching this show when I was 10 years old, and I still love it when the re runs come on today at age 19. I love how the show spanned over the years from adolence to young adult hood. It is great how the situations change as the charaters het older. When the characters were younger their biggest concerns were their grades and who they had a crush on. As the characters got older their concerns shifted to getting into college and their relationships, and as the characters entered adulthood they were concerned with holding a job, marriage and sex. This show covered realistic issues with a comedic nature. I grew up with this show and I highly recomment it to children and adults alike.
  • Best show ever!

    This is an amazing show with great actors... this is a show that you'll remember for years... im waiting for the DVDs to come on so come on ABC you can do it. Best show ever!

    And b/c i need at least 100 words let me express how great it really is Boy meets world is great
    I love Boy meets world
    You dah man Boy meets world
    You can do it Boy meets world
    Your great...
    Come on ABC and Disney work something out dont make fans wait, dont worry about the money I work at best buy ill make people buy it i my self will buy every Season!
  • The story of COry Matthews growing up in Philedelphia

    This show is about Cory Matthews and his friends Shawn and Topanga as they face the world together. I like the college years the best. During that time, Cory and Topanag get married, Cory's brother, Eric, finds a best friend named Jack, who is actually Shawn's long lost half brother (That part kinda makes it sound like a soap opera.....), Shawn falls in love with a girl named Angela, and Jack and Eric fight over their roommate, Rachel. Rachel makes me mad. I'd be a happy camper if they just left her out of the show all together. And Amy, too.
  • One of the best shows of mu childhood!

    I used to absoloutly love this show! I still do but its not on where I live anymore *sobs*. I remember watching it with my brother, and even my dad liked it! It was so so so funny and it got better every season!! My definite favourite charactor was Eric. He was hilarious! I also liked Topanga. Cory was sooo cute in the first season, but then he reaaallllyyy grew! And he is still cute even though he grew. He became even funnier! I miss this show so so so much and I really wish they could bring it back. It twas great!! My personal favourite! :]
  • This is a great show!

    Boy Meets World is one of my favorite shows! The main character's name is Cory Matthews. He is a curly - haired, self- conscious boy. Cory Matthew's best friend is a boy named Shawn Hunter. Shawn is a rebel who often needs Cory's advice to help him through his problems. Cory also has a brother named Eric Matthews. Eric is a boy who always has a date. But Eric is not very smart. Throughout the whole show, Cory has an on and off relationship with a girl named Topanga Lawrence. Topanga is a smart, confident person. Cory's parents' names are Amy and Alan Matthews. They always help Cory through his problems. All these characters come together to make a fantastic TV show!
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