Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 11

The Beard

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 09, 1994 on ABC

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  • Another great episode!

    Shawn likes two girls who both like him back! He doesn't know which one to choose so he tells Cory to "babysit" one of them while he goes out with the other one. Cory ends up liking the girl, Linda. Shawn and Stacy, the other girl, break up so Shawn now wants to go out with Linda. Well, Linda now likes Cory. Cory sees Stacy and tries to convince her to go back with Shawn. Linda and Stacy both think that Cory likes them both and then Shawn comes. That's when things go out of hand! Linda and Stacy both end up hating Cory and Shawn because Cory and Shawn act like jerks! Amy and Alan have trouble when Alan buys Amy a car without telling her!

    This was a great episode! It's true what Linda said, "You treat us like objects, but we're people too you know!" I really agree with that statement! What Cory and Shawn did was wrong and they got the consequences! This episode gets a 10!
  • this episode jumped around a little too much

    this episode was pretty good with some funny lines but it jumped around a lot. it was a bit hard to follow the storyline at some points in it. shawn likes 2 girls who both like him too (linda and stacy) and cory has to date one kind of like "layaway" (as shawn calls it) while shawn tries out the other one. cory feels kind of bad doing this. overall it is a little bit of a weird ep and not my favorite but still good
  • I was kind of confused by this episode.

    Overall, I thought the episode was funny, so I rated it above average. It had some good lines, and it really showed the confusion that kids growing up can often have about the opposite sex. So overall, pretty decent episode.

    Things that confused me. I really didn't understand why Amy got so mad at Alan for buying the van that she said she wanted. I guess I fall under that guy catagory that they were making fun of for not understanding women, but it didn't make much sense to me that she says she wans it, then gets mad at him for buying it. The only reason I could see for her to do that is just the joke of "how men just don't understand women". Other than that, the only reason I can see to have that story in there was for when Cory asked for relationship help, he can't get it from his dad since his dad is having problems at the time. If the whole story was made around just that one scene, the story was really weak.

    Next, I didn't why Linda got so mad at Cory. Well, I can understand the beginnig anger, but later on, when he confesses to Shawn how he really felt about her, and how Shawn forced him to date her to keep her on hold, I would think that her anger would move to him and she would be kind of forgiving to Cory. But what do I know.

    Other than some confusion when you look to hard at a story or reactions, the episode was enjoyable and funny.