Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 7

Singled Out

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 01, 1996 on ABC



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    • Eric (reading his letter from MTV): Dear Eric, Congratulations on being selected to appear as a contestant on MTV's Singled Out; and please don't bring your negative, negative Dad.
      Alan (snatching the paper away and reading it): They really put that.

    • Cory: Ah, for one just listen to me man. In the classroom under my desk is a key. The key will open ariport locker number B-378. In the locker you will find a tattered plaid valise. In the valise you will find my homework for five years. See, for all these years I understood everything. I'm actually a brilliant student.
      Mr. Feeny: What is the capital of Montana?
      Cory: You're not going to the airport, are ya?

    • Cory: Shawn, I'm quite prone to nervousness; so I would appreciate it if you didn't bring in invented stories from those idiotic supermarket tabloids. OK?
      Shawn: It's the New York Times, Baby.
      Cory: The New York Times: Trailer park edition.
      Shawn: It's exactly the same, except you can eat it.

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    • Shawn: I even know where he went. He went where they all go--to the fourth dimension, sometimes known as the Bottled City of Kandor.

      The Bottled City of Kandor (introduced in Action Comics #242) was once the capital city of the fictional planet Krypton, from Superman comics. It was miniaturized and stored by Brainiac.

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