Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 17

She's Having My Baby Back Ribs

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 03, 2000 on ABC

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  • perfect

    Topanga and Eric go on a diet together, but Cory gets the wrong idea and soon a big rumor is spreading; Topanga is pregnant. Cory even goes far enough to throw Topanga a baby shower. What will happen when the truth is revealed, that she is not really pregnant?

    Good episode. Eric was funny, as usual, and the plot, about "Nobody's perfect" was handled well. I do not really have any complaints, a pretty great episode, and so because of all of this my final grade is of course, going to be an A+. An enjoyable way to spend 22 minutes
  • 717

    A good episode of Boy Meets World tonight, something that started out as humorous as Eric & Topanga dieting to everyone thinking that Topanga was pregnant, it was hilarious all the way through, especially Eric. The way he subtly was brutally honest to Topanga was absolutely hilarious.

    This episode didn't look to promising from the start, Eric & Topanga dieting? People I thought weren't fat are dieting? I thought this to myself but as the episode unfolded, it really did all come together. This episode had to do with body image and self esteem issues, and how unfair the media can be. You think you're fat because you don't look like a model. Very common in today's world and I'm glad BMW addressed that issue.

    A lot of serious moments for Topanga here. Her finding out that she can't fit in to Cory's jeans to Angela telling her what everyone thought. This probably had an impact on Danielle Fishel which is why these story lines aren't done often, but it wrapped up beautifully.

    Topanga reveals she isn't pregnant, and stops dieting, the episode ends with Cory & Topanga "practicing" on how to make a baby. Great episode overall.
  • Funny!

    Topanga and Eric think that they are too fat, so they go on a diet. Cory and Shawn think that Topanga's pregnant. Cory tells his parents and he decides to throw a surprise baby shower. Angela tells Topanga that people think that she is pregnant, so she decides to tell the truth. When Nana Boo Boo gives her a lot of money, she almost doesn't tell, but she does the right thing and comes clean.

    This was a great episode! To tell the truth, I've only seen it once and I had to read the recap to remember it all. I did remember that I liked it and that Eric was hilarious! This episode gets a 9.5!
  • cory thinks topangas pregnant

    i love this episode - its pretty funny. eric tells topanga shes fat, and she and eric diet together. but when topanga ia nauseous from not eating much, doesnt fit into corys pants and is cranky and tired, cory and shawn think that shes pregnant. in fact, they throw a baby shower. topanga confesses at the shower that shes fat, not pregnant. then, she is told that shes not fat by eric and he just wanted her food. mr. feeny delivers an important message at the end of the episode.
  • Great episode

    I just rewatched this episode today and it made me cry. I thought this was a very special episode because it shows how our world views other people. It has a steriotypical view of what the perfect man or perfect woman should look like. Not everybody of course falls into this category but many do. It seems people want to judge a person for what they look for not whats inside. Like Feeny said towards the end of the episode. I was truly sad that Topanga felt she was to fat and felt better by lying about being pregnant. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but also physical beauty is only skin deep.