Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 1

Show Me the Love

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 24, 1999 on ABC

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Eric's new haircut making him a 'smarter' Eric, Eric and Jack being kicked out of the apartment by Topanga, Rachel and Angela, Alan freaking out because of Morgan going on her first date, amongst other things.

    Great season premiere for a great final season. Not one dull moment and I liked pretty much everything about this episode. A+, no doubt in my mind
  • Season 7 Premiere

    A very good premiere of Boy Meets World even though it did have it's minor flaws. Entering it's last season, you can't help but notice that a lot of things are very exaggerated (i.e. Cory & Topanga's relationship, Eric's stupidity) which is what we saw in this premiere. Regardless of that, this was a very eventful episode, that left us intrigued for the next episode.

    It's not the first time that Cory's parents being a model for Cory & Topanga, but the story line remained interesting. Cory & Topanga have broken up twice before but they've never been a couple that has been on and off, unlike Shawn & Angela. Breaking them up this late in the game just left me wondering why.

    For ratings, for viewers? At least the last two breakups were reasonable, Topanga breaks up with Cory because of her parents getting divorced. A lot of people go through this, I just wish Cory & Topanga's relationship didn't have to suffer for it, makes all the other breakups seem unimportant. Since Cory didn't show an ounce of actual emotion after Topanga broke up with him, unlike the last 2 breakups.

    It was just a very anti-climactic breakup, although it was eventful, I didn't really feel like these two broke up. Angela copying everything that Topanga did was also questionable. Angela & Topanga moving in with Rachel is interesting since they haven't interacted much before, and I'm excited to see what's to come for the rest of the season.
  • Season 7!

    Topanga calls off the wedding and says that her parents are getting a divorce. Shawn wants to get back together with Angela. Topanga says that "love" is not real. Eric gets a haircut. Jack and Rachel are broken up. They think that it would be strange to continue living together. Jack thinks that that means that Eric is coming back. Rachel think that it means that Jack is moving out. She invites Angela and Topanga to live with her. Eric tells Mr. Feeny that he has been sleeping in his car. Morgan has her first date and Alan is really nervous. Shawn and Cory plan to go to Topanga's parents to try and get them back together so Topanga will marry Cory and Angela will see that Topanga is wrong.

    This was a wonderful episode! I was sad that Topanga broke it off with Cory. She is going through a tough time though. I thought Eric was hilarious as usual. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Classic BMW

    What a great episode to help add character to Topanga. She really deals with a lot of stuff with the divorce right before he own wedding. It really helps her understand how much she loves Cory and she finally does what's right, thank god. Cory without Topanga is like peanut butter without jelly
  • wow what runner up to find out your parents are gettin a divorce before your own weddin how crappy is that, but hey i loved the drama and the everyday learn from the show. I loved every minute of it and throughout the season of growin up and watchin it

    well the show was really done well..Loved the drama between cory and topanga with the parents of divorce. I'm sad that life is like that and I'm glad it shows it on the show to have it as a reality for young kids to learn and to grow. Life is never easy and those kind of things do happen, my best friends parents are divorce and that sucks but they can relate and help each other when they need it and shows help to. I love the show and what it teaches, to help others in their lives, and it shows form a kids point of view how great is that..well thats it
  • Dealing with new haircuts and Cory trying to change peoples lives again, this episode is one of my personal favorites.

    Coming off a strong sixth season, the beginning of season seven sure delivers. Dealing with the serious issue of having to call off the wedding, the show works in some great comedy. One of my favorite points of interest with this situation, is after we had the impression Angela would get back with Shawn, Angela instead agrees with everything Topanga says, leaving our poor Shawn and Cory single. Through everything else explained, this episode does a great job building the season up.

    I also enjoyed how Amy and Alan showed Cory how often and easily the fix their problems. I think Cory realizing this is a big step up for his maturity.

    The only other notable thing I have to write is Eric. In the earlier seasons I liked him, as the "useless" big brother he was, dealing with many girls, but as the series grew on, I also liked the new, "dumb" Eric. The way he played the new haircut as a new Eric was just funny. Eric really shined through this episode, especially through the living in Feeny's car and how he chased his butt when Rachel convinced him and Jack to move out.

    Overall this episode set up season seven for much prosperity.
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