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  • How did this show make the top 100's

    In my life there are many things i will look back upon and regret. Such as ever tasting liqour, insulting my teachers and watching Boy meets world and Even Stevens. Okay there was the occasional laugh you got from it and i'll give it a break cause it was a 90's show. But BTVS was also from the 90's and its one of the hit shows we will always look upon so why the hell does it suck so much. It was slightly enjoyable (note slightly) but it wasn't exactly a show I'd tune in to watch unless there was nothing nice on the box, so for my honest opinion this show has, and i doubt will, reached the standard of good television. But hey that's my opinion.
  • I don't get it; how come it lasted so long??

    I used to watch the show. But i dropped it. Theres like, eight seasons, and each episode shows about twice a year. Its too long. I mean, grade six to college?
    Character changes are expected. An example is Eric. Eric, in the first few seasons, wasn't as dumb as he was in the last few seasons. I mean, you can't go from smart to dumb just like that. I found there was a lot of repeated ideas with Shawn and his life; there was at least one of him and Cory fighting in all seasons. Sure, this show was fine when i watched it, but i don't find the acting spectacular either. So basically, this show has way too many seasons!
  • Okay show

    I watched this show all the time as a kid but I was annoyed by how the series played out in the later seasons. I did not like how they tried to make it seem like Corey and Topanga were together forever when Corey along with almost all the other kids thought she was a weird hippie freak. They completely changed Corey from a slacker, back talker to a paranoid romantic and Eric from a goofy schemer into a big ***, I know people change and mature but I don't think it works that way. It eventually transformed from a comedy first with a little drama and life lessons to a drama with little comedy here and there. I really enjoyed the first few seasons , Especially junior high with Frankie, Harley and Joey those seasons were great but it started to get Annoying when all the inconsistencies started coming.
  • Enjoyable early, then lost it.

    I do like this show, but really, soon if got so darn sappy i couldn't handle it. i enjoy sappy shows, more drama filled show, but this was suppose to be a 30 minute comedy, and it soon turned into a 30 mediocre drama...

    I have seen every episode, and the early years, the first 4 that is, are by far the best.

    Especially after Cory and Topanga got married, it was dang near unwatchable, it just got to me way too much...i nearly drowned with all the sap around me.

    Loved the show in the early years, loathed in the in later ones.
  • Very influential.

    This is such a wonderful show about growing up and getting through teen life and starting adult life. Cory Matthews starts out as an eleven-year-old boy who just wants to have fun. As he gets older, he learns a whole lot more about life. It's not just about having fun. It's about learning new things, meeting people, and finding your true self.

    This is a great show about finding out who you are and accepting others for who they are. It's just such an amazing show and very realistic. You can also get some good laughs from watching this. I just love Boy Meets World.
  • Its good, until the later episodes.

    Boy Meets World use to be a great show for the family. It was both serious and funny, and it taught us valueable lessons at the end. The first few seasons were well written, good acting, and had a nice plot. But in the later seasons the writers for the characters went downhill, and the writing got worse. I wonder what happened. This show is good, but the newer ones aren't that great. I miss the old episodes!
  • Great for a twelve year old, okay for a sixteen year old, and bad for a twenty year old.

    I think this show is fun to watch for someone link me, a twelve year old. However not so good for adults, but then again it was never ment to be watched by adults. However there was alot of fluctuation thrughout the seasons, my personal favrits where seasons four, five, six, and questionable seven. Boy Meets World dealed with promlems like girls, alcoholizem, pre marital sex, highschool, college, responsibility, and the changing of housing arangements. This show did a smart thing, that is making the show grow with the kids who where watching it. Although the seventh season was a bit silly, still i the rest of the show is injoyble.

    Thank you for reading my review of "Boy Meets World"
  • I like this show!

    This show was pretty funny. I wish it was on more
  • Boy Meets World. A boy meeting the world.

    As you can see from the title, it is about a boy who is about to face reality, making friends, facing problems, and getting lecture.

    The boys name is Cory, he is a average kid, who gets into so much trouble with the help of his best Shawn Hunter. This show is basically about Cory growing up, facing problems, getting married, and ends up leaving to New York, with his friend, and is about to face even more challenges, in his life.

    This show starts, when Cory was about 11-12 years old, and ends up being about 18, a matured person.
  • I love this show i wanted to know what happened 2 cory topanga and shawn in new york but it was the end of the series which was a reall tear jerker.... :-) I give it 2 thumbs waaaaaaaaaaaaaay wayyyyyyyy up!

    who can not luv the show come on now??? I luv the show and wish that they would do some kind of reunion show or some thing beacuse i think that a lot of people would watch it!
    plus its not like it wasn't funny and yea there were some serious stuff but it was suppose to be like that hello!
  • It wasn't a bad show by any means, but it was too dramatic for a sitcom.

    Boy meets World is a show about Cory Matthews, and his friends. It always was. His brother Eric, was a serius turned goofy character, and his friend, Shawn, lived in a trailer park and had a father who reeacurred and a mother who left him. Topanga was his girlfriend, then his ex, then his girlfrind, then his ex, then his girlfriend his ex, then his girlfriend, then finally got married.

    The reason I feel this show is too risque for a sitcom is because it's overly dramatic. Sure, it has it's funny spots, (like Eric, who is my favorite because he's actually funny) but overall, wasn't that funny.

    For instance, Shawn's father died, (which they made into to serious episodes with absolutely no comedy) then after that, Amy's baby almost died (which made into another serous episode.) the earlier episodes had bad boy Cory, who talked back to his teacher, and made a mocharie out of society, and it was actually funny. Then when Topanga turned un-weird, it went downhill. I guess Cory said it best in the baby episode: "I like the older Topanga This Topanga just isn't right" Even Cory agrees.

    Then we got the 19-year olds who want to get married and everyone turns against them. Then they almost get married in a "Las Vegas Chapel" type scene and Topanga backs out. There's too much stress for it to be a sitcom. Like I said, it was a good show, but when I look for dramatics, I'll look for something on FX or TNT.
  • I still love this show!

    I watch the reruns on ABC Family and Disney all the time!
    I have probably seen every episode like 4 or 5 times now, and i never get tired of them. Eric is the best, a crazy goofball (kind of like me) and now I watch Kim Possible just to catch hime as Ron Stoppable
  • Boy Meets World..............

    Corey, Shawn, Tapenga, Eric, and other members of the show really brought this show to like. Even though MOST of the time is boring becuase all the do is talk and talk and no fun or action. I didnt like the last episode it ended them MOVING to NY, they sould atleast show afterwards when they where in NY, the ending will haved been better.
  • A kid goes through life witha best friend, a bro + sis and a girl he loves and aventually* marries

    It's an OK show. Something 2 watch wen nothng else is on lol. The show makes more sence during the last 2 or 3 seasons. As it goes on it also get funnyer and you strt to know why it is called "boy meets world" Overall the show is "kinda ok"
  • I liked boy meets world

    This was a good family show before 7th heaven and after full house. It's a story of a boy in junior high "meeting" the world because he's growing up. It shows all the good things and the bad things about puberty and the rough roads he encounters all through college. I recommend this along with Growing Pains and Saved by the Bell.
  • Friends live and grow up learning about life.

    Not a bad show. Had some good eniatives. This was a well educated show that I loved as a kid and still watch time after time. Even though im not buying the DVDS, I still enjoy the show every now and then. So if you have nothing to do, turn it on and watch.
  • A decent comedy!

    Boy Meets World is a show that reminds me a lot of NBC's 'Friends,' except for teens and younger children. Ben Savage leads the show as the character Cory Matthews. BMW shows the hardships of life from a young kid, a teen, a young adult, and finally, an adult. The show does a great job of adding humor in a lot of aspects of the show. As Cory goes on, you can see that he is maturing with time. I grew up with Cory, and he shows how hard it can be. The show does a good job of developing Cory, giving him the girl of his dreams, a loyal friend, a caring family, and a teacher/principal who has always been at his side. The show has everything that makes a good sitcom, comedy, drama, romance, and the occasional deep trouble that every teen gets in. BMW ended 5 years ago, but it is still one of the most watched shows on TV on the Disney Channel and ABC Family.

    It's just so much fun to watch this show, and watch the characters develop so well. It's just a shame that none of the actors from the show besides Rider Strong and Will Friedle have gone on to bigger and better things. Look for Ben Savage to star in a movie next year, that's looking very good.
  • The typical suburban family with a special kid.

    Another show that i tried watching but couldnt keep up thanks to my crappy nationl television which butchered series that were not having a good rating. This means that i only watched season 1, 2 and 3. I remember that this show was very good because you felt chemistry between the characters, they actuall felt and looked like a real family and its group of friends. I also liked very much the fact that the kids in this show were actually good kids and dealth with regular life issues instead of the intrincated plots sometimes other series have.

    Good clean fun for the whole family!
  • This is an exciting show.

    Boy Meets World is a pretty good show. From the pilot to the finale, I have watched the series. I must say that the earlier seasons weren\'t as good, because there were less major characters. The show teaches lessons most of the time. It reminds mee of 7th Heaven and Full House; Summerland and Gilmore Girls. This was fabulous for it's time!
  • I LOVE this show :D:D:D.

    The show revolves around Cory Matthews; the other characters often serve to help him cope with his difficulties in achievement in school, his moral conflicts with his best friend, Shawn Patrick Hunter, and his trouble understanding his girlfriend Topanga Lawrence. Shawn is dissimilar to Cory; he is a social rebel, he has an unsupportive family, and he has success with women, something which Cory envies at times. Cory's mother and father (Amy and Alan Matthews) are hard-working people trying to make a decent living in order to raise their three children (by the end of the series, a fourth child, Joshua Matthews, is born). Their other two children are Eric Matthews, the funny, handsome, sometimes borderline-psychotic older brother who tries to distance himself from Cory at all possible times; and Morgan Matthews, the younger sister, who sometimes uses her position as means of getting what she wants. Cory, with his stubbornness and laziness, struggles with his friends to get through school. To help them, there is Mr. George Feeny, Cory's teacher and neighbor. He tries as hard as possible to get them through school and he eventually does. Finally, there is Topanga Lawrence, Cory's first love, and in the later seasons, his fiancée, then wife. Topanga and Cory's relationship is the main focus of the later part of the series, and at the end of the series, Topanga, Cory, Shawn, and Eric leave suburban Philadelphia for New York City while later new-comers to the cast, Jack and Rachel join the Peace Corps and Angela goes to Europe with her father.
  • Boy Meets World is a show about three best friends just trying to make it through life. Cory is the careful one who justs wants what's best for his friends. Tapanga, Cory's girlfriend, is the smart one. And Sean is the rebel. With eachothers help they go

    I use to watch this show all the time but now they're just repeats. It's an amazing show that explores the lives of three young but amazingly close friends. They go through all of life's rough patches and good times with each other to lean on. Not only is this show sweet and full of life lessons but it's funny! They throw little gags and funny quotes in while still teaching you a lesson. I think it's the perfect show for all ages because it's funny and a bit of a drama. Even though it's over the repeating episodes are still really heart warming and fun to watch.
  • Don\'t get me wrong I used to watch this show. But as I\'ve gotten older the show seems less interesting.

    Like Step By Step, it had it's ups and downs. It was a good show for the time, but I don't think it'll survive today if it were to come out today. My favorite character was Mr. Feeny he was so full of wisdom and advice, he was perfect for the part. I's funny cause isn't the guy that does Mr. Feeny the one that did the voice for KIT in Knight Rider? Anyway, it was a decent show for it's time, wouldn't watch the reruns though. It was good while it lasted. Although it seems to have gained popularity in reruns on the Disney Channel.
  • I kind of related to this one.

    From middle school through college and beyond, this is story of Corey Matthews. His life, his love, and oh yeah, all the stupid stuff he does. The people and places that he thinks of as home are slowly pulled away from him one by one, leaving him to consider just what his life is about when things are always changing and nothing's what you expected.
  • Boy Meets World was a more comedic version of The Wonder Years. Its early season's were great but it aged badly. The show took a more dramatic approach during its last seasons and forgot about many of the Character's origins with u-turns in some cases.

    Boy Meets World was a more comedic version of The Wonder Years. Its early season's were great but it aged badly. The show took a more dramatic approach during its last seasons and forgot about many of the Character's origins with u-turns in some cases.

    The show had a good cast but too many cast changes later made for a shaky show.

    Season's 1-3 were pure sitcom gold. They were funny and interesting and very realistic to the average teen. The character of Shawn had a dramatic storyline but the writers still managed to make the show funny.

    Replacing the young Lily Nicksay wasn't a great move - another case of the show not quite knowing what it was.

    Season 4 was a goofy season which while being funny is where the show went downhill. Eric became more stupid (but not at his dumbest) and Cory and Shawn became - well, a Gay Couple.

    Season's 5-7 were dramatic, featured too many cast additions (rather than changes) and Eric became the world's biggest moron. It was goofy and dramatic and unbelievable. Mr. Feeny seemed shoe-horned in - we knew he would be there all the way but he was simply turned to for some Comedic Support and Guidance - given barely any storyline. Amy and Alan were hardly shown and rarely had their own storyline - making them seem like 2D characters.

    The Show began great and while always having some good writing, the show seemed lost in it later years not quite knowing what direction to go in.
  • Was funny at the beginning.

    The story of Boy Meets World is a very sad story. When it started, way back in the '90s, it was funny family show following the mischief Cory Matthews got into with his friend, Shawn Hunter, but the audience knew they were still good kids. They often had to face difficult decisions and when they did, Cory would usually ask Mr.Pheny and they'd end up doing the right thing. As the show progressed, actually, as the show degressed, and the characters got older, the show was no longer a warm, funny family show. It was a drama. That's the last thing TGIF needs-a drama. It dealt with Cory deciding if he was going to have sex or not and all the humor got sucked out.
  • this show was a really good show back in the 90s

    boy meets world focaused on young teens who were in high school dealing with relationships there was corey and topangia and others . and they went shows them dealing with problems with there lives and there realationship it was a good show in the 90s and it had really good plots and the stories were some times really funny or sad at some parts. but it was a good show. and it last for 7 years and i think that was a great run and iwatched all the eps and that is why i gave the show a 8. 0
  • Good Show

    Boy meets World is a good show. I like how its very funny and I just love the way the show is set up. I enjoy watching the actors and actresses on this show. Boy Meets World has a good story line most of the time but some times there episodes are just o k and not enough to be something I'd watch over and over again. But there are some really great episodes that I would watch a thousand times. I like how they played out the whole Corey and Topanga thing. Overall this show is pretty good and I would watch it.
  • Boy meets world a wonderful series!

    I love boy meets world i believe i have seen every single episode and its not just the fact that it is a good show its what is behind the meaning of the show. this show has taught me so much about what to do when youre put in certain difficult situations and it is amazing. I love cory and topanga wow they are so great together! my favorite season are when they are in college they are definetely the best! when they are kids the show is okay but i can deff. relate better to the show when they are in college. one question why arent all the seasons out on dvd? i mean the show has been over for like 3 or 4 years now why are only season 1-3 out sounds kinda bad. it makes me really angry but i guess i will be patient and keep watching episodes on disney channel lol
  • Growing up is an adventure for Corey Matthews as he goes through everything from pimples to marriage growing up before our eyes.

    I still have no idea why I like this show. I grew up with it. Maybe not like I did with Mr. Rogers, but I was a young teen when I started watching it and I found it comforting. None of Corey's problems were all THAT threatening but it wasn't "Leave it to Beaver" either. He was always relateable. The best part of this show was always the characters surrounding Corey. His best friend, his best girl, his hilarious older brother, loving parents, and of course the terrific principal next door. I mean who doesn't have a principal next door? I know I do... no I'm not kidding I actually live next door to a high school principal. By the way no I didn't forget Corey's little sister... but I bet you did :)
  • Good Show

    Boy Meets World was originally intended for tweens; too young to date, therefore at home on Friday evenings with their parents. Playing on the concept of shows like “The Wonder Years,” the program centers around a young Cory Matthews and his issues, theories, and relationships as he comes of age from junior high through college. Young love is a central character who answers to the name Topanga, while Cory’s best friend Shawn completes the triangle of unyielding friendship carried throughout the series.

    Being a situation comedy, each episode sets Cory up with a problem to deal with. At some point, he usually seeks advice from his neighbor, Mr. Feeney, who also happens to be his teacher in junior high. Feeney remains a constant throughout the series, always giving Cory advice that somehow relates back to what he has been studying in class. With this comparison of class work to practical life, Feeney articulates what all parents wish they could say when kids ask, “when am I ever going to use this in real life?”

    When it comes to puppy love, Topanga and Cory carry their relationship from junior high into college, marrying while still attaining their undergraduate degrees. Cory proved to be mature at a young age, and the pair carried their romance out in a very old- fashioned manner. Cory’s parents, though they questioned whether the couple shouldn’t date other people, remained supportive of the friendship the relationship was based on.

    It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Cory Matthews. He faced the same moral dilemmas of any boy his age, but was surrounded by adults and friends he could turn to. Cory clearly valued those around him, keeping his relationships honest and healthy.

    Your daughter too could benefit and identify with Cory as well as Topanga. She is a strong-willed young lady, dedicated to her school work, friends, and Cory, while still maintaining an independent personality.

    Overall, the show allows kids to explore realistic situations from the safety of their couches. Parents may gain insight into the confusion or concerns of their own kids while enjoying a look at what this boy's world is made up of.
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