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ABC (ended 2000)





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  • Amazing, absolutely amazing.

    Boy Meets World is a great show to watch that is very entertaining. It even has laugh-ins. The younger episodes are really funny and they have such pleasing music and stories. Cory is a typical average kid and Shawn is his best friend. Eric is Cory's older brother and is one of the main characters in the older episodes. This series lasted for a great 7 years. New characters were added and create more of a story for the audience to follow. I also loved the fact that the main characters stayed throughout the entire series. They were never cut out and were in the first and last episodes.

    It is so interesting how the kids start in middle school and end in college. If you start seeing the series form when they are older, you will still like them as much as the young ones. The older episodes have a lot more meaning and depth in them. The younger ones are good too. These episodes can teach you a lot about life and make you think about life. I could write a review about every episode because each one has their own special meaning and moral.

    The friendship between Shawn and Cory (the two main characters) is really neat. The issues that the characters face in the series are interesting to watch and that is why this show is so good. I recommend this show to people of all ages, kids to adult to see this for how charming it is, it's laughs, and memorable moments. I give this a definite 10 of 10.
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