Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 16

Seven the Hard Way (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 11, 2000 on ABC

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  • The war part 2

    the only people I like in this episode is fenny and Eric I like the part when Cory, Jack, Shawn, Rachel, Angela and Topanga made up
  • Seven the Hard way

    This episode actually makes me cry and the future of boy meets world lies in this one episode after a couple of harmless pranks one Prank involving a poster of a Nude Rachel Eric tries to be peace keeper then it takes back to what would happen if they didn't make up and went there separate ways
  • Love this Episode

    It starts out with friends playing harmless pranks on each other which goes badly wrong when Shawn and Cory have Rachel's Poster of her Nude Blown Up which she sees and Cries

    When I watched this episode i was like is this the end are they gonna move on from this.

    Cory and Shawn Stop being friends

    Cory and Topanga begin Fighting

    Shawn and Angela Begin Fighting

    and Everyone is devastated and don't know what to do.

    What i love about this episode Eric even though he is downright weird was trying to be the peacemaker it touched me how everybody was Emotional in this episode and didn't even speak to each other in 7rs.

    in the flashback everyone is Successful but Unhappy and Eric Changes his name to Plays with Squirrels

    I was watching it today it almost put me in tears seeing the characters like that it broke my heart to see them like that Thank god Eric and Mr. Feeny were able to save the day.

    One Quote in Erics Book Touched me Lose one Friend Lose Another Friend Lose yourself

    I was like wow i was surprised this wasn't the Series Finale it was touching,Funny and Teaches you even losing friends you lose yourself as well
  • Perfect

    An alternate reality of the show, in which we see what would have happened had none of them remain friends following the events of the last episode. In the end of this episode, they remain friends, and everything is happily back to normal.

    This is a good episode, had some good laughs and was a very serious episode. Eric, as Plays with Squirrels, is hilarious, and very serious as to how he fixed things. My overall grade for this episode is an A+, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has seen the show but not yet this episode
  • Their friendship is on the line.

    This episode is amazing and is one of the funniest and most emotional episodes of Boy Meets World. Eric is hilarious as Plays with Squirrels and I'm not going to lie, it brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw this episode because it really shows the importance of friendship and how losing friends can really impact your life and make it so much worse. The future versions of Shawn and Angela play out their tragic love story because they are so perfect for each other and never have a chance to play out their whole relationship.Cory and Shawn are a neurotic mess and are cute. Jack's future is typical and Rachel's is sad, because she deserves so much better. But Eric's is amazing and his attempt at the Feeny call is so hilarious and his whole transformation is great.

    When he yells, "Why didn't anybody write anything down?" you feel so much for him because he always has his friends best interest at heart and the way he brings everybody back together is amazing. This episode is classic and touching.
  • I loved it!

    After the fight before, Mr. Feeny puts everyone in a classroom. He tries to get them to make up, but it isn't working. Eric is also trying to get them back together. It shows the future of Boy Meets World if they never made up. Cory and Topanga have a girl, but are in marriage counseling. Jack is a succesful business man, who is lonely on the inside. Shawn and Angela are journalists who travel, but haven't spoken since the day of the classroom. Rachel married and divorced her old boyfriend. Eric is a hermit named Playswithsquirrels. Mr. Feeny is retiring. Everyone is sad and it is depressing. Eric shows everyone his manifesto. It says, "Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself." It goes back to the present where everyone gets along because of Eric and his wise words. I thought this was a great episode! It kept its humor through all the seriousness and it brought tears and joys! This is one of the best episodes and it gets a 10!
  • one of the best BMW episodes of the series

    This episode is great, one of the best. It continues from where the war left off. Eric and mr. Feeny have subdued the gang to help reunite them. Shawn says he can't hate jack cause they are brothers and angela is his girl. rachel finally realizes that she is not part of the group. Eveyone has a link, Brothers, Spouse, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Best Friend. She has none of that wth either of them. She runs out of the room and eric is mad no one wrote anything down. The scene now cuts to the best boy meets world sequence ever, The future reunion. Cory and Topanga are seen first, as topanga assures cory everyone feels the same way they do. The first see angela where her and topanga act is if nothing is wrong. Jack and cory meet up in a very awkward scene. The we see mr feeny and shawn. Shawn writes for rolling stone, and angela is a writer too But I forget where. They both see each other and it looks to me as if angela just wants him to leave her alone. She seems to have no feelings for him. Then jack and shawn see each other and it is terrible they can be so cold. Now things get wacky cause here comes eric aka plays with squirrels. There is a hilarious confrontation between him and jack where he finally gives jack the manifesto. Jack calls everyone over to hear erics manifesto. lose one friend lose all friends lose yourself. This stuck with everyone and it goes back to the past. eric grabs rachel and everyone comes together for a big group hug.
  • This is a real funny episode probally my favorite of the season umm

    this is one of the best episodes and for once eric is smart and cory and the gang r dumb lol but still this was one of the best episodes!!!!! umm lets see umm well eric is paticularlly funny in this one because he is a homo named play's with squeirruls who married a moose and has a reason to be there. When he got there he had a book subpoedaly a great wisdom book which has 3000 pages in it and he said that lose one friend lose all friends lose your self do you belive??? that i do???
  • friendship ties are threatened between cory and the gang.

    this episode is very funny and entertaining to watch, especially mr. feenys retirement party.

    mr. feeny: eric?
    eric: playswith
    mr. feeny: mr. mathewws?
    eric: squirrels

    that was really funny cory and topanga have a baby named beverly glen in the future, and are going to marriage counseling!! haha

    eric: this is my manifesto! here, read it jack
    *the thing is like 3000 pg. long*
    jack: lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself
    jack: the rest is just blank
    eric: thats all thats important

    eventually they are all friends again...
  • I was always wonderin since like season 4 when they were gonna make an episode that threatened to end all their friendships!

    This episode was great! I always waited for an episode like this to come out on this show! It was great, because they were all best friends and it all was about to be over!
    Of course they discovered how much they all meant to each other and they stayed friends!
  • This is one of the top 10 episodes and this is why.

    This is one of those recovery episodes. For every comedic moment in "Boy Meets World" there is a serious family or friend moment. This episode has plenty of those moments. In "The War" we saw the test of friendship, in this episode we see the results of some great Feeny moments. If you are a fan of this great series make it a point to watch this episode.
  • eric dreams of the future....this is what i thought about it

    i thought this episode was one of the best ones and also one of the funniest ones i've ever seen. especially the part with eric\'s dream future at the retirement party for Mr. Feeny.

    this episode had one major phase:

    "Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself"

    that is why i watched this show...lolol

  • When "THE GROUP" gets in a fight over pranks, everyone takes their own sides, and most of them aren't talking to eachother. Rachel feels left out and Eric dreams up the future with them all apart and stops Rachel from leaving, which brings a big dog pile

    This was an awesome Boy Meets World because it was very dramatic, yet very funny! I personally liked it because it went in to the future to see what it would be like if the group were to never get back together and always be hating eachother. It was also really hilarious, especially when Eric looked like Moses and stuff! That was hilarious! They should air it a lot more often!!!