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  • Boy Meets World lasted seven seasons, and it only got better as time went on. This is one show that never really jumped the shark. The one show from the TGIF era that actually stands the test of time, and doesn't come off as dated.

    This show followed Cory Matthews and his friends Shawn and Topanga as they learned about life and love. I'll be honest... season one kind of sucked. Season Two, Cory and Shawn went to the high school and I think this is where the show began to take off. Season 3 is where the show was getting white hot, and it just got better and better every season up to the end. One of the few occasions, where a show ends at the height of its prime. I strongly believed though that the show had just run its course, and you really had to start asking yourself "What more can they do?". I think they ended it before it got lame, and just started recycling old ideas and episodes like Saved by the Bell for instance. The acting was good in this show, the writing was good for a teen sitcom, and it is the only show I've rewatched from the 90's TGIF era that can still hold water by today's standards. You can watch the later seasons now, and it does not really seem outdated at all. Family Matters, Step by Step, Sabrina:The Teenage Witch, Sister..Sister, were all shows that were good for their time... but just have not held up over time well at all. They seem so horribly dated, and just ridiculously too corny. Shows like the Fresh Prince and Boy Meets World are shows that you could turn on now and watch, and still laugh your butt off.
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