Boy Meets World - Season 6

ABC (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • 1/22/99
    When Chet unexpectedly shows up at Pennbrook, he promises to stay. Shawn doesn't believe him, however, and during an ensuing argument, Chet has a heart attack and ends up in the hospital.
  • 11/6/98
    Stuart is the cool, young professor that everyone likes. But the tables turn when he makes a move on Topanga in her dorm room, causing a violent reaction from Cory.
  • Resurrection
    Episode 17
    While everyone anxiously awaits news about newly born Joshua Matthews, Cory's continued self-absorption alienates Topanga, who now considers herself a member of the Matthews family. Even Eric's little friend Tommy views Joshua as his new "brother." It's only when Shawn returns and is accepted by the elder Matthews as "family" does Cory realize where his true values lie. (And, of course, the baby turns out to be fine, though the anxiety of the other parents of premature infants is not minimized.)moreless
  • Her Answer-Part II
    Episode 2
    Cory and Topanga's supposed nuptials cause heightened tensions at home.
    Meanwhile, Eric and Jack try to welcome Rachel to the apartment.
  • My Baby Valentine
    Episode 16
    Cory becomes upset when Topanga seems less interested in spending Valentine's Day with him than with consoling Amy about the last stages of her pregnancy, so when Topanga decides to cheer Amy up with a baby shower, Cory takes charge. Unfortunately his concept of a baby shower turns out to be a female version of a bachelor party, complete with a pizza-guy stripper, but the disgusted guests are distracted when Amy's waters break and she is rushed to hospital for a premature delivery -- one which the new Matthews baby may not survive. Meanwhile, Shawn is still on the road to nowhere; Morgan is less than happy about the arrival of a new sibling; and Jack and Rachel worry about the effect of revealing their new relationship to Eric -- who announces he already knows, and is moving out.moreless
  • 12/11/98

    Cory invites Shawn to stay with him for Christmas. Topanga, who is staying with Cory as well, invites Angela, not knowing that Shawn will be present.
    Meanwhile, Eric gets a job as a mall Santa and finds joy in making a difference.

  • Getting Hitched
    Episode 14

    After Cory and Topanga suffer an embarrassing "Fiancee Game" defeat to Eric and Rachel, Topanga decides she and Cory must live together to get closer as a couple.
    Meanwhile, Shawn has trouble coping with the loss of Chet; and Jack and Rachel get closer as Jack grieves not having gotten to know his real father.

  • Hogs and Kisses
    Episode 6
    Shawn takes Cory's place, as Topanga's boyfriend, for a Pennbrook promotional video. Cory is OK with it, until Shawn and Topanga have to kiss. Cory spins into a jealous rage and demands that the two go on a date to explore their feelings.
    Meanwhile, Jack and Eric pretend to be polite in order to impress Rachel.moreless
  • 4/30/99
    When Cory and Topanga make an agreement to tell the truth about everything and everyone, their totally honest pact creates tension at Rachel and Jack's first dinner party. When the party guests play a game that forces them to also tell the truth, personal feelings are revealed that they would rather keep to themselves.moreless
  • His Answer-Part I
    Episode 1
    In the face of disapproval, Cory and Topanga sneak off to elope.
  • 3/12/99
    Topanga is in wedding plan mode, and persuades (strongarms) Cory into accompanying her, Shawn and Angela to a posh ceremony in the hall of her dreams -- where an unhappy father of the bride offers Cory a million dollars to marry his daughter. Meanwhile, Tommy pleads with a heartbroken Eric to adopt him so he won't have to move to California, and Eric pretends to no longer want Tommy so he can be happy with his new family.moreless
  • Bee True
    Episode 19
    As Mr. Feeny is about to ask out Dean Bolander, her ex-husband enters, intent on winning her back. Now, the boys must devise a plan to help out their friend and mentor
  • 10/23/98
    When he meets young art prodigy, Alexandra Nechita, Cory becomes ashamed of his own mediocrity.
    Meanwhile, when Jack saves Rachel from choking, she promises him anything he wants--to Eric's dismay.
  • Cutting the Cord
    Episode 12
    Shawn and Angela have decided to date new people, but Shawn begins to realize how truly miserable he is with out her.
    Meanwhile, Alan worries that he'll be too old to play with the new baby.
  • 5/7/99
    When Cory has nightmares where the recurring theme finds him trying to kill Shawn in imaginative ways, he goes to Feeny for an interpretation. Meanwhile, Eric finds a new, but odd, roommate -- one who seems to have seen Hitchcock's "Psycho" once too often.
  • State of the Unions
    Episode 22
    While Cory deals with his anxieties about his impending marriage, Topanga's parents (real-life couple Annette O'Toole and Michael McKean) come for a visit and reveal some unexpected news: they are on the brink of separating. Meanwhile, Feeny pops the question to Dean Bolander (real-life husband and wife William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett), and they agree to get married in the Matthews living-room; and a self-pitying Eric asks Shawn for advice on how to cope with losing Rachel to Jack.moreless
  • 10/19/98
    When Angela and Shawn break up, Cory makes it his mission to put them back together. He is hurt, however, when finds out that Angela doesn't consider him a real friend.
    Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny returns and enrolls in a psychology course at Pennbrook.
  • 10/9/98
    An ambitious Cory fills his schedule with tough courses. He soon realizes he made a mistake, but all the introductory courses have been filled. In a jam, he flies to Wyoming to seek Mr. Feeny's advice.
    Meanwhile, Eric tries to be more sensitive so Rachel will be attracted to him.
  • 12/4/98
    In an attempt at popularity, Eric sets up a video feed (a la The Truman Show) in his apartment.
    Meanwhile, Cory and Shawn take advantage of Mr. Feeny's generosity and aren't pleased with the outcome.
  • 11/13/98
    Cory notices that his engaged status, not to mention his engagement ring, has estranged him from other males. Deciding he needs some "guy time", he goes with Shawn to Club Cleavage (a "Hooters" spoof; pronounced: Cleh-vahzh), and loses his ring.
    Meanwhile, Rachel studies Eric and Jack for her anthropology report on the effects of women on male bonding.moreless
  • Shawn writes a beautiful poem, but gets too choked up to read it. When Cory reads it without his consent, Shawn gets angry and lets slip the poems meaning.

    Meanwhile, Eric, Jack and Rachel stress over exams, so Eric comes up with an idea to help everyone relax.
  • Road Trip
    Episode 15
    To take his mind off his dad's death, Shawn takes Cory along on a soul-searching road trip in Chet's trailer, where they end up at a truck stop where the young waitresses (portrayed by band Nobody's Angel) are searching for something more, just like Shawn -- and Cory discovers that Shawn has no intention of returning home. Shawn must persuade Cory to let him go, just as the girls' father/boss must let them find their own way. Meanwhile, Eric tries to understand the kiss he witnessed between Jack and Rachel -- as do they; and Shawn discovers that his father, a truck stop regular, was secretly very proud of him. In a surprise code, Chet's ghost appears to Shawn as father and son finally reconcile their differences and Shawn drives off into his uncertain future.moreless