Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 16

Risky Business

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 11, 1994 on ABC

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  • Great episode!

    Cory and Shawn bet money on horse races and win over $600. Minkus bets them that they can't make more money than he and Topanga can. Eric wants to get the attention of a girl. Alan and Amy go out for Valentine's dinner where Alan proposed, but they go to different resturants. Alan learns that Amy was proposed to before. Cory leaves Morgan at home and she breaks a window.

    This episode was a great one! It teaches the benefits and dangers of risks. Cory took a lot of risks and though he may have won money from some of them, others cost him all that he made. I thought it was kind of funny that the parents went to different resturants. I was expecting Alan to be wrong, but it turned out differently. This was a great episode and I give it a 10!
  • cory and shawn bet on racehorses

    when cory and shawn bet on racehorses for a school project, then end up just doing it for extra out of school profit, they learn a lesson not to gamble. they end up making a lot of money for the project, but then mr feeny steps in to try and remedy the boys' gambling situation
  • Cory and Shawn Bet it all!!!

    I like this episode a lot because it reminds me of the time a friend and i did the same thing. Cory and Shawn outsmart Minkus, and also get paid in the process. Copry gets mad with the rush of taking risks and starts applying it to his everyday life. Of course, by the end a lesson is taught in true Boy Meets World fashion. Cory and shawn foolishly morgan alone and she destroys a window, which cory reluctanly agrees to pay for. Cory learns the danger of taking risks, and the audience get to enjoy what i believe as a very funny episode, and a gem in sub par first season.