Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 16

Seven the Hard Way (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 11, 2000 on ABC

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  • Their friendship is on the line.

    This episode is amazing and is one of the funniest and most emotional episodes of Boy Meets World. Eric is hilarious as Plays with Squirrels and I'm not going to lie, it brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw this episode because it really shows the importance of friendship and how losing friends can really impact your life and make it so much worse. The future versions of Shawn and Angela play out their tragic love story because they are so perfect for each other and never have a chance to play out their whole relationship.Cory and Shawn are a neurotic mess and are cute. Jack's future is typical and Rachel's is sad, because she deserves so much better. But Eric's is amazing and his attempt at the Feeny call is so hilarious and his whole transformation is great.

    When he yells, "Why didn't anybody write anything down?" you feel so much for him because he always has his friends best interest at heart and the way he brings everybody back together is amazing. This episode is classic and touching.