Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 13

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 14, 1994 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Topanga becomes infatuated with Eric when he visits Mr. Feeny's class, to tell them about high school.

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  • topanga likes eric

    what's a high school student to do when a young kid in middle school gets a crush on them? that is the case for eric in this episode when he visits mr. feeny's class to tell them about high school life, and topanga gets a crush on him.

    i liked the innocence of this episode, how someone younger then someone else would like that person who is older. i don't know why but thought that was very clever. My overall grade for this episode is an A+, very funny, very good plot, and i really dug the whole thing. Great!moreless
  • Topanga likes Eric!

    Eric comes to talk to Cory's class about high school. Topanga develops a crush on Eric. Minkus says he's in love with Topanga. Everyone thinks Cory is jealous of Eric. Eric has to talk to Topanga explaining that they can't be in a relationship.

    I loved this episode! My favorite part was when Shawn put salt and pudding in Minkus's hamburger. Then Minkus comes back and pretends to switch them and then Shawn switches them for real and takes a bite! That was hilarious! Topanga seems really weird in this episode, but I think Eric let her down okay. I did feel sorry for her though. Overall, I loved this episode and I give it a 10!moreless
  • Topanga likes Eric

    In this episode, Topanga falls in love with Eric when he visits Cory's class as a guest speaker. Cory and Shawn think Topanga likes Cory when they find "Mrs. Matthews" with hearts drawn in her binder. But when they find "Mrs. Eric Matthews" they realize that it's Eric she's after.
Breanne O'Donnell

Breanne O'Donnell


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Krystee Clark

Krystee Clark

Nebula 'Nebby' Stop The War Lawrence

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Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel

Topanga Lawrence

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    • (Eric is trying to redirect Topanga's affections to Cory)
      Eric: You must really like him a lot to do all those nice things for him.
      Topanga: He's very a young kind of way.
      Eric: That's why you two get along so well! Because you're young, too
      Topanga: No, I've done my chart; I have a very old soul.
      Eric: Uh, yeah, here's a tip for you, Topanga: Not a lot of guys are going to be after your soul.

    • Eric (talking to Cory's class): And of course, cool clothes are a must.
      Mr. Feeny: For that young detention-sitter on the go.

    • Topanga: I think people who judge other people by their outward appearances, are shallow and ignorant and will have much to answer for in their next life.
      Cory: Well that maybe the way it works on Remulak. But here on earth; you're a nerd, you pay.

    • Cory: Oh yeah, that's just what I want; to be Topanga's boyfriend. Then we could name our children Chewbakka and Plankton.

    • Eric (to Topanga): If you have a relationship based on looks, it's stupid and superficial.
      (the doorbell rings)
      Nebula: Hi, I'm Topanga's sister.
      Eric: Hi, I'm stupid and superficial.

    • Shawn: Why can't these French guys just speak English like normal people?

    • Cory (to Eric): I know someone who likes you!
      Eric: Really, who?
      Cory: Topanga.
      Eric: Who?
      Cory: Topanga. You know, that hair in the front row with the girl attached to it?

    • Morgan: Cory and Topanga sitting in a tree! A-B-C-D-E-F-G!

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