Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 16

Seven the Hard Way (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 11, 2000 on ABC
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After a war of harmless pranks goes too far and threatens to break up the old gang, Feeny steps in to help mend fences. But he finds that even his intervention may not be enough to reunite the once-tight teens. We then see into the future, a few years later, to see what everyone will be like if they go their separate ways.moreless

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  • The war part 2

    the only people I like in this episode is fenny and Eric I like the part when Cory, Jack, Shawn, Rachel, Angela and Topanga made up
  • Seven the Hard way

    This episode actually makes me cry and the future of boy meets world lies in this one episode after a couple of harmless pranks one Prank involving a poster of a Nude Rachel Eric tries to be peace keeper then it takes back to what would happen if they didn't make up and went there separate ways
  • Love this Episode

    It starts out with friends playing harmless pranks on each other which goes badly wrong when Shawn and Cory have Rachel's Poster of her Nude Blown Up which she sees and Cries

    When I watched this episode i was like is this the end are they gonna move on from this.

    Cory and Shawn Stop being friends

    Cory and Topanga begin Fighting

    Shawn and Angela Begin Fighting

    and Everyone is devastated and don't know what to do.

    What i love about this episode Eric even though he is downright weird was trying to be the peacemaker it touched me how everybody was Emotional in this episode and didn't even speak to each other in 7rs.

    in the flashback everyone is Successful but Unhappy and Eric Changes his name to Plays with Squirrels

    I was watching it today it almost put me in tears seeing the characters like that it broke my heart to see them like that Thank god Eric and Mr. Feeny were able to save the day.

    One Quote in Erics Book Touched me Lose one Friend Lose Another Friend Lose yourself

    I was like wow i was surprised this wasn't the Series Finale it was touching,Funny and Teaches you even losing friends you lose yourself as wellmoreless
  • Perfect

    An alternate reality of the show, in which we see what would have happened had none of them remain friends following the events of the last episode. In the end of this episode, they remain friends, and everything is happily back to normal.

    This is a good episode, had some good laughs and was a very serious episode. Eric, as Plays with Squirrels, is hilarious, and very serious as to how he fixed things. My overall grade for this episode is an A+, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has seen the show but not yet this episodemoreless
  • Severed Ties

    Honest Abe Lincoln once said, "A house divided will not stand." That's exactly what happened with the friendship with these characters. This is basically part 2 in the War two parter. This is my favorate two parter in the entire series because it's dark. Part 2 does not disapoint and is one of those rare episodes (or only ones I know) that show a what if scenario, similar to the film "Run Lola Run" and the video game "Resident Evil 2" and it works it looks and feels believable.

    We really see what happens when all of the characters sever ties with one another and don't repair them. Another old saying goes time heals all wounds. But as we see in this scenario it hasn't the wounds were so bad they just cut hurt more and more deeply to leave a scar that stays on their forever. All of the characters become shadow's of their own idealistic selves. From Jack who turns out to be sucessful but all of the money in the world will not fill that hole he has in his heart. Rachel has it the worst we see she's divorced and has became a bit trashy, it's really sad seeing her like that because you feel this girl deserves better, in fact the same can be said for all. Shawn and Angela have both became popular traveling journalists, you can tell both still love each other but aren't together, which is heartbreaking because you feel their right for each other and deserve one another. Cory and Topanga despite still being married and having a family both don't really love each other anymore, and you can't help but sense from both of them their love is doomed to die. But of course the one character which was both funny but sort of sad in a way is Eric. I remember laughing my head of just seeing him dressed and look like Moses and of course give himself a ridiculous name (in joke to "Dances with Wolves")Plays with Squrrels. We see he has became sort of a Henry David Throau like character only problem is unlike Throau his existace has bore no fruit. I'll never forget that one moment that was heartbreaking when Jack reads the book Eric wrote which was nothing but blank pages except the first page which goes back to what he wrote before they came to where they are in fact the revolving theme "Lose one friend, lose another friend, lose yourself." And that's exactly what happened to everyone of them just as they lost their friendship they lost their own identity with it, and can never get it back.

    But of course it all comes back to the present scenario and

    down to an ending that really made me feel good and a sense of relief when all of them of course learn their lession, make up, and all become friends again.moreless
Matthew Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence

Jack Hunter (Seasons 5+)

Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Eric Randall Matthews

Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel

Topanga Lawrence-Matthews (Seasons 2+)

Ben Savage

Ben Savage

Cornelius A. 'Cory' Matthews

Rider Strong

Rider Strong

Shawn Patrick Hunter

Trina McGee-Davis

Trina McGee-Davis

Angela Moore (Seasons 6+)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Eric confused the words "niche" and "niece" in the alternate reality; he also got them confused in "I'm Gonna Be Like You, Dad" , and also confuses the two in "Eric Hollywood".

    • The first time Eric leaves the classroom, he says "Why didn't you write anything down?" to the others. But when the scene is replayed, he says "Why didn't anybody write anything down?" to the others.

    • At the end of this episode, Eric flings the door of the classroom open, runs out and picks up Rachel. He re-enters the classroom carrying her, puts her on the floor and sits on her. When the camera angle changes to a view from where the rest of the gang is sitting, the door of the classroom is clearly shut tight, even though Eric did not close it on the way in.

    • In City Slackers, when Shawn is reading Mr. Feeny's diary, he says that Mr. Feeny called in sick in 1961. However, in this episode, at Feeny's retirement party, it says: MR. FEENY BELOVED TEACHER 1964-2006.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Rachel: What are you doing, Eric?!
      Eric: Look if there's bad feelings here then we have to work them out because that's what friends should do, now look I wrote something Rachel, please just read it before you go anywhere.
      Rachel: Lose one friend, Lose All Friends. Lose yourself.
      Corey: We're not gonna lose our friends, are we?
      Eric : We might, I mean what if Mr. Feeny's right, what if we don't fix this? What if this is the last time we're all together, is that a chance you're all willing to take?

    • Jack: Eric?
      Eric: No, not Eric. Not anymore.
      Jack: Uh huh. That's fine. That's just fine. (walks out the door, then back again) Okay. What is your name now?
      Eric: My name is Plays With Squirrels.
      Jack: Perfect. Even more insane.
      Eric: Insane? If giving away all your worldly posessions, renouncing society and learning how to purify and drink your own urine is insane. Mmm, yes, color me insane.

    • Mr. Feeny: Is there anyone special in your life?
      Shawn: Not yet.
      Mr. Feeny: Any prospects?
      Shawn: Not yet.
      Mr. Feeny: Are you happy?
      Shawn: Not yet.

    • Topanga: How can you possibly expect to keep us here against our will?
      Mr. Feeny: A minus
      Topanga: Well played, old man.

    • Cory: Eric? That's like 3000 pages long!
      Jack: No. 3000 BLANK pages. Only the first one has writing on it.
      Topanga: Well what does it say?
      Jack: Well. 'Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself'.
      Shawn: So how come all the other pages are blank?
      Eric: Nothing else seemed important.

    • Eric: Feeny! Fee-hee-hee (coughs) I can't do it anymore!

    • Mr. Feeny: Mr. Matthews?
      Eric: Mr. Squirrels.
      Cory: Eric?
      Eric: Plays With.

    • Eric: I married a moose, we don't need counseling.

  • NOTES (1)