Boy Meets World

ABC (ended 2000)





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  • Out of any sitcom that involves teenagers growing into adults this one has got to take the cake.

    This is undoubtedly for me my most favorite show that was on anywhere. This show showed a young adolescent growing into teenager and then eventually to an adult. I remember back in the day when I used to stay up to 2 in the morning just to watch this show because of its awesomeness. I know it was on other channels but for some reason I just loved to stay up late just to watch it. It gave me an excuse and an incentive to stay up late. I just love this show and wish I could watch the whole series. I watched a good 85% or so because every time it got to a part that I didn't see school started so I had to readjust my sleep time. But now it's not on any channel and that makes me sad. But, if I hadn't said this enough yet, I just love this show and wished the could have made this when I was mature enough to understand this. It seems that all the good shows and sitcoms started some time in the 90s.
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