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  • Despite some mistakes made throughout the run of the show, Boy Meets World is one of the best family sitcoms to ever air on television.


    I just love Boy Meets World. Even though it ended so long ago, it is still one of my favorite shows. I frequently watch the old episodes on youtube.

    There were several mistakes or goofs throughout the years, such as Shawn's brother who lived in the trailer park (and then disappeared to never be mentioned again), and Topanga's sister (who appeared briefly). Also, in the later years, everyone says that Cory and Topanga were always best friends when, in reality, they were hardly even friends at one point. Cory and Shawn thought she was a weirdo. :-) But despite these (and more) mistakes, the show is great, just funny to the point of comic genius.

    Boy Meets World was, at times, sappy, but stopped short of Family Matters or Full House sappy. It had a bigger dose of reality and taught lessons that lots of kids were dealing with. Sometimes there was no happy ending.

    The characters on the show were all likeable and lovable (although I'm not sure if I liked Eric when he was lazy and conceited, or when he was a dumb goof ball). I will never tire of Boy Meets World. You will laugh at each and every single episode.