Boy Meets World - Season 4

ABC (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Learning to Fly
    Episode 22
    Eric passes up an interview at Pennbrook, to visit a sure thing at Beach State. When he realizes that Beach State won't challenge him, he has a tough choice to make.
    Cory, Shawn and Topanga are supposed to go with Eric, but Topanga announces that her aunt won't let her be alone with Cory for a weekend. At Beach State, Cory meets Mary Beth who is attracted to him. When he finds out that Topanga lied about her reason for not going, Cory has a decision to make as well.moreless
  • Cult Fiction
    Episode 21
    Feeling that something is missing, Shawn joins a cult that promises not to judge him. But when Mr. Turner is in a motorcycle accident, Shawn learns it's real relationships with people who care about him, that matter.
  • Security Guy
    Episode 20
    When Alan fires Eric from the wilderness store, Eric gets a job as a security guard. Concerned that he is taking the easy way out, Mr. Feeny tells him to apply himself, and re-take the SATs.
    Meanwhile, Cory and Topanga try to convince Shawn to take Feeny's SAT prep course.moreless
  • Quiz Show
    Episode 19
    High School Quiz, a once unpopular educational game show, gets a new life with the arrival of Cory, Shawn and Topanga. The questions are purposefully dumbed-down to accommodate the camera friendly trio, and the show is more popular than ever. However, the educational aspect has completely vanished, and the future of generations to come looks bleak, to Mr. Feeny.moreless
  • Uncle Daddy
    Episode 18

    When Eric discovers that Kelly, a girl he's dating, has a son, he thinks he's ready for a more adult relationship; but he's not as prepared as he thought.
    Meanwhile, Cory, Shawn and Topanga study for the SAT.

  • 2/14/97
    Cory is still depressed without Topanga; but when she appears at his door, his hope is renewed. Now he must convince his parents that he and Topanga are truly in love.
  • 2/7/97
    Eric sees Shawn kiss Topanga's cheek at Chubbie's. He reports the upsetting news to Cory.
    Shawn assures Cory that the kiss was innocent and consolatory, but when Cory finds out Topanga is moving to Pittsburgh, he realizes he has bigger problems than he thought.
  • Chick Like Me
    Episode 15
    Shawn dresses up like a girl to experience a girls point of view; and it's not what he expected.
    Meanwhile, Eric teaches Lonnie how to get along with city men.
  • Wheels
    Episode 14
    It's Cory's sixteenth birthday. Having passed his driver's test, he's excited to go on a road trip with his friends. His plans hit a snag, however, when Alan has a hard time letting his son grow up.
  • B & B's B'n B
    Episode 13
    Eric is on a business trip in Boston when he runs into Mr. Feeny, who reveals that he is there to meet a woman, with whom he has a long-distance relationship. The two discuss true love and the importance of friendship.

    Meanwhile, Shawn turns Mr. Feeny's house into a Bed and Breakfast.moreless
  • Easy Street
    Episode 12
    Shawn and Cory get jobs over winter break, in order to buy Christmas presents. When Shawn informs Cory that his new, cushy job isn't exactly legal, Cory quits. Shawn, who's job at the docks is terrible, takes over, hoping to make some easy money before he quits too. However, Shawn finds it difficult to leave.
    Meanwhile, Eric says he'll drive Lonnie 500 miles to be with her family for Christmas.moreless
  • An Affair to Forget
    Episode 11
    Shawn's ex-girlfriend wants to give things another shot, but there's one condition: Shawn can't see Cory anymore. Meanwhile, Eric writes a one-man play about his life.
  • Turkey Day
    Episode 10
    Shawn and Cory plan the first ever Hunter-Matthews Thanksgiving celebration, but class differences make the families uncomfortable.
  • 11/15/96
    Cory agrees to help Frankie win the love of his father, but when plans conflict with Topanga's sweet sixteen party, Cory must be in two places at once.
  • Dangerous Secret
    Episode 8
    Cory gets the wrong idea when he finds out that Shawn had a girl spend the night.
  • Singled Out
    Episode 7
    Eric is sick of feeling like a townie, so he goes on MTV's Singled Out to meet college girls. Meanwhile, Cory has his tonsils taken out.
  • Janitor Dad
    Episode 6
    Shawn wishes Chet would find a real job, but he feels humiliated when his dad gets a job as the school's janitor.
  • Shallow Boy
    Episode 5
    Eric takes a cheerful musician out to lunch. He thinks that she is cute, but her perkiness begins to wear on him. When he tells her doesn't want to see her anymore, she writes a scathing song about him that gets played on the radio. Meanwhile, Topanga and Cory argue about parenting after Topanga babysits and Cory lets the kid stay up late.moreless
  • Fishing for Virna
    Episode 4
    Shawn's mother is back in town. She's staying in a motel across from the trailer park, but she won't come home until she knows that Chet wants to work to make a real, healthy family. Meanwhile, Cory learns to appreciate loved ones when Brenda the lunch lady passes away.
  • 10/4/96
    When Alan quits his job without discussing it with Amy, she promises that she too will make a unilateral decision that affects the entire family, and tell him about it afterward. Meanwhile, Shawn teaches Cory to be poor, just in case.
  • 9/27/96
    Topanga cuts a chunk out her hair to prove to Cory that looks don't matter. However, when she sees herself in the mirror she has to do something about her uneven locks. When she emerges from the beauty parlor, absolutely stunning, Cory feels even more self-conscious.
  • 9/20/96
    The Matthews brothers, having been on the road all summer, are finally headed back to Philadelphia; but Eric, afraid there's nothing waiting for him at home, decides to stay in Pottstown. Meanwhile, Alan wins the Grocie Award. Having reached the pinnacle of his profession, he's still not happy.