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  • Boy Meets World is a wonderful show that has a positive message while making you laugh. It's incredibly funny, yet interesting and entertaining.

    Boy Meets World was one of the best shows on air. I still love watching the re runs and having a great laugh. If you’re down, Boy Meets World will pick you up and make you smile again because it has this mature humor to it. They can laugh in any situation while showing a positive moral to follow. This isn’t just any other television series, it’s a smart, well thought out program that gives you much entertainment. I wish they would have some sort of a reunion or a spin off to the series, I’d certainly watch it and I’m sure others would too. It is certainly a great show for old and young and can teach you things and even make your life a little bit better.
  • The best show of all time should be able to deliver some of the best laughs of all time, and that is exactly what Boy Meets World did.

    Boy meets world has to be one of the best sitcoms that I have ever seen. Although it is not the most original show it\'s flavor and comedy drew its audiences back for more each week. It followed a general time line and most of the scenarios could be related to by others who remenisce back to their high school days. I have to admit that the show had a bumpy start in the first few seasons, but when Eric started to get stupid, and especially when the college days started the show really lifted off the ground with its comedy factor. Not only is the show a good comedy, but it also gives the right hint of drama. Like any series there are some bum shows, but Boy Meets World, in my opinion, hit the bulls eye more often than not. I will always be a fan, and I recommend this show to anyone who feels like they need a good laugh.
  • Boy Meets World always stood in the shadow of more popular, though less funny shows in the TGIF lineup such as Full House and Family Matters. Only Boy Meets World has stood the test of time, with 10-year-old reruns as funny now as they were when originall

    I started watching Boy Meets World when it came on the air in 1993. As a Mom, I used it to show my autistic son how “normal” kids acted. I don’t know how normal Cory and his friends turned out to be, but our family always enjoyed the show. Over the years we drifted from watching every week (though I remember tuning in for Cory & Topanga’s wedding), but I’ve fallen in love with it in reruns. This is a smart show with great dialogue, hilarious characters, and an uplifting overall message.
  • Boy Meets World lasted seven seasons, and it only got better as time went on. This is one show that never really jumped the shark. The one show from the TGIF era that actually stands the test of time, and doesn't come off as dated.

    This show followed Cory Matthews and his friends Shawn and Topanga as they learned about life and love. I'll be honest... season one kind of sucked. Season Two, Cory and Shawn went to the high school and I think this is where the show began to take off. Season 3 is where the show was getting white hot, and it just got better and better every season up to the end. One of the few occasions, where a show ends at the height of its prime. I strongly believed though that the show had just run its course, and you really had to start asking yourself "What more can they do?". I think they ended it before it got lame, and just started recycling old ideas and episodes like Saved by the Bell for instance. The acting was good in this show, the writing was good for a teen sitcom, and it is the only show I've rewatched from the 90's TGIF era that can still hold water by today's standards. You can watch the later seasons now, and it does not really seem outdated at all. Family Matters, Step by Step, Sabrina:The Teenage Witch, Sister..Sister, were all shows that were good for their time... but just have not held up over time well at all. They seem so horribly dated, and just ridiculously too corny. Shows like the Fresh Prince and Boy Meets World are shows that you could turn on now and watch, and still laugh your butt off.
  • Bring Back Boy Meets World

    I bought all 7 seasons of Boy Meets World and just got done with them. Last 3 episodes were so sad and cant get em out of my head i love this show it is my all time favorite show. I wish they never cancelled the show i wish they could make more episodes or possibly reunion movie id do anything to see that!
  • Love it

    Honestly this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It has a lot of good classic humor in the early years and has some good drama moments in the later years, as well as comedy. I'm sad I only have the third season, honestly if I had all of them {assuming seasons 4-7 are released}, I would watch them a lot. My favorite character is Eric, second is Shawn because they seemed to be the most funny. Every character was funny in their own way. I wish this was still on TV, in reruns, because it was such a good show. I can only hope seasons 4-7 are released. I also need to buy seasons 1 and 2.
  • This show is the greatest show ever. Hands Down. This show has taught me so much about life. I will never have a show that will describe my life as good as this show.

    This show is my favorite show in the entirety of my life. I have learned so much from this show and can see my life in it. I am not talking about it represents me in one episode either. This is the real deal. It shows a boy's life and is pretty accurate at doing it. When I was little, I always wanted to be like Cory. Now alot of my life has been like his and its not like I am a psycho-path and am doing it on purpose. Life really can happen (and alot of the times does) like this show says. I will always miss this show.
  • This show was for us all, and we loved it!

    I grew up watching Boy Meets World. It has always been my favorite show. They talked about everything from a child's perspective to a teenager's perspective to an adult's perspective. The relationships and problems

    that faced Cory and Topanga, Cory and Shawn, and the whole bunch face everyday teenagers today. It is completely understandable, and can always make you smile. I hope it continues to air on ABC and Disney Channel. It is an inspiration to children. Boy Meets World shows all of the hardships that children can have. From Shawn's parents splitting up to his dad dying. They show the progression to a wonderful relationship between Cory and Topanga. Some episodes can make you laugh and some can make you cry. It is like a Friends episode for children. It is a wonderful story of friendships, relationships, and life.
  • This brilliant comedy drama kept me captivated and enteratined the whole way through. The best of it's category!

    I started off watching this when I used to go to my best friend's house. This got me watching it at home and I got so into it so much I almost cried at the finale. The actors are all great, and the jokes are funny (i.e Will Friedle). I loved this show so much I signed many internet petitions to have them make more episodes. My personal favourite show of all shows, I recommend this to anyone. I am eagerly awaiting some sort of reunion show. Fantastic show, gets all my votes!
  • Boy Meets World is about a boy named Cory Matthews, his girlfriend Topanga Lawrence, and his best friend Shawn Hunter. Their teacher, George Feeny, guides them from sixth grade through college. The show also follows Cory’s family consisting of Amy and A

    Boy Meets World is a great sitcom that many people of all ages enjoy. The main characters go through many of the same challenges regarding school, life, and love that face people in the real world today. With a comedic undertone, the show displays the life-long friendship of Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong). The two overcome every obstacle in their way together. The show’s main couple, Cory and Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel), is a fun, but somewhat eccentric, duo that displays true love. William Daniels plays the gang’s teacher, Mr. George Feeny, who follows them through all seven seasons. While it is a bit hard to imagine a teacher who follows the same students from sixth grade through college, William Daniels pulls it off well and makes it believable. Feeny and his bond with his students as well as his interesting sense of humor allows for an even broader audience to enjoy the show. As Cory gets older he becomes friends with his older brother, Eric, and the show gains even more humorous episodes. Will Friedle, who plays Eric the goofy, fun-loving older brother, often completely makes the show. His comedic timing is wonderful and the chemistry with the rest of the cast is fantastic as well. The bond he shows with their father (played by William Russ) also helps add some more family value to the show when the two overcome things and have fun together. Every viewer can generally relate to at least one of the characters or a combination of a few. The characters are memorable and have flaws as well as good qualities much like normal people. The comedy adds a final flare to the show that makes this something enjoyable for all different ages and types of people. In short, it is one of the great sitcoms of the 90’s.
  • Despite some mistakes made throughout the run of the show, Boy Meets World is one of the best family sitcoms to ever air on television.


    I just love Boy Meets World. Even though it ended so long ago, it is still one of my favorite shows. I frequently watch the old episodes on youtube.

    There were several mistakes or goofs throughout the years, such as Shawn's brother who lived in the trailer park (and then disappeared to never be mentioned again), and Topanga's sister (who appeared briefly). Also, in the later years, everyone says that Cory and Topanga were always best friends when, in reality, they were hardly even friends at one point. Cory and Shawn thought she was a weirdo. :-) But despite these (and more) mistakes, the show is great, just funny to the point of comic genius.

    Boy Meets World was, at times, sappy, but stopped short of Family Matters or Full House sappy. It had a bigger dose of reality and taught lessons that lots of kids were dealing with. Sometimes there was no happy ending.

    The characters on the show were all likeable and lovable (although I'm not sure if I liked Eric when he was lazy and conceited, or when he was a dumb goof ball). I will never tire of Boy Meets World. You will laugh at each and every single episode.

  • they sure dont make them like this anymore

    Wow, it seems like forever since we last saw our favorite boy trying to survive the hardships of school and every day life. This was one of those shows that made us wish it was friday. What makes this show so great wasn't it's origonality, after all saved by the bell came out quite a few years before this, but rather how the story was told. The producers of this show made sure that their characters would be true and sincere, they gave us characters that were beleivable and who had flaws. Another great aspect was that it really related to what alot of us groing up at that time were going through, dealing with middle/high school and dealing with our first love. Despite being an older show by now, it continues to be great and has the same impact today as it did when it first aired.I strongly suggest watching this if you haven't already.
  • I grew up on this show

    I grew up on this show orignally on TGIF it was really nice getting to see the kids all grow up with me I now buy the dvd seasons as they come out and I find myself woundering if I was ever really that young .... if your looking for a good clean family comedy kind of show to watch then this is for you I hope you enjoy it as much as I did
  • "Boy Meets World" was a fantastic show because of its humor and optimistic view of the world.

    "Boy Meets World" was, in my opinion, the perfect TV series. The show displayed an idealistic view of the world. There were no villains; even the school bullies had a soft side. Cory once said, "Everything works out for the best!" and, in this series at least, everything does. Cory grows up, makes lifelong friends, and marries his first crush Topanga. Eric, Cory's older brother, struggles through his education; but, in the end, graduates with a four-year degree. Cory's best friend, Shawn, has a tough time; but even his life works out. He goes to college, makes peace with his dying father, becomes good friends with his half-brother Jack, and finds true love with a schoolmate named Angela. Through it all, they are guided by their teacher, mentor, and Cory's next-door neighbor, Mr. Feeny.

    It is hard to write a plot description of "Boy Meets World" because the show changed dramatically over the years. There was no unusual premise. It was just the story of a boy growing up into a young man and the friends and family that surround him.

    In season one, we are introduced to Cory Matthews, an average American sixth-grader. He lives in Philadelphia with his parents, older brother, and little sister. His best friend Shawn lives in a trailer park, but it doesn't matter to Cory. The majority of plots in this season focused on Cory's learning lessons and his relationships with his schoolmates, in particular the class geek named Minkus and a hippie girl named Topanga. Cory's girl-crazy older brother, Eric, is always on hand for comic relief.

    In season two, we are introduced to several new characters. Jonathan Turner is a new teacher in school, Harley is the school bully, and Joey and Frankie are his "thugs". Minkus, however, is eliminated from the cast. The majority of the plots in season revolve around Cory and Shawn's new interest in girls, especially Cory's attraction to the now much more normal Topanga.

    In season three, Cory and Topanga begin officially dating. The majority of the plots revolve around their romance and Shawn’s relationship with Turner who takes Shawn into his home after Shawn’s father abandons him in the second season finale. Shawn's father does come back at the end of this season. The next-to-the-last episode of this season (The Happiest Show on Earth) is, IMHO, one of the most memorable half-hours in TV history.

    In season four, Cory and Topanga continue to date. Their relationship becomes much more serious, and there are several excellent episodes regarding their relationship, such as “Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men” and the two-part “A Long Walk to Pittsburgh.” The show becomes quite “random” (to use Rider Strong’s term) in this season. Odd characters and events happen with no explanation, but it’s always very funny. Also, Turner makes his last appearance in the next-to-the-last episode of this season.

    In season five, Eric starts college; Shawn gets in touch with his half-brother Jack; and Shawn gets a steady girlfriend named Angela. A large portion of this season involved Cory and Topanga's breaking up over another girl named Lauren. In the next-to-the-last episode of this season, Cory's mother (Amy) announces that she is pregnant. In the season finale Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Angela all graduate high school; and in the last moment, Topanga asks Cory to marry her. This is my personal favorite season because of the teen drama and the funny interactions between Eric and Jack.

    In season six, we finally get to see how Cory responds to the proposal. In a two-part series opener, Cory and Topanga almost elope, but in the end decide to wait. From this point on, though, the couple is engaged. In the third episode of this series, the gang starts college. In the fourth episode, Shawn and Angela break up. The majority of the plots of this season revolve around Cory and Topanga's engagement, the feelings Shawn and Angela still have for one another, Amy's pregnancy, and Eric and Jack's competition for their new "hot-hot-hottie-hot-hottie-hot-hot-hot" roommate Rachel (Think "Three's Company" only one girl and too guys).

    In season seven, all the loose strings are tied up. Cory and Topanga are married after a brief breakup, and adjust to their life as a couple. Shawn FINALLY gets back together with Angela. The majority of the plots are devoted to Cory and Topanga's life as newlyweds. Eric, Jack, and Rachel graduate at the end of this season. The series ends with Angela moving to Europe to spend time with her military father; Rachel and Jack joining the peace corps to do some good in the world; and Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric moving to New York City to start their adult lives. The final scene of the series is Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric saying goodbye to Feeny in the old sixth grade classroom.

    I think that this series holds up over the years for four major reasons.

    First, the comedy is genuinely funny. It doesn’t get its humor from being crude. The humor comes largely from human nature, personality conflicts, and the recognition of oneself or someone you know in the characters.

    Second, the drama is seldom corny. Although a couple times the drama of the show became a little clichéd, the vast majority of the drama was very real and easy to relate to.

    The third reason is that the characters were very easy to relate to. They all seemed like real people that you would like to get to know.

    The final reason is Cory and Topanga’s romance. Unlike a lot of shows about junior/senior high school where the kids go from one crush to another, Cory and Topanga were attracted to each other from the very beginning. The audience kept tuning in to see what would happen to them next.

    It is currently playing on ABC Family at 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM Eastern, and Disney Channel at 2:00 AM Eastern.

    The first three seasons of the show may be purchased on DVD from at

    I would recommend this show to absolutely everyone. Although this show is targeted at teens, I can’t think of a single type of person that wouldn’t enjoy it.
  • Where are these wonderful actors now?

    Boy Meets World was and still is a favorite of mine, both new episodes and repeats. The cast of Boy Meets World was so perfect and everyone wanted to be someone in that show at one time or another. The show involved comedy,drama,heartache and romance. It was a perfect combination and millions agree. Corey Matthews grew up before all of our eyes as well as Topanga (The Artistic turned beautiful girl), Shaun (The troublemaker turned hopeless romantic) and so many wonderful others that there aren't words to describe them. I wish that all of these wonderful actors would come onto my TV screen again and make me laugh and cry and just have fun with TV. But that won't happen unless there is a reunion show (MY DREAM) so I'll just keep on watching the seasons on DVD until maybe that day will come.

    just my opinion,
  • Boy Meets World follows kid Corey Matthews, his best friend Shawn, his childhood friend and girlfriend Topanga, as well as his Family, Classmates and Principle through life in Philadelphia.

    Boy Meets World was apart of the great TGIF lineup on ABC from 1993-2000. This show was different from others because the show managed to keep all of the main characters through the years, with changing up the surroundings and side characters. From Middle school all the way through College, They keep Corey, Topanga and Shawn evolving. In my opinion the show gets better as the years go on. I love how they developed Eric into more of a main character, while bringing in Jack and Rachel to make a funny apartment. Not only was the show funny, but it brought more aspects from other things besides comedy. There were so many good serious episodes. Most of the serious episodes dealt with Shawn. Shawn got drunk, When Shawn's dad died, Shawn joining a cult, and when Mr. Turner was involved in a motorcycle accident. They mixed the comedy with sadness very well, and some episodes were really emotional. The show was very good, especially for being a Friday night teen show. I gave Boy Meets World and 8.5 out of 10!
  • family show bout teens growing up and having to face the challenges of life

    its a great show..u can learn alot from it..its not all comedy and thats wot i like bout it..3 out of 5 in my little comedy about everyday life..
    i'd recommed it to anyone young who is not only looking for comedy buh to learn bout the little challenges that we may face in life
  • Cory and Shawn!

    I love them together! I never even considered them gay at all throughout the series! I thought they were just about the cutest bromance on tv! I wish guys now were allowed to be that close to guy friends without automatically being teased about being gay!
  • an awesome show.


    wow this show is truly awesome. I loved this show ever since i was a kid. You have got to atleast watch one episode of it it's awesome. this show is perfect for the 90's but i mainly watched this show on Disney Channel when it came on a brief time. Boy Meets World Rocks 10/10

  • I love BMW!

    Bring this show back!! please!! I loved this show so much as a kid and want to buy the DVDs for all the seasons. This show is tied with the O.C. (seasons 1 and 2) as my favorite show of all time. I could just sit back, relax and step into this show everyday after school. I have seen a lot of people say that the best kids shows were in the 90s and shows these day are going to crap. Well I agree! But, maybe thats because I am biased as a kid growing up from that generation. Anyway bring BMW to DVD!!!!! I miss cory, and cory, and cory, oh and the other actors too!!!
  • this show rocks!!

    Boy meets World is a funny show!! I love it!! My favorite charecter is Eric, he is laugh out loud funny!! I love him!! This show is so good, too bad it got cancelled it was one of the best shows of the 90's! It had romance,comedy and sometimes even a little bit of drama, the whole package!! This show is just plain awesome!!
  • A show that you grow up with and deal with the same problems they have.

    This show is another one of my most favorite sitcoms of all time next to the Wonder Years. I am the same age as Cory and as he was growing up with all the problems of life, I was too. Another thing I loved about this show was Topanga. All I have to say is yum. Anyways this this show demonstrated how strong friendship and families are. I never had a friendship last as long as Cory and Shawn but hopefully I would. The show also summed up rather nicely because in the final episode Cory actually meets the world.
  • Great Show

    I love this show its excellent and I think it should
    come back :P Since They go to new york it should show them in new york and how they survive in life now that their older which would be great....i think it deserves 50 overall its my favorite show ever
  • One of my favs

    This show was good in the sense that it showed problems that most normal young men face, but are afraid to openly discuss because those problems are taboo. I love how Cory and Eric Matthews were honest and open about whatever it was they were going through, and how it was usually Mr. Feeny, their old and wise next-door neighbor, who provided advice to get them through. Cory and Eric faced a lot for men their ages, but they were always able to overcome the many trials they faced. I particularly love the later seasons when Cory and Eric were in college. The series took a more dramatic turn then, but it was for the better, because the series seemed more real than when it first started. The more dramatic storylines - Cory having problems with on-and-off girlfriend Topanga, Shawn and Jack\'s father dying, Cory physically assaulting one of his college professors, Morgan feeling left out of the family because she was the only girl - gave the show more depth. This show was one that a lot of young men like myself could relate to because it was so realistic.
  • This show followed Corey Matthews and friends on their journey from grade school to college. It showed all the crazy things that kids go through.

    I adored this show and it is easily a classic in my book! The characters of Corey and Shaun made me laugh every time, especially Shaun. He was by far my favorite character. This show made me excited to grow up! They were always just a little further in school than me and I looked forward to my own experiences because of what I saw on this show. It was realistic but with fun twists. Plus, who could resist the "Feony call"!? It was one of the best parts of the show. I wish this show hadn't ended, but I still love catching the reruns!
  • Love this show!!!!!!!

    I'm 13 and i love this show from the 90s its on every week day 5:00 to 7:00 on abc family.
  • If real life were a show...

    I've only recently gotten hooked on this show after finding it on ABC Family while browsing the channels, and let me just say that I'm extremely happy that I've found this show. In addition to absolutely hilarious, this show is REAL, something that today's kids shows seem to lack. The acting isn't overdone and there are lessons that cover powerful, emotional and mature things in life (drinking, child abuse, sex, that you'd never find on a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon show. The 1990s raised a better generation of kids with shows like this. They're making a sequel to this show, Girl Meets World, that's set to air next year, and although I'm excited, I have a feeling that it won't be a fraction as good as this show was, considering that it's going to be on Disney Channel.
  • Ended on a Good Note

    I always thought the first season seemed like a completely different show than the rest. Continuity errors and whatnot. I loved each season for its own special reasons. The first and second were simply hilarious. Cory and Shawn's antics, the little sister, and a somewhat intelligent Eric. The third season featured Eric's slowly diminishing intelligence and several great Shawn and Mr. Turner subplots. I found the fourth and fifth seasons entertaining and understandable. I saw myself in several of the characters and realized how much like high school it actually was. In the fifth season, however, the Cory and Topanga break up . I enjoyed the college seasons, but I feel like by the end of the show, they were jumping the shark and had used up most of the best ideas for the group of people. All in all, it was an amazing show, probably my all time favorite show, and it was phenomenal while it lasted.
  • Shawn and Angela

    I loved this show, but I hated the ending for Shawn and Angela. I would love to believe Angela returned to Shawn and met up in New York.
  • The definitive sitcom


    For the category, this was the best show there was, is, and will ever be. They need to have a reunion mini-season(at least 4 episodes) or a movie as to where they are now and finish it off with happiness in life as they get older....please

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