Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 20

Security Guy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 04, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eric hires a "TV Bear" in an attempt to attract customers to the wilderness store. It seems like a good idea at first, until it's revealed that the bear isn't trained and can't be around people. The bear has already been paid for and Alan is out $5,000 dollars. Eric proceeds to make the bear angry, and Alan, finally fed up with Eric's shenanigans, fires him. At home, Amy supports the decision, saying that Eric has been given enough chances.
Cory and Topanga are studying for the SAT, while Shawn gives them a list of colleges to apply to, in places he'd like to be. This is so, if Shawn doesn't get into college, he can still go with them. Cory encourages Shawn to take Mr. Feeny's SAT prep course, but Shawn's not interested.
In the kitchen, Alan and Amy discuss Eric's situation. Alan's not sure why he's having a hard time with Eric, but Amy points out that, because Eric was the first-born, they coddled him. Alan goes to Mr. Feeny, who agrees that Eric is lazy. He says that Eric is one of his brightest, wittiest students; his only problem is that he doesn't apply himself.
Eric enters the scene in a security guard uniform. He's excited about his new job, but Amy and Alan don't like it. Eric is confused, and when his parents accuse him of taking the easy way out, he gets angry and announces that he's moving out.
At school, Cory and Topanga are trying to get Shawn to take the SAT prep course by telling him that it's fun. They get Mr. Feeny to play along, and he promises Shawn cake. He warns Shawn that the prep course is hard work, but Shawn is sold on the cake.
Eric comes by the wilderness store with his new security partner, Ronnie, who's letting Eric stay with him. Alan tells Eric that he's been treating him with kid gloves his whole life. He's made Eric too dependent, and is worried about what Eric will do when he's not around.
Later, while Eric is on the job at the high school, Ronnie, who recently moved to the US, takes out an SAT prep book and tells Eric that, although he's an engineer back home, he has to start over in America. He's willing to do it, because it's a chance to work a dream job. Eric realizes that his dream job is not being a security guard, and begins to contemplate his choices.
Mr. Feeny arrives at the school to teach the prep course and he invites Eric to attend. Eric has already taken the SATs and blown them. He wonders if he's really meant to be in college, but Mr. Feeny tells him that he gives up too easily.
Eric meets his parents at the wilderness store. He tells them that he's tired of taking the easy way out and that he's retaken the SAT. He gives them his scores to open, and they are ecstatic to discover he has scored 200 points higher than his previous attempt.
Armed with college-worthy scores, Eric calls on Mr. Feeny to help him pick a school.