Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 1

Show Me the Love

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 24, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

After being away for the summer, Topanga returns to Pennbrook. Cory is ecstatic to see Topanga, but she doesn't seem as pleased. Topanga tells him that her parents officially filed for divorce that morning and even though she thought that they would be together forever, she accepts the fact that there is nothing she can do. Cory thinks that it's good that she is facing reality and then changes the subject to planning their own wedding. Topanga is still distraught over what her parents are going through and doesn't want to have the same thing happen to her and Cory. She cancels the wedding, citing that she no longer believes that true love exists.

Shawn is anxiously awaiting Angela answer to his request to get back together. Angela tells him that what Topanga said to Cory makes sense, and she thinks they are better off just being friends. Cory and Shawn go around campus looking for people to convince Topanga and Angela that they are making the wrong decision. First, they go to Jack and Rachel, but they reveal that they have just broken up because things didn't work out. Next they go to Mr. Feeny who remains neutral but reminds Topanga that regardless of what happens to the relationships of others, the only thing that really matters is her relationship with Cory.

Thinking that Mr. Feeny has talked some sense into Topanga, Cory expects that she will change her mind about the decision to cancel the wedding plans, thus telling Angela how she feels about Cory which will have her in Shawn's arms. When Topanga and Angela show up at their dorm, they get some news they didn't expect. Topanga tells Cory that they have to end their relationship to avoid hurting each other in the future, an idea Cory resents but has no power to change. Angela also says that her final offer to Shawn is to just be friends. After seeing how his parents fight and make up, Cory has an idea to try to get Topanga's parents to resolve their problems. Cory tells Shawn that his parents fight all the time, but no matter what the dispute is over, they always work it out because they love each other, and that is what they have to make Topanga's parents realize. Cory and Shawn devise a plan to travel to Pittsburgh and do just that.

Meanwhile, Morgan prepares for her first date with a boy named Dominick. Alan is set against the idea of her dating already but Amy is delighted. Alan reveals that he is just worried about Morgan growing up so fast, and allows her to go on the date. Eric returns to Pennbrook with a new haircut and a new outlook. Since Rachel and Jack have split, Jack invites him to move back into their apartment. There is a miscommunication when Rachel assumes that Jack is moving out and offers Topanga and Angela to move in.