Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 20

Starry Night

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 03, 1998 on ABC

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  • Cory and Topanga were supposed to see a Van Gogh exhibit together, but since they are broken up Topanga goes with Angela. There she meets a guy with whom she spends the whole day and subsequent evening only to have him reaffirm her true feelings for Cory

    This episode never fails to make me cry and I've seen it just about a dozen times. My favorite line in the whole episode is right after Cory and Topanga get back together and kiss Topanga says, "Boy, I sure felt that one." This episode is the perfect blend of comedy and poignancy. The only thing that is a little too far fetched is the fact that Topanga needed an experience almost exactly like Cory's to know that what happened between Cory and Lauren didn't mean a thing. If anyone has trust issues it's definitely Topanga. That being said, This is far an away my favorite episode of the entire series and in my opinion one of if not the best episode of a 90's sitcom ever. Cory and Topanga are television royalty!
  • starry night

    topanga goes out with a sweet intellectual guy she met. she enjoys the date, but what will happen when she and him kiss? is this the end of cory and topanga, forever?

    good episode and the ending with topanga and cory getting back together is definitely one of the best endings of the entire series. the overall episode did not have many laughs, but it did have a good, interesting, and sad plot that made me want to just see how it ended. and so because of all this, the overall grade for the episode, from me, is an A+
  • In appreciation of Van Gough's "Starry Night."

    Although I did feel that they focused too much on the painting in this episode, this episode was very memorable. And it had some lines that were just moving in general. In the wake of Cory & Topanga's breakup, Topanga meets Ricky Ferris. He asks her out on a date, right after , they spend the whole day talking to each other about Van Gough's painting: "Starry Night" They end up kissing on their date. Does this strike you as familar? That's right folks, it's the exact same situation Cory went through with Lauren. I think the writers realized the only way Topanga was going to take Cory back is if she had to go through some self realization by going through the same situation Cory did.

    When Topanga goes out with Ricky, everyone starts to lose hope for Cory and Topanga, even Shawn. The problem with his episode is that there was only one thing going on. All it was for the most part, is everyone talking about the painting until the eventful end of course, which made up for it. The script was amazing, I just felt as though they put too much emphasis on the painting. By the end, Topanga takes Cory back when she realizes she is in love with him. I'm sure that made a lot of fans happy, which made this episode really great as a whole, even though it had it's flaws.
  • My favorite episode!

    I loved this episode because I think that Cory and Topanga are a really cute couple and I was very happy to see that they got back together as a couple. I have never seen a couple quite like Cory and Topanga. They always stay loyal to each other and they have so much in common and they just totally belong together. When they broke up in "Torn Between Two Lovers" I was devastated because I didn't think that they would ever get back together, but when I saw this episode I was happy again. Overall, this is probably my favorite episode of Boy Meets World.
  • I loved it so much!

    Topanga goes to an art exhibit with Angela and meets a boy there. He is cute and has a passion for art. He asks her out. Angela tells Shawn and Shawn tells Cory and also says that he's throwing in the towel. Cory still has faith in him and Topanga. While on her date, he kisses her. Topanga realizes that she's in love with Cory and they get back together!

    This was a great episode! They are finally back together! I loved Cory's determination and faith in their relationship. That was really cool. I give this episode a 10 out of 10!
  • Shawn: Yeah, I am. Cory: Ok. Thank you. Shawn: You ok? Cory: Yeah. You know, it's an interesting feeling. Shawn: What? To know it's over? Cory: To be the only one in the world who knows it's not.

    This episode is amazing. The reunion of Cory and Topanga is so sweet and cute that I absolutely love it. Cory's line of "To be the only one in the world who knows it's not" is probably my favorite line from the whole series and has always stuck in my head. Although I found the use of Starry Night to be a little cheesy it played into the story line perfectly and Cory's never ending faith in his love and in Topanga is amazing and makes him such a great guy. When she decides to come back to him, it's like all is right in the world and they come back to the place where they met and it is so unbelievably sweet.
  • This episode was my favorite!!!!

    Topanga is supposed going to museum with Cory but she goes with Angela. I was sad that Topanga is going out with other boy instead of Cory. I'm glad that Cory still has feelings for Topanga. Wow Cory had a brokenhearted. Finally, Topanga realize that she still has feelings for Cory. I'm glad that Cory and Topanga get back together and kiss where they first met at park. I'm so happy that they get back together because at the beginning of the episode, Cory and Topanga had been broken up for about 6 episodes!!
  • cory and topanga get back together

    At the beginning of the episode, Cory and Topanga had been broken up for about 6 episodes, or as we find out in Honesty Night, 53 days. Topanga is scheduled to visit the museum with Cory but goes with Angela instead. There, she meets a great guy who she goes out with and kisses. Then, she realizes that Cory is the only one for her, and they get back together where they first met, at the park. This episode is essential to the Cory/Topanga plotline.
  • Finally an end to the suffering after 6 episodes of wondering...

    This was the episode I was waiting for, and let me tell you, it couldn't come fast enough. This ended the 6 episode of heartbreak as BMW fans everywhere waited for their beloved couple to reunite. The episode pulled it off perfectly. although I'm sure it was upsetting to watch Topanga kiss another guy, we all knew what was coming and finally Topanga realizes there is no other guy for her but Cory. After this episode you could almost here BMW nation let a huge collective sigh of relief. Everything was back to good.