Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 1

Show Me the Love

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 24, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Shawn says that his mom left home when he was 9, but in the early seasons, his mom is still home, and takes off during season 2 or 3, when Shawn is around 14 or so.

  • Quotes

    • Morgan: It's a tankini!
      Alan: Well, I don't want you wearing anything that ends in "ini"!

    • Eric (looking at a book): The Autobiography of Malcolm Ten. Rachel must be taking arithmetic.

    • Morgan: I'm sorry, dad. I grew up. I won't do it again.
      Alan: It's fine. Just go get dressed.
      Morgan: Mom!
      Amy: She is dressed.
      Alan: The hell she is!

    • Alan: The eighth grade?! What's wrong with the boys in the fifth grade?
      Morgan: I'm in the seventh grade, Dad!
      Alan: Don't lie to me!

    • Eric: Oh, wait Mr. Feeny! Great news; I don't have to sleep in your car anymore.
      Mr. Feeny: You've been sleeping in my car? Since when?
      Eric: Since I got kicked out of the apartment. I usually wait for you and Dean Whats-her-head to go to bed and then I kinda curl up in the back seat. Unless, of course, I have company over.
      Mr. Feeny: You have company in my car?!
      Eric: Thursday's spaghetti night.

    • Shawn (to Jack and Rachel): Will you please tell these two that being in love is the greatest thing there is?
      Cory: Tell them. (to Topanga and Angela): Girls, listen. Listen.
      Rachel: Jack and I broke up.
      Cory: Ya morons!

    • Eric: I'm gettin' my hair cut right? So I'm sittin' on the pony...

    • Eric (about his haircut): It's not gonna grow back; I got my receipt!

    • Cory: You get Feeny this year?
      Shawn: Yeah. You?
      Cory: Yeah. Which courses?
      Shawn: All of them.
      Cory: Yeah, me too.

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