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  • Boy Meets World follows kid Corey Matthews, his best friend Shawn, his childhood friend and girlfriend Topanga, as well as his Family, Classmates and Principle through life in Philadelphia.

    Boy Meets World was apart of the great TGIF lineup on ABC from 1993-2000. This show was different from others because the show managed to keep all of the main characters through the years, with changing up the surroundings and side characters. From Middle school all the way through College, They keep Corey, Topanga and Shawn evolving. In my opinion the show gets better as the years go on. I love how they developed Eric into more of a main character, while bringing in Jack and Rachel to make a funny apartment. Not only was the show funny, but it brought more aspects from other things besides comedy. There were so many good serious episodes. Most of the serious episodes dealt with Shawn. Shawn got drunk, When Shawn's dad died, Shawn joining a cult, and when Mr. Turner was involved in a motorcycle accident. They mixed the comedy with sadness very well, and some episodes were really emotional. The show was very good, especially for being a Friday night teen show. I gave Boy Meets World and 8.5 out of 10!
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