Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 20

Starry Night

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 03, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory, still depressed about the break-up, vents to Shawn. He bought tickets to a Van Gogh exhibit for Topanga. Angela went with her, but he wishes he could have gone.
At the exhibit, Topanga also vents to Angela. She's depressed too, but she doesn't understand how Cory kissing another girl didn't mean anything.
The girls meet a boy, Ricky, who claims he knows Topanga. Apparently, when they were six, she hit him hard on the butt with a softball, thus helping him realize he was an artist, not an athlete.
Angela leaves the two of them to look at the exhibit together. They discuss various paintings, and both agree that "Starry Night" is their favorite--"the stars are like swirling divine lights from God", protecting the people in the village. When a museum gaurd tells them the exhibit will be closing shortly, they realize they talked all day.
Ricky ask Topanga to dinner, and she agrees; but when she meets up with Angela again, she's unsure. If she goes out with another boy, it means that she and Cory are officialy finished. She decides she needs to give Cory a chance.
Topanga takes Cory to the museum to get his view on Starry Night. He realizes that it's a test and he declines. "Listen, you don't reduce our relationship to what you think about me because of what I see in a painting. That's not important. What matters is what I see in you. And what you see in me."
Topanga gets upset again, wondering to Cory how he could kiss another girl and still think he loved her. "Because I did, and I do!" Topanga asks him to look at the painting again.
"Um, see God, unhappy with how some particular treat other particular humans who love them, has decided it's the end of the world. And I think he's right," he muses.
That night, Topanga has dinner with Ricky. They chat and he draws her a picture of some flowers. He tells her people don't just meet for no reason, then leans in and kisses her. She looks back at him and smiles.
At school the next day, Shawn is mad at Angela for encouraging Topanga to go out with another guy. She points out that Cory and Topanga have broken up. They realize they both want what's best for their friends, they just disagree on what it is.
Before Topanga tells Angela that her date was amazing. Angela tells Shawn, who tells Cory. Cory isn't phased, he's still hopeful.
After Topanga gives Angela details of the date. "I've never had a kiss that meant more to me in my life." Angela warns her not to rush into things, but Topanga tells her she called Ricky to tell him they can't see each other. She felt nothing kissing him, and she realized that she's in love with Cory Matthews. "I'm taken!"
Topanga finds Cory at the playground. She tells him about her date with Ricky, and that she finally understands how Lauren's kiss didn't mean anything. They kiss. "Are we starting over," Cory asks. Topanga nods, they kiss again, then look at the stars.
Over dinner, Topanga and Ricky have a great time discussing art. After they finish their meal, Ricky presents her with a breathtaking illustration of tulips, since Topanga mentioned that they were her favorite flower. Sparks seem to be flying when Topanga and Ricky lean forward and kiss each other. The next day, Topanga tells Angela that the most amazing thing happened on her date. Angela assumes that she fell in love with Ricky, and after Shawn hears the news, even he seems to have given up hope for Cory. Topanga finally tells Angela that they kissed each other and it meant absolutely nothing to her. After her epiphany, she runs off to find Cory and tell him the news.

Topanga finds Cory at the park alone, sitting on the monkey bars where they first met. Topanga explains to Cory that she didn't understand how he could kiss another girl and not have it mean anything until it happened to her with Ricky. She too discovered that the only guy she'll ever love is Cory, and the two agree to give their relationship a fresh start.
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