Boy Meets World

ABC (ended 2000)





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  • School, a tough thing for everyone.

    Boy meets world. A show focusing on a young boy as he grows up and moves on through the world. Personally I think people can relate to this. For instance the friend whose family has low income, a topic many people can relate to(unfortunately), a boy who likes a girl but is afraid to tell(at first). Now many people can relate to this. And last is growing up and finishing high school and having to leave. This relates more to people who have finished school and are looking to their aspiring futures. The show took us from the conflict between brother and brother, friend and friend, father and son, boy and girl, mother and son, and finally teacher and students.
    The show brought laughs and focused on the main thing that kids in school have to worry about, bullies, and the things we despise, nerds. Later in high school it takes are biggest worry, growing up. Because at this point you have to leave home and go on your own.
    ---Think of your parents smiles---