Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 11

The Beard

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 09, 1994 on ABC

Episode Recap

Stacy and Linda are both interested in Shawn but he can't choose. Poor guy! Struck with an epiphany, Shawn asks Cory "babysit" Linda while he tries out Stacy. Since Cory isn't a threat, Shawn can use him as a safe way to keep Linda off the market. "It's bulletproof," Shawn says of the plan.

Cory notices he has a problem when he starts to like Linda. After telling Eric about his dilemma, Cory is relieved to realize that everything is OK as long as Shawn and Stacy stay together.

Just Cory's luck! The very next day Shawn and Stacy get into an argument. "Good thing I still got Linda on deck," Shawn muses.

Cory has to put Stacy and Shawn back together so he meets Stacy at Chubbie's. When Linda shows up and finds him making nice with Stacy, Cory is in deep.

When Shawn arrives, the girls finally figure out what's going on and leave in a huff.

With both girls gone, Cory and Shawn ponder the wrongfulness of treating girls like objects.

Meanwhile; Alan buys a car with out Amy's full support, causing trouble in paradise.