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  • Boy Meets World is the all time tween classic!

    I can still remember the first time I saw the advertisement for the first episode. Sitting in the living room, I was as interested as any 8 year old could be. But my mom maintained the interest for me as premier night she turned curiously to the channel it was on. I watched continuously week after week, until the last season when I was more interested in gauking at my own local boys. But the reruns reignited my love for the series and i have been a very loyal fan ever since. I am excited for the release of all of the seasons as they challenge my claim of having already seen every episode at least once but most five times. I am a proud fan of Boy Meets World's comedic yet family and teaching aspects, that shaped a lot of the way I grew up so wholesome. Thanks to you Boy Meets World cast and crew.
  • Boy Meets World is a wonderful show that has a positive message while making you laugh. It's incredibly funny, yet interesting and entertaining.

    Boy Meets World was one of the best shows on air. I still love watching the re runs and having a great laugh. If you’re down, Boy Meets World will pick you up and make you smile again because it has this mature humor to it. They can laugh in any situation while showing a positive moral to follow. This isn’t just any other television series, it’s a smart, well thought out program that gives you much entertainment. I wish they would have some sort of a reunion or a spin off to the series, I’d certainly watch it and I’m sure others would too. It is certainly a great show for old and young and can teach you things and even make your life a little bit better.
  • Cory is just a normal kid learning about the world, sense the title \\\'boy meets world\\\'.

    I think boy meets world is really funny in seasons 1-2 then it gets slow then it gets interesting again in the last couple of seasons. Personally my faverite episode is the one where they are on a game show, where the noledge isnt real! This show will leave you cracking up!
  • family show bout teens growing up and having to face the challenges of life

    its a great show..u can learn alot from it..its not all comedy and thats wot i like bout it..3 out of 5 in my little comedy about everyday life..
    i'd recommed it to anyone young who is not only looking for comedy buh to learn bout the little challenges that we may face in life
  • The best show of all time should be able to deliver some of the best laughs of all time, and that is exactly what Boy Meets World did.

    Boy meets world has to be one of the best sitcoms that I have ever seen. Although it is not the most original show it\'s flavor and comedy drew its audiences back for more each week. It followed a general time line and most of the scenarios could be related to by others who remenisce back to their high school days. I have to admit that the show had a bumpy start in the first few seasons, but when Eric started to get stupid, and especially when the college days started the show really lifted off the ground with its comedy factor. Not only is the show a good comedy, but it also gives the right hint of drama. Like any series there are some bum shows, but Boy Meets World, in my opinion, hit the bulls eye more often than not. I will always be a fan, and I recommend this show to anyone who feels like they need a good laugh.
  • Boy Meets World is about a boy named Cory Matthews, his girlfriend Topanga Lawrence, and his best friend Shawn Hunter. Their teacher, George Feeny, guides them from sixth grade through college. The show also follows Cory’s family consisting of Amy and A

    Boy Meets World is a great sitcom that many people of all ages enjoy. The main characters go through many of the same challenges regarding school, life, and love that face people in the real world today. With a comedic undertone, the show displays the life-long friendship of Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong). The two overcome every obstacle in their way together. The show’s main couple, Cory and Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel), is a fun, but somewhat eccentric, duo that displays true love. William Daniels plays the gang’s teacher, Mr. George Feeny, who follows them through all seven seasons. While it is a bit hard to imagine a teacher who follows the same students from sixth grade through college, William Daniels pulls it off well and makes it believable. Feeny and his bond with his students as well as his interesting sense of humor allows for an even broader audience to enjoy the show. As Cory gets older he becomes friends with his older brother, Eric, and the show gains even more humorous episodes. Will Friedle, who plays Eric the goofy, fun-loving older brother, often completely makes the show. His comedic timing is wonderful and the chemistry with the rest of the cast is fantastic as well. The bond he shows with their father (played by William Russ) also helps add some more family value to the show when the two overcome things and have fun together. Every viewer can generally relate to at least one of the characters or a combination of a few. The characters are memorable and have flaws as well as good qualities much like normal people. The comedy adds a final flare to the show that makes this something enjoyable for all different ages and types of people. In short, it is one of the great sitcoms of the 90’s.
  • Great Show

    I love this show its excellent and I think it should
    come back :P Since They go to new york it should show them in new york and how they survive in life now that their older which would be great....i think it deserves 50 overall its my favorite show ever
  • Boy Meets World always stood in the shadow of more popular, though less funny shows in the TGIF lineup such as Full House and Family Matters. Only Boy Meets World has stood the test of time, with 10-year-old reruns as funny now as they were when originall

    I started watching Boy Meets World when it came on the air in 1993. As a Mom, I used it to show my autistic son how “normal” kids acted. I don’t know how normal Cory and his friends turned out to be, but our family always enjoyed the show. Over the years we drifted from watching every week (though I remember tuning in for Cory & Topanga’s wedding), but I’ve fallen in love with it in reruns. This is a smart show with great dialogue, hilarious characters, and an uplifting overall message.
  • Hilarious, clean, comforting, and always worth the watch.

    Ever since the beginning of Boy Meets World, it has been hilarious. Every episode is guaranteed to either put a smile on your face, or give you a warm hearted feeling. The greatest thing about this show is that pretty much every laugh someone has, is at a clean joke. A lot of shows that have "family watching approval" also have the approval of being very cheesy. Boy Meets World on the other hand truly puts the smile on everyones face. The best times of Boy Meets World is no doubtedly their later years. This is when there is an actual story line going on that makes you want to keep watching. While there's a lot of emotions being tossed around by every character, there's always a funny line to put a huge smile on your face, while tears may be sliding down your face. Hilarious, clean, comforting, and always worth the watch.
  • Where are these wonderful actors now?

    Boy Meets World was and still is a favorite of mine, both new episodes and repeats. The cast of Boy Meets World was so perfect and everyone wanted to be someone in that show at one time or another. The show involved comedy,drama,heartache and romance. It was a perfect combination and millions agree. Corey Matthews grew up before all of our eyes as well as Topanga (The Artistic turned beautiful girl), Shaun (The troublemaker turned hopeless romantic) and so many wonderful others that there aren't words to describe them. I wish that all of these wonderful actors would come onto my TV screen again and make me laugh and cry and just have fun with TV. But that won't happen unless there is a reunion show (MY DREAM) so I'll just keep on watching the seasons on DVD until maybe that day will come.

    just my opinion,
  • a facts of life type show

    I really liked Boy Meets World, and I'd always watch it when the reruns came on. It was kinda like a facts of life type show, all the middle school stuff and dating, from how you always thought the opposite sex was cootified, to when you couldn't stop thinking about the opposite sex. It covered all the after school specials without having the suck reputation that most after school specials carry. I will always remember how quirky and funny cory was and how cool the name Topanga was.
  • Best show!

    This is one of the best shows EVER. I never knew about it when it was on ABC; I first saw it on the disney channel. I\'m glad I did (before they ended up showing it at 2 in the morning). It\'s a perfect blend of drama and comedy, and that\'s what makes it a classic, and my personal favorite. I haven\'t seen every episode, but it\'s my goal to see all of them.
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • This is an exciting show.

    Boy Meets World is a pretty good show. From the pilot to the finale, I have watched the series. I must say that the earlier seasons weren\'t as good, because there were less major characters. The show teaches lessons most of the time. It reminds mee of 7th Heaven and Full House; Summerland and Gilmore Girls. This was fabulous for it's time!
  • Very funny show

    I rewatch the reruns of this show all the time. I think this was one of the better shows of its time. It actually was a good clean fun show. It was funny in the right spots as well as being sad in the right spots. I loved the characters. It was fun to grow up with them as they grew. I laugh with each show. No violence, no gore just plain fun. Some of the stunts they all pulled off we so good. It also showed how a friend should be. Shawn and Corey were as different as night and day in their upbringing yet they remained friends and were there for each other in every step in their lives. Great show which ended way to soon.
  • A great teen comedy show of the early 90's.

    Boy Meets World is a great show. The first show is as good as the last. It is perfect for the whole family. There is no need to worry about swearing, nudity, drugs, or anything like that. Kids can enjoy it. There are characters that everyone can fall in love with. It is hilarious but still covers real issues like bullying, relationships, and other things that children and teenagers may face.

    For those who haven't seen the show, these are some of the best/main characters: Cory- whinny and annoying, but a good guy with a great life; Sean- Cory's best friend, rough around the edges, but a great friend; Topanga- Cory's girlfriend, Smart, weird (in the beginning); Eric- Cory's brother, extremely funny, kind of like Joey from friends; Matt- Sean's half brother, good looking, rich, smart; Mr. Feeny- Cory, Sean, and Topanga's teacher from the first season throughout high school to the last season, gives great advice; Angela- Sean's girlfriend in high school and college.

    With this much of a variety in personalities, this show has a character everyone in the family can enjoy.

  • Boy meets world is a great show

    Boy meets world is a great show its last season was in 2000 i think if they did one or two more seasons it would still be fresh and funny. Boy meets World had a good run and they did stop while they were ahead but i think they could've gone a couple more seasons. Its a hilarious show that shows a group of friends from when there in middle school til there almost done with college and married. Its a comedy for all ages, i personally like the newer episodes more then the old ones, i think there more funny. Still watch this show its on alot.
  • Boy Meets World is a show about three best friends just trying to make it through life. Cory is the careful one who justs wants what's best for his friends. Tapanga, Cory's girlfriend, is the smart one. And Sean is the rebel. With eachothers help they go

    I use to watch this show all the time but now they're just repeats. It's an amazing show that explores the lives of three young but amazingly close friends. They go through all of life's rough patches and good times with each other to lean on. Not only is this show sweet and full of life lessons but it's funny! They throw little gags and funny quotes in while still teaching you a lesson. I think it's the perfect show for all ages because it's funny and a bit of a drama. Even though it's over the repeating episodes are still really heart warming and fun to watch.
  • Not your average family sitcom...after the first season, anyway

    What started off as a straight-laced family sitcom evolved to keep its original audience. Or, perhaps, the actors had more input in the series as they grew older. The parents and little sister were slowly written out (Morgan was actually gone from the show for two seasons, then re-emerged with a different actress portraying her) so that the show would focus more on the antics of the kids and less on the Matthews family. The main characters included:

    Corey Matthews: a rambunctious kid who turned into a clueless teen/20-something. Toward the very end, he became extra crazy and was occasionally a hypochondriac.

    Shawn Hunter: a lower-class kid who went from being a small-time troublemaker (blowing up a mailbox with a cherry bomb) to having real issues/being the sexiest thing this side of a Davy Jones poster. (Speaking of Davy Jones, he and 2 of the other 3 Monkees have cameos)

    Topanga Lawrence: a weirdo kid who turned into a super-sexy young woman. She also dated Corey, which brings up a huge plothole:

    Corey asks out Topanga in 7th or 8th grade, and constantly commented on her weirdness in 6th grade. However, during the last 2 or 3 seasons of the show, they constantly say that the two of them have been going out since they were in pre-school/kindergarten. What's up with that?

    Anyway, back to Topanga. Uh, she was also smart, and she put on weight in the last two seasons. This weight gain was so noticable that they wrote a "Topanga realizes she's chunky and tries to lose weight" episode in the last season.

    Eric Matthews: an obnoxious, date-obsessed older brother to Corey who de-evolves into a total slapstick moron. And we love him for it. Eric went from being in 3 minutes of an episode to owning at least half the screen time. Also, he was an idiot, but occasionally had an uncharacteristic flash of smartness (see episode where he, Corey, and their dad go to a museum and he all of a sudden knows stuff about art and Ansel's crap).

    These are the main the later seasons, Shawn gets a girlfriend ( real discerning characteristics, except that she and Shawn keep breaking up and getting back together). Also Shawn finds a half brother (Jack, basically 40% Topanga [sometimes he's smart], 60% Eric [usually he's dumb]). Jack, Shawn, and Eric move in together, then Shawn moves out and in moves Rachel (a tall redhead who Eric and Jack usually are trying to sleep with).

    Basically the last 5 seasons are some mix of these characters getting into trouble. Shawn will do something and Corey will try to fix it, or Corey does something dumb and Topanga is mad at him.

    Oh, and of course there's Mr. Feeny. Who teaches the kids in every grade, then claims he'll retire, when what he really means is that he'll be gone a few episodes, then show up as a college professor.

    The show is currently re-run on both The Disney Channel and Fox Family Channel, and I would recommend watching it, unless it has Minkus in the episode you tune to. (Minkus himself is funny, but his appearance will signify a less-than-stellar first season episode...except he is also in a single show in a later season...4 or 5)
  • This was one strange show.

    This is definitely not the smartest, funniest, or well produced show. It does however have an undescribable charm and rewatchability. It started out as a show about an average boy growing up with his friends and family and evolved into a wacky melodrama. At times the show took the wacky antics too far and the relationships too seriously. At some point while Cory and his cohorts were in middle school the show left believability behind and made its characters more extreme. The show had glaring continuity issues that were amusing at times and just annoying at others.
    For every problem that the show had it still managed to have a charm that made it endearing. Maybe it is just the loyalty that the viewer develops after watching these kids grow-up, but the show is hard to walk away from. There are also many funny, memorable, and very outlandish moments. Just as his family and friends love Cory Matthews inspite of his shortcomings the viewer also comes to love the show inspite of its failings. Overall it's a cute show even if it couldn't decide if it was a comedy or a soap opera at times.
  • Boys meet world should difintely come back but the only way it would work is if they have the same people!

    This show was the best show ever! All of you will have to agree. It was great, the only thing I don't get is how was Eric in the same grade as Corey when he was like 4 years younger than him and it cant be because he was left back because Jack was in the same grade too. Someone messed up. lol
    Anyway something I didn't like about this show is Corey and Topanga, they were unrealistic (idk if I spelled that right). It is weird how they were always boyfriend and girlfriend since they were three...isn't it scary? And another thing I think that Sean should had been the main character because he was sooo CUTE (no offense the guy who played Corey)and I also think that Jack should be on the show from the beginning!
  • This show is one of the greatest shows ever. A teen trying to make it right through life. Now if you haven't seen this, you've got to!

    The acting and actors are great in this show. Whenever this show is on, I try to watch it. This is clearly one of the best ever shows. Also the creator should be very proud of himself for making this show as good as possible. When I first watched Disney, this was the first show I ever saw. I immedietly fell in love with it. I have to say this is suitable for all ages.
  • This show is the bomb!! It has changed my life forever! So why don't they bring it back!

    This show is one of the greatest out there! So why don't they bring it back! It new how to teach you a good life lesson in a funny way that would help you remember it forever! And the cast was the tops! Cory and Shawn were always hilarious, Topanga was a control freak that had to be the best at every thing that always added to the laughs, and Eric always left me rolling on the floor howling in laughter! It was the perfect feal good show for the whole family! So why don't they bring it back and make us all laugh again?!
  • "Boy Meets Worlds" take you through the lives of two brothers and their friends, familys, triumphs, failures, and traumas...

    "Boy Meets World" has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw it on Disney Channel. It's sad that it's not there anymore (although I believe they sometimes play it on ABC Family - they used to, they may not anymore), but oh well. "Boy Meets World" really makes you feel for the characters, that's how well acted this show is. It makes you laugh, it makes you feel sad, it really makes ya feel. "Boy Meets World" is a classic that I'll (hopefully) be watching on TV whenever I can find it. It's a great show...there's nothin else like it.
  • Boy Meets World is one of my favorite shows, and has been for a long time. This show has lived on in so many people's hearts ever since it began and will continue to touch more and more lives...

    Back when Boy Meets World premiered it was already ahead of it's time. It's amazing how a decade later, Boy Meets World is still going strong in reruns. The reason for that is because kids and teenagers today can still relate to everything that happens on the show. This series was, and still is, funny, dramatic, emotional, and exciting all at once. We all love Eric's Mr. Fini call and the way Mr. Fini loves Eric the way he is. We all still root for Topanga and Cory every episode we see, even though we already know they will end up marrying. We all yearn for a family like the Matthews family and feel very lucky if we have one. We all laugh at Shaun and some of his bad choices but we all love how he always fixes them with ease and style. Boy Meets World will live on as long as it still stays strong in the reruns, which it will, because everyone loves to watch episodes over and over again. I hope that this show never dies and I know that someday I will share this show with my children, whether it be on reruns or on the DVDs. I love Boy Meets World!
  • One of the best teen comedies in the history of television

    Boy Meets World was one of the greatest shows on ABC, landing a spot originally on TGIF every Friday night. The show revolved around Cory Matthews, dealing with such teen problems like relationships, friends, drugs, parents, siblings etc...

    Along the way, his friends Tapanga and Shawn help him face reality. Each season everyone was introduced to some new people, and each season the cast obviously got bigger. The show ended with Cory and his friends revisiting Mr. Feeny and thinking about all the memories they had.

    The show was adopted onto the Disney Channel and was shown all the way until 2004, when they decided to cancel it, but is still shown on the ABC Family channel today.

    I think this show will go among the ranks of The Brady Bunch, Growing Pains, Full House etc... and in a couple of years will be shown on Nick at Nite.
  • His best friend, Shawn (Rider Strong, "Invasion America"), no longer lives with English teacher Jonathan Turner ( Anthony Tyler Quinn, "Ask Harriet"), but with his truck-driver dad, who has moved back to town. Cory, who was instrumental in

    I loved Boy Meets World. It's a show about looking though a eleven-year old point of view and who is exploring and discovering things not just about the world around him but also himself. My favorite character on the show would have to be Shawn. The show in the beginning was cool but it got kind of stupid near the end. Overrall though, it was a great show when it lasted.
  • This is a great humorous sitcom! This is my favorite show ever

    Boy Meets World is my favorite show and it most likely always will be. There are parts that stick out in my head and episodes that I will never forget. The characters are well developed and the humor is great! It's make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts! This is a great show for people growing up who need a laugh. In my opnion the later episodes are better because there is more drama and surprises. This series has a lot of twists and turns that will keep you guessing the whole way through. Boy Meets World is a great series that will remain my favorite for a long time.
  • Boy Meets World is a show filled with laughs, love, and friendships that never end.

    This is a wonderful show filled with lots of laughs, plenty of tears, and almost perfect relationships that will never end. It has lovable characters which you get to see from sixth grade to marraige and past that. Tons of drama, comedy, and even some tragedy. Great show, definitely in my top ten!
  • one of those timeless shows that you can never get enough of.

    Growing up i watched it every friday night. now everyday at 3 on ABC family, i never miss it. seasin after season. I must have watched the entire series about a hundred times and i still love it. The classic lines and characters are things that i will remember for the rest of My life.

    \"I am Plays-with-squirrels\"
    -Eric Matthews
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