Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 5

Shallow Boy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 18, 1996 on ABC

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  • you're shallow!

    eric makes a musician named corrina mad and she writes an angry song about him that gets mega popular and thus ruins his reputation. will it ever stop for him?

    cory gets in a fight with topanga about babysitting when topanga tries to put a kid to sleep and cory lets the kid stay up late.

    good episode. the eric plot is pretty much classic as far as i am concerned. the subplot, whilst not as good, was still good for the development of cory and topanga. overall grade for this episode is of course going to be an A+. perfect
  • Eric makes the wrong girl mad.

    This episode is absolutely hilarious and memorable. Corinna is so funny as the happy hippie turned angry punk rocker by Eric. The songs are classic in this episode and Loser Freak is incredibly well written and the scene where Morgan is singing the song is great. Then the one song that Eric was too vain to realize was about him was amusing. All parts of this episode are hilarious. At the same time Cory fights with Topanga over how to raise children even though all he wants is tacos. It's really cute when she forgives him. The at the end when Eric and Corinna sing the sun will come out tomorrow is hilarious and Corinna really makes this episode.
  • Classic Ep!

    I havn't watched this show in ages, so when I thought of Boy Meets World, the first episode that came into my head was this one. Its really good. I love the way how the singer is all perky and happy in her songs and everyone finds her annoying, then towards the end she becomes deep and sings with feeling about depressing things and everyone like her. The song Shallow boy is really funny and this is just such a classic and great episode. Its funny aswell.
    :D Blah Blah I dont know what to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yady yady yaaaa. Peace out! lol.
  • Eric Matthews You're So Vain You Probably Didn't Know This Song Before It Was About You

    This is one of my all time favorite episodes. Eric is going into work one day, when some happy crazy loon is sitting in front of the stor playing her guitar and singing a really stupid happy song. Alan tells Eric to get rid of her, and he takes her to lunch. The whole time she talks about music and happy things. Finally, Eric snaps and tells Corinna that he thinks she's a psycho. She starts singing something called "Shallow Boy" an obvious refrence to Eric. Meanwhile, Cory is with Topanga while she is babysitting and Topanga gets mad at him because he lets the kid stay up until really late. It was a really awesome episode, and I'm happy to have seen it. ^_^
  • Loser Freak!

    A girl, Corina, is singing outside of Alan and Eric's store. She is keeping all the customers away. She sings about what she is feeling so when Eric takes her out, she is annoying and keeps on singing happy songs. He tells her that she is a psycho and that he doesn't want to see her anymore. She then gets angry and writes songs about him which makes it to the top of the charts! Eric convinces her to stop. Topanga thinks that when Cory is going to be a father, he won't be responsible. She then realizes that they are just kids still.

    I loved this episode! I liked the song that Morgan was singing! It was hilarious! I also liked it when Eric went to tell her to go away and she looked at him and he started singing with her. The joke about the TV show being switched from 8:30 to 9:30 was also funny! This was one of the best episodes on the series! It gets a 10!
  • A classic, perfect episode.

    Shallow Boy is my favorite episode of the series. Both storylines are hilariously well written and acted. The talented Will Freidle is highlighted, giving one of his best performances ever. The conversation with Corinna at chubbies is one of the best scenes of the series. This was Eric's best season. He had a lot of good storylines. The short bits of the songs that we hear are really good. The other storyline could have carried the show if needed. Topanga starts out disappointed with Cory because he is too linient with the boy she is babysitting. She wants to see Cory as a more authoritative potential father of their children. Cory, always in love with Topanga, explains to his mother that he wants Topanga to be happy whether he is her husband, or a friend, or "the guy down the street with the binoculars." Topanga later realizes that they both have plenty of time to grow into the role of parents. The Taco Tuesday scene is another gem. The whole show was at the top of its game with this episode and this season.
  • pretty good episode

    in this episode, eric meets a strange girl who is always perky and sings everything instead of speaking. she accompanies it with guitar playing. finding this strange, eric makes fun of her and makes her not play in front of the wilderness store because it drives customers away. then, she ends up becoming famous with a song she wrote making fun of him. it is her hit song. meanwhile, topanga is baby-sitting at a kid's house and cory comes in too. (most people know that this is the 8:30/9:30 controversy episode)
  • Eric meets Corina a very, very perky girl who when Eric dumps her starts to right edgy songs and becomes famous. While, Cory and Topanga argue about how to raise children.

    My second favorite episode besides "And then their was Shawn". I don't know why I love this episode, nothing really happens besides the fact that Cory and Topanga fight over something kinda stupid since their only seventeen. I guess what makes me love this episode so much is because how funny and different this epidsode was. The character of Corina was soo... i don't know "SNL material". I love the seen where Corina and Eric are on a date and she starts singing one of her songs to him and he is like "Check!". Also, I like the "Loser Freak" song that Morgan sings...classic. I know all the words. So pretty much you should see this episode! It is funny!
  • My review

    This is my absolute favorite show on the whole entire series. This is the perfect episode. Cory gets himself in trouble with Tapanga, but that whole plot-line is undershadowed by Eric and him trying to deal with Corrina. Corrina is a bubbly (to the point of projectile vomitting), happy-go-lucky singer who sits outside shops and plays. Eric is instructed by his father to get rid of her, and takes her to Chubby\'s and turns her into this goth-angry wierdo, a one-hundred-eighty degree turn of events. What he says to make her that way is what makes this episode the best out of them all. It is very rude, but hilarious, and in the end it turns out all goood. That is what I love about this show, it always has happy endings.
  • Perfect episode

    This episode is one of the best ever! Every single scene is hilarious.

    Eric's interactions with Corrina are classic. I love how Eric "carefully" lets Corrina down. This is one of the funniest Eric scenes ever!

    Cory's getting in trouble with Topanga over babysitting is hilarious as well. The self-reference jokes about Boy Meets World's time slot being changed are very clever, and these jokes led to Boy Meets World being put back on at it's orignal time. The whole "taco routine" in the school hallway was very funny, as well. This is just all-around one of the funniest episodes ever.